How to Cook Chicken Jerky For Dogs (Easy Steps Solved!)

It can be hard to know what to feed a man’s best friend. After all, it seems like most people just feed their dogs the same old boring dry food every single day. If you’re looking to add some flare to your dog’s diet while still making sure it gets the nutrients it needs, then chicken jerky might be a solid protein for you to add to your dog’s diet?

But how do you make chicken jerky? Chicken jerky is made by slicing chicken very thin, cooling it, then baking it at a low temperature for a long period of time. This will produce tough, jerky-like poultry that is perfect as a dog treat. 

But is there anything else you need to know before preparing chicken jerky? How much chicken jerky can you feed to your dog a day? Is chicken jerky healthy for your pup? Read on to find out more about cooking chicken jerky for dogs! 

What is chicken jerky?

Chicken jerky is pretty much exactly what it sounds like if you’ve had jerky (such as beef jerky) before. It is thinly sliced strips of chicken dehydrated until they are tough and difficult to chew. This makes them excellent for dogs as they are almost like a flavored chew toy that they can eat at the end. 

How do you cook chicken jerky for your dog?

Cooking chicken jerky for your dog is a pretty simple process. First, slice it into extremely thin slices and place evenly spaced in the freezer for two hours. Then, place evenly spaced onto a wire rack or rimmed baking sheet and preheat your oven to 275 degrees. Allow them to bake for 2 hours, or until firm and cooked. 

How much chicken jerky can you feed to your dog?

Jerky isn’t really intended to be the main protein in your dog’s diet, so avoid overfeeding your dog chicken jerky. One to two slices a day is probably enough to keep your dog happy and occupied while not being too much to make them full.

How often can you feed your dog chicken jerky?

You can feed chicken jerky to your dog as a treat on a daily basis, as long as you aren’t feeding it too much. Try starting out with one strip per day and see how your dog reacts. If it isn’t enough, maybe try upgrading to two strips. If your dog seems full or reacts poorly, try breaking the pieces and half and going with half-sized pieces. 

Are there health benefits to chicken jerky for dogs?

There aren’t many health benefits to chicken jerky for dogs, but they do have a good amount of protein. Since they are made of chicken, they are also fairly low-fat. This makes them not an incredible staple of a dog’s diet, but actually quite a healthy alternative to store-bought dog treats which can contain more fat and sodium. 

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Are there negative health effects to chicken jerky for dogs?

Chicken jerky doesn’t have a ton of nutrients, so it isn’t great to be feeding dogs in large quantities. Since it is a lean protein without salts, seasonings, or flavors, it doesn’t have any major long-term health defects either provided you are feeding it to your dog in the proper amounts. 

Reports of dangerous chicken jerky for dogs

You, along with many dog owners like you may have heard of reports of dangerous chicken jerky for dogs. This mostly came from chicken jerky imported from China that was giving dogs a fatal kidney disease called Fanconi’s Syndrome,  and unfortunately killing a sizable amount of dogs. The FDA has warned of this chicken jerky imported from China, so avoid it at all costs. 

Because of this, I’d recommend always cooking your chicken jerky at home, and never buying chicken jerky or jerky-based treats from stores, as you don’t know where the meat is coming from! 

Is chicken jerky a meal or a treat?

Chicken jerky is definitely more of a treat than it is a meal. Because it is so hard to chew and contains so few nutrients, it won’t properly sustain your dog for the day. However, it makes a fantastic treat because it takes a long time to consume, dogs love the flavor of it, and it’s a bit of a chew toy as well! 

Does chicken jerky pose a choking hazard?

Dogs are pretty good at chewing up their food. Although it might seem extremely tough, your dog will probably be able to get through it with ease. Make sure to watch your dog the first time they eat it though, just to be sure. Once they get through it once, you can be confident that your dog will be able to chew through all the jerky safely. 

Is chicken jerky okay for puppies?

Chicken jerky is okay for puppies, as it does give them something to teethe on. However, make sure you are giving far smaller pieces than what you’d give to an adult, and only after you are absolutely sure your puppy is able to consume solid foods. 

It is doubly important to know what’s going in your puppy’s body, so I’d say not to give your puppy any store-bought jerky as well. Make the jerky the same way you would for your adult dog, and then break it into smaller pieces. Again, only do this after your puppy has been eating solid food for a number of weeks. 

What other jerky is okay for dogs?

All kinds of jerky are okay for dogs! As long as a dog can eat the kind of meat you are feeding it, it can eat the associated jerky as well. Beef jerky and venison jerky are also popular treats for dogs. Be careful, though!

Don’t serve your dog beef jerky you get out of a package, as it is often covered in salts and flavorings that can really upset your dog’s stomach. If you’re going to serve your dog jerky, you should probably make it at home yourself. 

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