How to Cook Chicken Feet for Dogs in the Oven (Easy Steps!)

Do you have a dog that loves chicken feet? If not, you’re about to learn how to make your canine friend one happy pup! These easy steps will show you how to cook chicken feet for dogs in the oven so they can enjoy this tasty and nutrient-rich treat. Your dog is going to love you for it!

cooked chicken feet

The ingredients will be:

  • 1 pound of organic pastured chicken feet
  • 2 teaspoons of all natural sunflower oil

Directions for cooking chicken feet for your dog:

  • Clean the chicken feet, remove the nails, and set them aside for the moment
  • Boil a large pot of water
  • Add in the chicken feet Boil for 15 more minutes
  • Drain the water from the pot and let the chicken feet cool down
  • Dry the chicken feet with a towel
  • Place the chicken in the sunflower oil
  • Put the mix into an Air Fryer. Fry up the chicken feet for 15-20 or until all the feet have turned golden brown
  • Allow the mix to cool. If there any leftovers, freeze them

Quick Facts:

  • The pet food industry 8.65 million tons of animal and plant products annually (source).
  • Of that 855,000 tons were made of chicken and 1.87 million tons were whole grains (source).

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Can I Bake Chicken Feet for My Dog?

It’s better to bake or otherwise cook chicken feet for your dog than to give them out raw. In fact, it’s never a good idea to let your dog eat any part of chicken raw. Raw chicken can contain harmful bacteria that can cause them serious problems. The bones, if not cooked, can also splinter and cause injury.

How Do You Dehydrate Chicken Feet in the Oven for Your Dog?

The instructions for dehydrating chicken feet to give to your dog can be listed as follows:

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  • Thoroughly rinse the chicken feet
  • Trim the nails off the feet using a pair of dog clippers
  • Place as many feet as you can on cookie sheets in the oven
  • Set it to the lowest setting (150 – 200 F)
  • Bake for 2 hours and check that they are dry to the center
  • Check again every hour until they are all fully dehydrated

We recommend this dehydrator to quickly prep large batches of chicken feet for your dog. It’s easier than using your oven. Just set it and check it 24 hours later.

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Can You Give Your Dog Raw Chicken Feet?

It’s never a good idea to feed raw food of any kind to your dog. Dog’s digestive systems aren’t set up to handle raw items in the way that a human stomach can. In the case of chicken feet, a dog can easily hurt their mouth, jaws, or internal organs on any nails that may still be on the feet.

raw chicken feet

Can I Feed My Dog Chicken Feet Everyday?

The answer to this question will depend on a wide variety of factors. These will include the age, weight, sex, and health of your dog. You can generally feed a dog 1 to 3 chicken feet per day. It’s a good idea to make sure that they have plenty of fresh water. If they don’t seem to like feet, feed them other chews.

Is Dehydrated Chicken Feet Good for Dogs?

Dehydrated chicken feet are great snacks for you to feed to your dog. This is because they are full of crunchy calcium that will benefit your dog’s bones. The crunch factor is also valuable for making sure that your dog’s teeth stay in good shape as well. All in all, this is a safe, healthy snack for your dog.

Are Raw Chicken Legs Good for Dogs?

You should never feed any kind of raw meat, including chicken legs, to your dog. This is because they could be full of harmful bacteria, such as listeria or E Coli. You want to be sure to cook and dehydrate the chicken legs so that your dog will get the best results from them. This will kill all harmful elements.

raw chicken feet on cutting board

What Raw Chicken Meat or Parts Can Dogs Eat?

Many vets recommend against giving your dog raw chicken of any type. This is because of the bones that are very brittle. They can easily splinter, causing serious damage to the mouth, jaws, and internal organs of your dog. You should also beware of bacteria, such as E coli and Listeria, that may be present.

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Your best bet is to lightly cook or dehydrate any parts of a chicken that you choose to feed to your dog. This way, your dog won’t have to deal with raw bones that can easily splinter. Once the bones, nails, and other dangerous areas are removed, you can give them feet or any other part of a chicken that is cooked.

How Often Can I Give My Dog Raw Chicken Feet?

You can give your dog between 1 and 3 chicken feet per day as a snack. This is about as many as the average dog will ask for. If they don’t seem to like them, there are plenty of other chew snacks that you can give them. Chicken feet are good for helping your dog to develop and maintain strong jaws, teeth, and bones.

Is a Dehydrator Better Than an Oven for Chicken Feet?

You should put the chicken feet in an oven before you dehydrate them. This way, you can make sure that all of the harmful bacteria is killed off. It will also give you the chance to clip all of the nails off the chicken feet before you feed them to your dog. Cook the feet, dehydrate them, and then serve your dog.

Can I Dehydrate Raw Chicken Feet?

It’s a very good idea for you to dehydrate any chicken feet that you wish to serve to your dog. This is because dehydration is a process that gets rid of harmful bacteria that can cause harm to them. It also ensures that the chicken legs are crunchy. This is a state that will greatly aid their bones and teeth.

How Do You Wash Chicken Feet Before Cooking?

The best way to wash chicken feet is simply to soak them in plain warm water. You don’t really need to use any kind of soap or detergent. Once you have washed them, give them a light cooking with some sunflower oil. After you have done so, you can dehydrate them. This is the safest way to prepare chicken feet for dogs.