How Do You Know If Your Yorkie Loves You? (Solved & Explained!)

Your Yorkie will show some easy to spot signs that they are happy and that they love you. Excited tail wagging when you get home or even jumping on you is always a good sign. Relaxing their body and letting their ears flop instead of standing up is another. Finally, if they’re always close, your dog loves you!

In this article we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked about Yorkie behavior and tendencies. Read on to see what people are asking the most about this breed!

How do I know if my Yorkie is happy?

Yorkies are quite expressive when they are happy, you just need to know what to look for. Watch for excited tail-wagging, floppy ears, and playful running towards and even around you.

When sharing a space on the couch, a happy Yorkie often leans into you to be closer, and it’s impossible to miss that sparkle in their eyes!

Do Yorkshire terriers love their owners?

Yes, Yorkies love their owners, and can sometime even become a little TOO attached. Watch their behaviors and you can tell. A Yorkie will wag its tail at you, try to be close, and is always trying to play with you and monopolize your time.

This just means that they love and adore you and that they miss you when you are gone!

What do Yorkies love the most?

Yorkies love time with their owners the best, but net in line are soft bedding and toys. A nice, plush ball or a favorite chew toy can keep a Yorkie happily occupied for hours, so be sure that your Yorkie has a few toys to play with. One good option is a Kong toy.

These are made from a hard, chew-resistant rubber and you can fill them with peanut butter or cream cheese, freeze the toy, and your dog will spend hours licking out the frozen treat inside!

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Are Yorkies jealous?

While it’s not an inherent trait, some Yorkies can be jealous of their owners spending time with anyone besides them. If your Yorkie does this, a but of socializing is in order, and you should take them out to dog parks and let them meet your friends.

This should broaden their social horizons a little so that they are less dependent on you for all of their attention needs.

Do Yorkies like to sleep with you?

Yorkies do like to cuddle up and sleep with their owners and provided that you don’t toss and turn in your sleep (which can be dangerous for these little dogs), then it’s perfectly find to let them sleep with you at night or just for the occasional nap.

Your Yorkie will love this and you might just find it endearing as well!

Do Yorkies like cuddling?

Yorkies do love cuddling, just don’t force your dog into it or try to stop them when they want to leave. Let your dog come to you when they feel like cuddling or sitting in your lap and they will likely stay away.

As long as you don’t force them to do it, then your Yorkie will usually insist on a little cuddle time every day!

Are Yorkies clingy?

Yorkies can be clingy if they get a little too much attention and start getting used to that. You should encourage a little independent play by insisting that they spend a little time on their own with their toys while you are watching a show or getting some work done.

It’s fine to lavish them with attention, but making them play a little on their own will help to keep them from becoming codependent and expecting that same level of attention all the time.

Do Yorkies attached to one person?

Yorkies can and do become attached to one person. This might be a result of that person giving them the most attention or with rescues, it might be because your Yorkie is a little scared of everyone else. In both cases, a little socializing is a good idea, so that your dog is introduced to other animals and people.

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Prolonged exposure to social situations like this help to teach your dog to relax around others and they’ll be less reliant on you for all of their attention requirements.

Are Yorkies loyal?

Yes. These little dogs are playful, vocal, and quite loyal. Sometimes they will even be loyal to the point that they’ll ignore everyone but you. While this is a nice feeling, it’s better to make sure that they get to spend time around other people so that they don’t fall at risk of becoming codependent.

A little time with friends (especially those with friendly dogs of their own) can help to make sure that your Yorkie is loyal… but independent, too.

Why do Yorkies stare at you?

While it feels a little weird when your dog just sits and stares, it’s usually a sign of adoration. Your dog just loves you and they like looking at you. You need to factor in the context, however, as this is important. Your dog might be giving you a ‘where’s my treat?’ stare or expecting another behavior from you.

If it’s a friendly-looking stare, it’s probably adoration, and if not then it’s likely expectation.

Why do Yorkies lay on me?

Your Yorkie is laying on you or sitting in your lap because they love and adore you. Dogs are pack animals and it’s not uncommon for them to lay on top of each other for safety and body heat.

By sitting or lying on you, your dog is showing that they love and trust you and that they want nothing more than to be close.

Are Yorkies loyal to one person?

Yorkies may be loyal to one or more people in your family unit, it just depends on the dog. Some dogs will pick one person and merely ‘tolerate’ everyone else, usually choosing the person who spends the most time with them.

Other dogs may have 1 or 2 favorites in the family – it’s all up to the dog and their own personal preferences.

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