Do Yorkies Get Along With Other Dogs? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies can absolutely get along with other dogs, but proper socialization is important for the happiness of all dogs involved. The Yorkie loves to play and interact, and they are not intimidated by another dog’s size. 

Without proper socialization, it’s possible for a Yorkie to become territorial over their space and their pet parents, which might cause them to lash out at another dog. Similarly, a bigger dog could potentially hurt your Yorkie if they aren’t also careful.

Do Yorkies Get Along In Pairs?

Yorkies seem to enjoy having siblings of the same breed around. If you are bringing home two Yorkies from the same litter, and they get along when with their mom, there’s a good chance there won’t be much work involved for them to stay friendly.

If bringing a male and female Yorkie together, one thing to keep in mind is that the male might unconsciously bother the female through trying to be super loving, when the female just wants to be left alone. However, many Yorkie owners have had the most success with socializing a female and male Yorkie.

Do Female Yorkies Get Along?

Female Yorkies can sometimes be a little more dominant and more independent than male Yorkies. There is a slight potential for jealousy between two female Yorkies if they come from different litters.

That being said, two females can learn to get along with the proper socialization and training.

Do Male Yorkies Get Along?

Two male Yorkies can get along, but there is a potential for fighting and marking territories. This behavior might not completely go away, but there is a chance that after some work and patience, the two will at least become more tolerant of each other over time.

Do Yorkies Get Along With Big Dogs?

Being that Yorkies don’t realize how small they are, a big dog doesn’t really intimidate them. Nevertheless, a big dog can do some damage to a tiny Yorkie if they aren’t careful.

Yorkies can still get along and enjoy having big dogs around, especially if these dogs have a more calm disposition.

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What Dog Breeds Get Along With Yorkies Best?

Dogs that are playful but aren’t as rambunctious as a Yorkie, unless they are also small and also have a calmer side, are ideal for Yorkies to have the best chance to get along with.

Some breeds of dogs that typically get along well with Yorkies include:

  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Poodles
  • Pomeranians
  • Great Danes
  • Mastiffs

How Do You Introduce Yorkies To Other Dogs?

The best time to teach your Yorkie socialization skills is when they are young. However, it’s never too late to get a dog acclimated to other dogs; it might just take longer.

It’s worth bringing them to a leashed dog park to see how they interact with other dogs. You can also bring your Yorkie to a date with a friend or family member’s dog to see how they get along. Have them come to your home to see how territorial your Yorkie becomes.

What Are Some Tips To Make My Yorkie And My New Dog Comfortable?

Consider having a playpen or puppy gate set up so the dogs can have two separate areas to eat, drink, play with toys, and sleep in a bed. Both dogs having their own space will help them feel like they can escape when they’ve had enough.

They can sniff each other through the barrier, which helps them get used to each other. Have them be around each other for small pockets of time, with both dogs on harnesses. As always, be patient, don’t rush things, and reward both dogs when they are kind to each other and make progress.

How Can I Make Sure Both Dogs Feel Safe At Home?

Don’t let other people come over and fuss over the dogs until they are both used to each other in the new environment, as too many people around could stress out both dogs. Slowly introduce them to new people once they are used to everyone in the household.

Until your two dogs are fully acclimated with each other, you should have two separate beds for each pup, and they should have two separate areas to sleep in. There should be a barrier between the two.

The last thing you want is to be woken up several times during the night because the dogs are yapping at each other.

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Is Bringing Home Another Dog Worth It?

There are benefits and drawbacks to having multiple pets. If you have the time to be home so you can monitor the progress of your dogs’ getting along, the better. You don’t want to just bring another dog home and leave the two to battle it out.

It’s nice to give your Yorkie a sibling to spend time with when you’re not home. Plus, animals are just wonderful to have in your life, and more feels merrier.

However, you should keep in mind that it costs more money to have multiple pets, and there is no guarantee that the two dogs will get along no matter how nice they both are. It’s the most ideal to bring two home at the same time, or socialize young, but it’s still not impossible to have two get along regardless.

Do Yorkies Get Along With Cats?

Yorkies are known to get along with cats, but the acclimation should be done similar to how it’s done with other dogs. Both animals can be territorial, so it can take some time for them to both learn that the space should be shared.

There is a chance that the two will never become best friends, but they’ll learn to at least tolerate each other and remain peaceful, which is still good.

Do Yorkies Get Along With Other Animals?

It’s not recommended that you have small pets, other than cats or other dogs, and a Yorkie. Your Yorkie might not be able to resist their natural instincts to hunt small prey, which could have devastating consequences.