How Do I Stop My Yorkie from Barking at Night? (Solved & Explained!)

Night-time barking is one of the most challenging behaviours that any dog can exhibit, and Yorkshire Terriers are known for having a surprisingly loud bark for their size. There are many reasons why your Yorkie might be making a lot of noise after you’ve gone to bed and a number of different solutions to the problem.

Training is one of the most important jobs of any dog owner, and that is definitely the case when it comes to nuisance barking. Though some dogs are naturally louder than others, and some triggers may be outside your control, it is your responsibility to keep your dog safe and happy, and trained to know when not to bark.

This article will go into detail about the different reasons why your Yorkshire Terrier might be making noise when you are trying to sleep, and what different solutions there are to the problem so that you can enjoy some night-time peace and quiet.

Why Does my Yorkie Puppy Bark at Night?

Puppies are far more likely than older dogs to bark at night, particularly when they are first separated from their parents and experiencing nights on their own. This may be because they are struggling with regulating their bathroom needs, they are feeling unsafe, or they are desperate for the attention that they are used to during the day.

Why Does my Adult Yorkie Bark So Much at Night?

Yorkies are more likely to continue to bark into adulthood if those issues aren’t addressed when they are young, but there are other reasons that adult dogs make noise at night. They may be responding to noises outside, such as wildlife or other dogs, they may be bored by themselves or they may be feeling lonely and seeking attention.

Is It My Fault That my Yorkie Barks at Night?

The most common reason why dogs bark at night is wanting attention, and it is very hard not to respond to that. Unfortunately, if you reward barking that wakes you in the night by going to see your dog and giving them lots of affection, they will learn that making noise is how they get what they want.

Should I Ignore my Dog Barking at Night?

Simply leaving your dog alone when they bark, however, is often not enough because there may be other triggers besides their desire for attention. You have to first make sure that your dog has everything that they need, that they are safe and comfortable, and then you should start to notice less barking when they are left alone.

How Do I Get My Yorkie Puppy to Stop Barking at Night?

The first thing you need to do when you get your puppy home is set up their sleeping area, they need to be able to access food and water, not feel confined and be warm and comfortable. They should also have a few toys in their bed so that they can entertain themselves if they start to get bored.

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What Do I Do if my Puppy is Barking Because They Need the Bathroom?

Puppies will make noise when they need to go to the bathroom at night before they are trained. 75% of the time, if they have already been before you put them to bed, your puppy will be unlikely to need more than a quick wee and pee pads can be a solution until they gain more bladder control.

What is Self-Soothing for Dogs?

Self-soothing is an important learned behaviour for dogs that allows them to comfort themselves, especially at night-time when they are likely to feel more lonesome. Leaving them on their own with a companion toy in a comfortable environment will give your dog the opportunity to learn how to self-soothe without needing to call for you.

How Long Does It Usually Take for a Puppy to Stop Barking at Night?

The number of nights that you need to struggle through will generally depend more on the owner than the puppy, while your dog is still young. The more times you answer their nighttime calls, the longer it will take, but given the right training, most puppies will stop making noise after about two weeks.

How Do I Stop my Adult Yorkie from Nuisance Barking at Night?

Starting with the same things that a puppy needs is great but adult dogs are often responding to other issues that you may have to address. Outside dogs could be transitioned inside, you could use a white noise machine to reduce sounds that may be disturbing them, and you can give them extra exercise before bed to tire them out.

How Do I Get My Yorkie to Sleep at Night?

While your dog may not sleep through the night, getting them into a positive sleep schedule through exercise will greatly reduce their night-time barking. Keep them active during the day, make sure that they are getting high-quality exercise about two hours before bed, and give them some extra stimulation about twenty minutes before you want them to sleep.

Can Yorkies be Trained Not to Bark at all?

For adult Yorkies, you may get more success from teaching your dog not to use their bark as a go-to response in everyday situations. Keep them highly active, avoid using a loud voice around them and reward them for staying quiet or using non-verbal ways of communicating with you so that they no longer feel the need to bark.

Are Bark Collars Cruel to Dogs?

Another solution to a barking problem, particularly in older dogs, is to use a bark control collar that punishes your dog for making noise. This is not a humane way to reduce barking as it causes pain and distress for your pet, and it is not very effective as it doesn’t address the cause of your dog’s barking.

Will a Dog Whistle Stop a Dog from Barking?

There are also several different forms of noise-making devices, like ultrasonic bark deterrents and whistles that can be used. They produce a high-pitched noise that only your dog can hear, to warn them to stop barking but, just like bark collars, they do not resolve the reason why your dog is barking and they cause distress for the animal.