Do You Need a Catflap? (Solved & Explained!)

Cat flaps are quite handy if you’ve got a cat that loves to go outside and meows a lot for you to let them in and out. Some are even chip-based, staying safely locked until your cat gets close enough to the sensor. While you don’t necessarily NEED it, they are quite nice to have and well worth considering.

In today’s article we’ll answer questions like ‘is it okay to leave your cat outside all day’, ‘can you put a cat door in a wall’, and more. Find out what people like you are asking the most this week about cat flaps – read on to learn more!

How do I get my cat to use the Catflap?

Getting your cat to use the cat flap is easy to do. Get some treats handy and start by propping open the cat flap door from the opposite side of your cat and call to them, making sure that they can see the treat. When your cat comes through, give them the treat and try it form the other side.

After this, remove the prop from the door and try calling your cat from the opposite side. Typically after they’ve gone through a few times they will try pushing against it and figure out that they can open it on their own. After that, they’ll use the door whenever they like!

Is it OK to leave a cat outside all day?

No. Your cat needs to have access to shelter at all times. Stray dogs, cats, and other animals are outside and the weather can turn on a dime. You want to make sure that your cat is always safe, warm, and dry so if you can’t let them in and out all of the time, consider a chip-operated cat flap door.

It will only open when your cat is close and this will ensure that they can let themselves in and out as needed.

Are cat flaps a security risk?

While a burglar certainly can’t fit themselves through the small aperture, they can stick a cane or a pole through the opening to fish for keys or anything else in reach.

You can get a cat flap that operates with a transponder chip in your cat’s collar so that the cat flap is locked when not in use or invest in motion detectors for added security to help mitigate this vulnerability.

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Why won’t my cat use the Catflap?

Cats are very oriented around scents and so the new cat flap may smell weird to them. You can apply your cat’s scent to the cat flap with a little trick, however, that might help. Get a soft cloth and wipe your cat’s face with it.

They have scent glands there, so wiping the cat flap with this cloth should transfer some of  your cat’s scent to it and they may be a little less reluctant to use it after that.

Can you put a cat door in a wall?

Yes. Cat doors may be installed in glass, doors, or even walls. You don’t have to limit their use to going in and out of the house, as you can even install cat doors for specific rooms that you want the cat to have access to.

This is a great way to give your cat a bit of freedom and also serves as a handy escape if you’ve got an overly friendly dog in the house that sometimes won’t leave the cat alone.

How much does it cost to put in a cat door?

A lot will depend on where you are having it installed and the features, of course, but expect to anywhere from $75 to $400 for the parts and installation of a cat door.

Features such as transponder locks or glass-door installation (where a pane much be fabricated) will run you a little more, but you can get a basic cat door fairly cheaply.

Can you put cat flap in front door?

Typically, yes, provided that the material will support the consistent use of the cat flap and that the integrity of the door will allow the necessary removal of the bottom section needed for the install. Your vendor can inspect the door to be certain, but in most cases the installation of the cat door won’t be a problem.

How long does it take for a cat to learn to use a cat flap?

It depends on the cat. Most cats, once you’ve coaxed them through a time or two, will take to the cat door right away. 6 months of age is the best time to introduce them to using the cat door, so that they are old enough to run home effectively if they get into trouble outside.

You can install the door before this, just be sure to keep it locked until your cat is old enough to use it.

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Will cats use a cat door?

Yes, most cats will use a cat door, once they know that it gives them the freedom to come and go as they like. There are exceptions, of course. Some cats are perfectly content staying inside at all times and will never use the door, but this is more the exception rather than the rule.

Most cats are fairly curious and will make good use of a cat door if you get them one.

Is keeping a cat indoors cruel?

Not necessarily. Some cats are perfectly happy living indoors, the important thing is that you need to realize that you are responsible for keeping them stimulated and happy. This means that you should invest in a kitty tower, plenty of toys, and you also need to give your cat lots of love and attention.

Cats are creatures of habit, so you can develop a daily routine together involving cuddling and playtime, and this will help to keep an indoor cat happy about their living situation.

Will my cat run away if I let her outside?

Your cat probably won’t run away, but they have a curious nature and this can sometimes lead to them becoming lost.

They are also in danger when it comes to cars and other animals outside, so you may want to consider a tracking collar and a cat door so that your cat can some inside whenever they want or need to.