How Big Do Yorkies Get? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the smallest terrier breeds and, when they are fully grown, they usually reach a height of about 8-9 inches and a weight of between 4 and 7 pounds. There are many factors that affect the size that Yorkies can grow to, such as genetics and overall health, but they are always wonderfully adorable dogs!

Yorkshire Terriers have quite a few breed variations that will determine much of their physical characteristics, such as Teacup Yorkies or Parti Yorkies, so there is quite a wide variety within the breed. Each and every Yorkie is unique, but they all share common traits that distinguish them and have made these wonderful little dogs very popular pets.

This article will go into detail about how Yorkshire Terriers grow as they get older, the differences between some of the common size variations of Yorkies and other things that you might need to know about their growth if you are thinking about raising a little Yorkie of your own.

At What Age is a Yorkie Fully Grown?

Yorkshire Terriers are such cute and tiny dogs that you can be forgiven for mistaking fully grown adults for puppies. Usually, they have reached their full size by the time they are 1 year old – their growth will slow down after about 9 or 10 months, and then from 1 year onwards they are considered to be adults.

What Growth Stages Do Yorkies Go Through?

From when they are just born until they are around 7 weeks old, Yorkies are in the “newborn” stage and from then until they are around 1 year old they are puppies, transitioning from “young puppy” to “adolescent”. Between the ages of 1-4 years, they are considered “young adults” and from the age of around 8, they are seniors.

How Long Does a Yorkshire Terrier Live?

While Yorkies can be considered “senior” dogs after the age of 8, they still have a lot of life left to live. Yorkshire Terriers have one of the longest expected lifespans of any dogs, usually living for between 13 and 16 years but with some exceptional Yorkies having been known to reach the age of 20 or even more.

What is the Expected Growth Rate for Yorkies?

When raising a Yorkie you will be keeping a close eye on their weight, so a rough guide to their weight gain is worth considering. At birth, they should be between 2.5 – 5oz, at 8 weeks 12 – 34oz, at 12 weeks 1 – 2.5lbs, at 20 weeks 1.5 – 4lbs and as adults between 3 – 7lbs.

Are There Different Sizes of Yorkshire Terrier?

While almost all Yorkies will grow at these expected rates, within the breed there are three different size variations that Yorkshire Terriers can come in: Giant, Standard, and Teacup. Standard Yorkies fit into a breeding standard as determined by the American Kennel Club, whereas Teacup Yorkies are significantly smaller dogs and Giant Yorkies are significantly larger.

What Makes a Yorkshire Terrier Giant?

To be considered a “Giant” Yorkie, your dog would grow to over 9 inches tall and weigh more than 7 pounds as an adult. Yorkies of these sizes are outside the breed standard but are still generally healthy and are not expected to face any issues because of their size, with healthy 14-pound dogs being reported by some owners.

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How Small is a Teacup Yorkie?

Teacup Yorkies are often specifically bred to be particularly tiny, reaching an adult weight of less than 4 pounds. Some Teacup Yorkies can be bred responsibly, but they are often undersized or unhealthy individuals from a litter and can suffer from a lot of health problems such as weak bones and vulnerable immune systems.

Can Yorkshire Terriers Become Overweight?

It is quite easy for Yorkshire Terriers to become overweight because they often spend a lot of time being pampered and relaxing as lap dogs. It is important that you are carefully managing the diet of your Yorkie and taking them out for regular exercise so that they maintain a healthy body weight, despite their small size.

Can Yorkshire Terriers Become Underweight?

Some Yorkies are picky eaters, and they can have low appetites when they are feeling poorly or stressed – and a skinny Yorkie is never a happy Yorkie. Underweight Yorkies will lose energy and be more vulnerable to diseases, sickness, and physical injury, as well as having a lot of trouble regulating their own body temperature.

How Do I Weigh My Yorkie?

Regular visits to the vets will give you a good record of the weight changes for your dog, but you can also weigh them at home. If your Yorkie doesn’t want to stand on your scales, weighing them can be done easily by weighing yourself, then weighing yourself holding the dog, then subtracting your weight from the total.

Can You See if Your Yorkie is the Right Size?

Even without weighing your dog, you can carry out a simple physical assessment to see whether your Yorkie is about the right weight. From above and behind, you should be able to see a gentle, but not sharp, curve from their ribcage to their waist, and from the side, their stomach should be slightly above their ribs.

Can You Feel if Your Yorkie is Overweight or Underweight?

Placing your hands on either side of your dog’s ribcage, you should be able to feel their ribs but not see them – if you can’t feel them, they are overweight and if you can see them, they are underweight. You should also be able to feel an indentation at the waist, but it should not be too distinct.

How Do You Make Sure Your Yorkie is Growing Healthily?

Whatever you are finding when you are paying close attention to the growth of your dog, you should be communicating that with your vet on regular visits. Unless your vet determines that there is a health problem, appropriate diet and regular exercise are the ways that you will ensure that your dog is a healthy size and growing well.