Can I Start a Dog Grooming Business from Home? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, you can indeed start a dog grooming business from home, and yes you will need a business license. Once you have the business license, there aren’t any set requirements, but we’d recommend that you take a local course or a good online course.

ABC/Animal Behavior College is a good example of a strong online option, but you have a lot to choose from with different rates and course material that can really help. Don’t just get grooming training, either, but be sure to take a dog grooming business course as well.

Once you get a completion certificate or diploma, you should next get AKC safety training. With these basics and your business license, you’ll just need to invest in the equipment and products that you need, and you are ready to start building up your business!

For the remainder of this article, we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the internals of a dog grooming business. Do you need insurance? Where can you get education in the UK and USA? Find out the answers to these questions and more by simply reading on!

What do self employed pet groomers make?

It really depends… in the beginning, you can expect anywhere from 23k to 30k, though many established groomers report an average around 65k, with the top 10 percent earning upto 75k to even 100k per year. It’s a lucrative business if you build it up right.

If you have any doubts, consider how many of your friends have dogs themselves. An estimate 68 to 70% of American households have pets – making this a lucrative market that just grows and grows every year!

How much does a dog grooming course cost in the USA?

Pet schools come in many forms and flavors, with physical training, apprenticeships, and online courses aplenty. Courses can cost as little as 100$ up to $6000 or more, but we don’t recommend that you just go with the cheapest ones.

While you could certainly do that, there are perks with investing in your education. More expensive courses often come with perks such as hands-on experience, with Animal Behavior college being a popular example.

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They train you through an online course and then hook you up for hands-on experience with businesses throughout the 50 states. If cost is a concern, an apprenticeship at PetSmart or PetCo can get you paid training and hands-on experience as well, at no cost to you!

Can you run a dog grooming business from home in the UK?

Yes, you can run a grooming business from home or you can customize a van and take your grooming services mobile. You’ll just need to make sure that you register your business locally before you get started and then you should be good to get grooming!

How much does a dog grooming course cost in the UK?

That depends, but in general you should expect to pay £4000 to £6000 for a formal training course that you are attending physically. There are smaller offerings, of course, such as 1 day or 1 weeks courses that will only set you back about £150 up to £1500, so be sure to check around and get all of your options.

Do I need insurance to run a dog grooming business?

Yes, you will need insurance, specifically you want general liability insurance. This way, if there are any accidents or legal challenges that require you to go to court, your insurance can help to get you a lawyer and even help to pay a settlement in some case if you lose the case.

If you are also running a mobile unit or even simply picking up dog’s for grooming, then you will need business grade liability insurance for your vehicle as well.

Why is it important to have insurance dog grooming?

People love their pets very much, often like children, and if anything should happen it’s not going to matter to them if their dog was part of the problem.

Having liability insurance will help protect yourself from scenarios like this, as well as an accidental mistake, or the occasional litigation that is completely frivolous (which can happen more often than you might think!). You need to protect yourself and your business and insurance is a vital part of this.

Can I offer non-grooming pet services in my pet salon?

You can and you should. The most successful Salons offer top-notch services that aren’t always strictly grooming related. Aside from grooming product sales and styling, many will sell other pet products such as the latest toys, and may offer services such as walking, training, or boarding.

Get creative with it and you’ll get more attention, as well as diversify your income a bit for those ‘slow-styling’ days.

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Can you run a dog grooming business from your garage?

Yes, you can certainly convert a garage for grooming and if it doesn’t require a huge overhaul, then it will give you a lot of space for setting up your stations and keep people out of the house-proper while you are doing business.

Just keep in mind that this can be a big task, depending on how your garage is currently arranged – with one of the biggest costs falling under keeping it properly heated, cooled, and supplied with the water you’ll need for grooming!

How much does it cost to run a dog grooming business?

A common starting estimate for a dog grooming business is around 50k. This is because you are going to need a lot of basics to keep things organized and to have a modern, professional look. You’ll need things like tubs, drying stations, grooming tables, and even restraints for the occasional grumpy or frightened dogs.

Beyond this, you have to make a deposit and secure a location, obtain the proper licensing, budget for advertising, and you’ll need to stock up on products both for use and for sale. You’ll also need to decide how much staff you will need getting started.

Initial costs can be high, but with a bit of planning you can certainly bring these down (especially if you have dome DIY type family or friends to help!).

How do dog groomers get clients?

Dog groomers get clients from word of mouth and these days, that means largely by social networks! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can really get you some attention and help you to build a client base quickly.

With Facebook, you can advertise your services on local dog groups that allow this, and you can drum up business by attracting followers with videos that review the latest products, doggy hairdos, or even offer tips for home grooming in between professional sessions.

It’s free to do and can make an enormous difference in your business!