What Size Dog Door Do I Need for A Husky? (Solved & Explained!)

The Siberian Husky, or Husky for short, is a medium breed dog that will require a medium to large size dog door. If the Husky has the correct sized door, this intelligent, capable breed is a good candidate for dog door training.

Giving your dog the freedom he or she deserves while at the same time keeping him or her safe and secure is easy when you install a dog door. Read on to learn more about the Husky dog breed, dog door types, and other great information to help you choose the right dog door for your best friend.

History of the Husky Dog Breed

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized working dog, that was specifically bred to be a sled dog. The breed is in the spitz family and its cousin is the Alaskan malamute.

Originally bred in Siberia for sled pulling and companionship, the Siberian husky is an energetic, resilient, active breed that is best suited for harsh cold environments.

Although today the Husky is bred for companionship and as a house pet, the breed is still commonly used as a sled dog in competitions, and throughout daily life in colder climates.

What Is a Dog Door?

Often called pet doors, dog doors are small openings located inside a standard door that permit pets to enter and exit the building whenever they please. There is usually a full swinging flap made of heavy-duty vinyl and some doors have an extra, hard-sided insert as a measure of security or climate control. 

There are several disadvantages to having a dog door, including higher heating and cooling costs due to the lack of insulation in the door and the possibility of unwanted animals getting in. Keep in mind, too, that once the dog leaves the house through the dog door, it should always be in a secure area.

It is not recommended that you leave your dog unattended outside for any period of time. 

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Choosing The Right Size Door

Four standard sizes of dog doors are available, ranging from small to extra large. Most dog door manufacturers today follow the same sizing guidelines with a few centimeters of difference between them. You can, however, have custom size dog doors made to order.

If you’re looking at the standard door sizes, the Husky would need a medium-sized door. The medium doors have a width of 9” and a height of 13”. Although the dog may have to crouch some, it should be able to fit through the door frame without any difficulty. 

If you have a larger than average dog, or would just like to give your Husky a larger opening, opt for the large size door. There should be more than enough clearance for your dog in the 11″ by 17″ door opening.

It is important to remember that one of the drawbacks of having a dog door is the lack of insulation and the added heating and cooling costs. If you choose a large size instead of a medium one, your heating and cooling costs will increase even more. 

Types of Dog Doors

Pet owners can choose from many different types of dog doors available on the market. The traditional dog door that is attached to an outer home door is still the most popular one available today.

Electronic Dog Doors

One popular style of dog door that you may like for your Husky is an electronic dog door. Electronic dog doors work by using a sensor on the door that is paired up with another sensor located on the dog’s collar

The door works by using infrared technology to function as a lock and to sense when the sensor is close to one another. Once the dog wearing the sensor collar is close to the door, the door will open for the dog.

Electronic dog doors are a great option for those looking for a little more security in their dog door. This is also a good option for those who may be susceptible of having wildlife enter their homes through the dog doors.

Wall Installation

Another type of dog door that may be suitable for your Husky is one that is installed in a wall. Dog doors that are installed inside of walls instead of doors are suited best for those without an accessible door to use for their dog

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An example of someone needing a dog door installed in a wall instead of a standard door is if the secured area outside isn’t close to a door.

Built-In Doors

Cutting a hole in an existing door is the most common approach to installing a dog or pet door. Door manufactures have noticed the trend and have begun selling entire external doors with built-in pet doors.

This is a fantastic solution for anyone who does not have the time or resources to install a dog door into an existing door. The drawback to these pre-installed dog doors, however, is the lack of dog door type alternatives other than size.

Another disadvantage is that the manufacturers of these pre-installed dog doors charge a much greater premium for their entire door set than for a standard door and dog door combo. Don’t be surprised when the price tag is anywhere from 40% to 70% more expensive than a traditional door set.

Sliding Glass Panel Doors

There are several alternatives available if you need to install a dog door in a non-traditional door.

Dog doors that come preloaded inside glass panels for use with sliding glass doors are one of the more popular non-traditional solutions.

Dog doors that fit between the panes of French doors are another alternative. There are numerous design alternatives to choose from that will complement most home decor preferences.

Choosing the Right Dog Door

The dog door that is ideal for your Siberian Husky will depend on where you plan to install it, how much money you want to spend on it, and whether or not you have other animals in your home.

Be sure to choose a door that will be large enough and is something that you don’t mind looking at. This is because once you cut a hole for your dog door, the door is no longer viable as a stand-alone door. Installing a dog door is a permanent option until you change the door.

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Once you’ve got your dog door installed for your Husky, you should work with training methods to teach your pup how to use the door.