How Do I Get My Yorkie to Poop on the Pad? (Solved & Explained!)

You can train your Yorkshire Terrier to use a toilet pad through consistently taking your dog to the pad at the same time each day and making sure the pads are placed in the same place and in a suitable area of the home. Patience and positive reinforcement are key throughout this process.

This article will tell you all you need to know about toilet training your Yorkie including how long it can take, how to use training pads and why pads may be the best option for your dog.

How Can I Train My Yorkshire Terrier to Use Pads?

  • Place your dog onto the pad at the same time each day – at times when they are most likely to need the toilet such as first thing in the morning, before bedtime and around 15/20 minutes after meals.
  • Give your Yorkie treats and praise after using the pad to positively reinforce this behaviour.
  • As your dog goes to the toilet on the pad try using a command word such as ‘toilet’ or ‘potty’ to associate the action with the word going forward.
  • If your dog goes to the toilet elsewhere in the home do not punish them but place them on the pad to show them the appropriate area.
  • American Kennel club claims that puppies cannot control their bladders until they are 16 weeks old, meaning it may take around four months to housetrain your Yorkie.
  • Remember – consistency and patience are key to toilet training all dogs, but especially Yorkies!

Where is the Best Place to Place Pads in My Home?

Place pads away from food and water and in a quiet area of the home. You can use multiple pads throughout your house but make sure to always keep them in the same place to train your dog to go to a certain area. Once your dog becomes toilet trained you can lessen the number of pads you are using.

Why Are Pads A Good Toilet Training Option for Yorkies?

As Yorkies are smaller than other dog breeds this means that Yorkie adults, the same as all puppies, cannot hold their urine for as long as larger dogs and therefore need to go to the toilet more often. Due to their size Yorkies are more likely to be indoor pets and spend less time outdoors exercising than larger dogs, making pads the most accessible option for this breed.

Are Yorkies More Difficult to Toilet Train Than Other Dog Breeds?

Yorkies can be seen as harder to potty train due to their nature as a stubborn breed. As they have smaller bladders they are more likely to have accidents during training. American Kennel Club state that a good guide is that dogs can control their bladders for the number of hours of their age in months, up to around nine months, meaning a two-month-old puppy could hold their urine for around two hours.
Yorkie owners have a tendency to carry their small pooches around, meaning that Yorkies are less likely to walk to pads or alert their owners to needing the toilet, making accidents more likely to occur.

Why Won’t My Yorkie Poop on the Pad?

Improper training methods such as being inconsistent in schedule, placing pads near water or food or in a different area, rushing your pet off the pad before they have had enough time to go to the toilet, or scolding your pet for having an accident can all lead to your Yorkie not becoming properly house trained.

How Do I Stop My Dog Going to the Toilet on the Floor?

If your Yorkie goes to the toilet on the floor rather than their pad make sure to clean the area thoroughly so the smell doesn’t confuse them into thinking that is the appropriate toilet area – use a cleaner without ammonia or bleach to mask the smell.

Are There Different Types of Toilet Pads?

Puppy pads are usually made of absorbent material with a plastic bottom to soak urine and prevent leakage, but they are not the only options. Grass or turf pads are also available as a more natural surface to train your dog before taking them outside. Pads are often scented with pheromones to encourage your dog to use them and indicate the appropriate toilet area to them.

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When Should My Dog Use Pads Instead of Going Outside?

Pads are suitable toileting options for young puppies or dogs who are elderly and have mobility issues or other illnesses. If you do not have an accessible garden or outside area, or if you or your dog have an illness or mobility issue which prevents you from getting outside easily, pads will work best to give your dog an accessible toilet area.

How Long Should My Yorkie Use Pads For?

For the reasons stated above, your Yorkie can always use pads if this is the most suitable option for you and your pet. Otherwise, once they are housetrained around the four-month mark, the next step will be to train them to go to the toilet outside.

Should I Be Worried if My Dog Won’t Use Pads?

If your dog is housebroken but suddenly won’t use their pads, are going to the toilet on the floor or show any other changes in toileting, a visit to the vet may be in order to discuss some of the common incontinence issues which cause this behaviour such as infections, kidney disease or digestive problems.

What is Crate Training?

Crate training is the process of introducing your puppy to a crate so that they see it as a safe space. Placing pads in a crate or cordoning off a small area of your home teaches your dog to only go to the toilet in certain areas before allowing them to explore the wider home or outside areas for toilet training. Crate training typically takes 3-4 weeks to see the best results. You’ll want to take your dog on regular walks though to help them burn off energy.