How Do I Keep Animals Away from My Pet Door? (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

There are a few ways you can keep other animals away from a pet door, including but not limited to: locking the pet door, covering the pet door, installing motion sensor lights, or using an electronic door. 

If you’re considering installing a pet door or getting rid of one, you may have some questions concerning the safety of your home. This article will help you determine if you should get one, or continue to use the old leash and collar. 

What animals might come in a pet door?

If the animal outside has a reason to try to enter your home, it can probably come in through a pet door. There have been instances where many non-pets have intruded homes via a pet door. Those non-pets may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Snakes
  • Squirrels
  • Stray cats
  • Stray dogs
  • Opossums
  • Raccoons
  • Bobcats
  • Coyotes

Will a raccoon come in a pet door?

Raccoons are nocturnal, so it’s not likely that they’ll come around during the day, but it’s possible that they would use a pet door at night.

Raccoons are interested in food, so if they smell it close by, they’ll be tempted to search for it, which may mean they end up coming in through the pet door. Try to keep pet food and other food away from the pet door, to avoid drawing attention from a hungry critter. 

Will a coyote come in a pet door?

A coyote can and will use a pet door if it has a reason or motif. They’ve been known to break into houses and kill pets in recent years, and people have found coyotes in their kitchens in search of something to eat. 

Will a snake come in through a pet door?

If your pet door doesn’t seal, it could let a snake in. Any gap could be an entry point for small animals like snakes. If your pet catches a snake outside, it could also bring a snake in through the door. The only way to prevent a snake from entering a pet door is to make sure it seals well. 

Will squirrels use a pet door?

While we may know squirrels to be indecisive animals, they don’t lack intelligence. Squirrels may watch and mimic other animals, which means they could learn how to open your pet door by watching your pet. If they find food, you can count on more squirrel encounters.

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What stops other animals from using a pet door?

A few things that may deter other animals from using a pet door include, but are not limited to:

  • Motion sensor lights above the door may deter nocturnal or skittish animals when they move in the sensor area and the lights turn on.
  • Pet doors with a key that your pet wears, or electronic pet doors, have become a popular option among pet owners. Your animal can wear the key on their collar somehow and that key is the only thing that will open the pet door. This way other animals can’t come in, and inside animals can’t leave.
  • Using a darker opaque barrier may deter unwelcome visitors. Other animals may not be inclined to push against a barrier they can’t see through. If a clear plastic flap is used, the outside animals are more likely to breach the pet door because they can see inside.

Do wild animals come through pet doors?

Other animals may become inclined to come inside your home, especially if they’ve found a food source within your house. Other animals may come inside in pursuit of your pet. Coyotes have come through pet doors and killed pets.

Can mice use a pet door?

Small rodents like mice, snakes, and rats are all given to enter homes at a certain point in a season. If they have access to a simple, convenient, and built-in access point, they’re going to use it.  Mice have been known to go in and out of pet doors, especially if there are any gaps or the door does not seal.

How can I lock a pet door?

You can lock or protect a pet door with a locking mechanism or a door cover. Most pet doors come equipped with a lock or a cover, which would be best for the door it’s made for. You could also consider other latches, compatible with the style you have. Pet door flaps are not recommended to be interchanged with others. 

Is a pet door safe?

Generally, a pet door can be safe if certain precautions are met. If the pet door has a lock on it, it would deter wild or stray animals as well as keep unwelcome guests from entering your home.

If the door has an electronic key, it’s locked unless your pet wears the key to unlock the door when they enter or exit. 

Can a person fit through a dog door?

You may be worried-and rightfully so- about someone or something unwelcome making its way through a pet door. Large dog doors are certainly large enough for a person to use as an entrance. While they may be big enough, there are ways to make them more secure.

How can I secure a pet door?

Electronic keys are one option for keeping outsiders out while still giving your pet the freedom to come and go as needed. The pet would wear a key, probably on a collar, and the key unlocks the door.

Locking the door at night would help prevent guests from inviting themselves into your home in the wee hours of the night.

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A security cover is like a closing panel on the pet door. It could be in the form of a sliding window that locks the door with a latch.

If you’re still worried about who or what is coming in your pet door, you could get a security camera to put up looking at the door as well as the pet door.