Are Pet Doors Worth It? (Solved & Explained!)

Pet doors can be helpful for pets that have high energy and want to play outside often. They also can be beneficial for pets with incontinence issues, especially older dogs and young puppies.

To make an informed decision about whether a pet door will be beneficial for your family, you should consider the challenges that come along with them, like possible risk of burglary, use by young children, and issues with pests. The rest of this article will help you decide whether or not you should install a pet door.

What is a pet door?

A traditional pet door, or doggie door, is a small hinged portal with a flap that allows your pet to enter and exit, without needing your assistance. Modern pet doors come in a variety of styles and sizes and have modern adaptations that make them extremely useful.

Why do people install pet doors?

Pet doors are a great way for you to allow your pet to regulate its own bathroom habits. Instead of having to let your dog out or take it out on a leash, the pet will be able to decide when and how often it needs to relieve itself.

Is it hard to install a pet door?

Pet doors can be easily assembled and installed by a professional handyman or you can DIY it, as long as you have the right equipment. There are a variety of assembly kits and packages available online or at local pet stores.

What tools and materials do you need to install a pet door?

For a DIY pet door installation, Lowes recommends a tape measure, drill, jigsaw, sandpaper, utility knife, painters tape, and caulk. Many of these items may already be in your toolkit or they can be easily found at a hardware or home improvement store.

Is a pet door right for me?

If you work long hours during the day and are unable to let your dog out to use the bathroom, a pet door can be very helpful. It can be uncomfortable and difficult for animals to hold in their bladder and pet doors can keep them under control.

How much is a pet door?

Depending on your budget and requirements, a pet door installation can cost from $100 to $1000. The pet door itself can be quite costly and the process of installation can be difficult if the door or wall is thick.

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Where can I install a pet door?

A pet door can be installed on interior or exterior walls and doors as well as in fences. They can be fitted and installed in a variety of materials, including wood doors, dry wall, and glass patio doors.

Can old dogs use pet doors?

Some older dogs may have issues with mobility or other age related problems, like arthritis. Health issues may make it difficult for them to use a pet door properly. When installing a pet door, be sure to mount it low enough to the ground so that your pet can walk through, rather than needing to jump.

Can large dogs use doggy doors?

Large dogs, including boxers, labradors, standard poodles, golden retrievers, bulldogs, St. Bernards, rottweilers, great danes, and more, can all use pet doors as long as the door is an XL size and there is ample space on both sides of the door..

Can my cat use a pet door?

Cats can use pet doors as long as the entrance way is easily accessible for the animal. They will require a pet door with a smaller size and either no flap or an easy-to-lift flap.

How do I train my pet to use a pet door?

Start with the flap up and go to the other side of the door. Bring your pet’s favorite snacks and call them over, they will usually tentatively hop right through. Eventually, they will get used to this motion and become confident enough to push through the door by themselves.

Is it easy to train a dog to use a doggy door?

Young dogs and puppies are ready to learn and will be eager to follow your lead. Older dogs and dogs that already have an established bathroom routine may have more difficulties in training.

Is it easy to train a cat to use a pet door?

Cats can be taught to use a pet door using the treat reward method above. They may be hesitant at first to try to use the door, but as long as you take the process slowly and stay consistent, your cat will be able to learn to use the pet door.

Can burglars enter my house with a pet door?

This issue is a deterrent to many prospective pet door installers. Doggy doors can be used by criminals to unlock your door and enter. Depending on your neighborhood, an external pet door may not be a safe option.

Can my child run away using a pet door?

If your child can fit through your pet door, they may use it to exit your home. This can create a scary situation for the entire family. If your young toddler is continuously curious about the pet door, install a lock on it to prevent them from using it.

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Will wild animals enter my house through my pet door?

Rats and snakes are good climbers and can use a pet door to enter a home to steal food. If you live in an area with a lot of wildlife, an electronic dog door may be a good alternative method.

What is an electronic dog door?

An electronic dog door will only open for your pet. Your dog would wear a collar which alerts a motion sensor that allows your dog and your dog only to enter. This offers security and keeps critters, children, and even burglars from entering your home.

How do I prevent wild animals from using my pet door?

Wild animals are often attracted to human homes via their sense of smell. If your pet door flap is airtight, there will be less of an issue of raccoon, squirrel, bird, possum, rat, mouse, snake, or bear entry.