Where Do You Put a Dog Door? (Solved & Explained!)

You can place a dog door in an exterior door, in an exterior wall, and in a glass door. While it is typically easier to install in a door, some models can be mounted in walls made from stud, brick, block, or cement up to 12 inches thick. To install in a sliding glass door, you can use a patio panel or replace your existing glass with a specialized unit.

The following article covers the different locations that you can install a dog door, the types of dog doors available, and a few tricks from experts in the trade.

What kind of door can you install a dog door in?

You can install a dog door in any door, interior or exterior. There are kits available for whatever fits your project needs. Exterior doors leading to the backyard are the most common to place a dog door. The exterior doors can be made of wood, metal, or fiberglass; and can be insulated or non-insulated.

Can I install a dog door on an exterior door with a storm door?

Most dog door kits for exterior doors will require there to not be a screen door on the outside, but there are some companies that make specialized units.

What kind of wall can I install a dog door in?

You can install a dog door in a wall that is made from stud, brick, block, or even cement if the wall is not thicker than 12 inches. The most important beginning step to guarantee success is to find the correct kit for the wall type.

Can I install a dog door in a glass door?

Yes, there are specialized glass panels that have a dog door installed in them that you can replace your existing glass panel with. You can also buy a completely new specialized door that you simply replace the old unit with. These are going to be the only options if you want the dog door in the glass, because there is no feasible way for someone to cut the glass panel at home without shattering or cracking the glass. The only other option is to use a patio panel.

What is a patio panel?

A patio panel is a specialized panel with a dog door that you install in your existing sliding glass door. It fits into the frame of the sliding glass door and acts as an extension of the wall. The sliding glass door no longer closes all the way to its original location, instead it would latch onto the patio panel. This is the absolute easiest way to install a dog door on a sliding glass door.

Can you install a dog door in a screen door?

There are options to install a dog door in screen door. This is a great option for those that don’t want to take on the project of putting a dog door in a sliding glass door. Unfortunately, this option doesn’t work well in cold winter temperatures.

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Can I install a dog door in a window?

Yes, if there isn’t any reasonable access to a door, then a dog door can be installed in a window. There are special kits that are designed for single and double paned windows, but they need to be installed by professionals. Your local glass and window shop will be able to help you find the right installation for the job.

Are there doors with preinstalled dog doors?

There are countless options for doors with dog doors already installed. They are much pricier than typical doors but might be worth it if you don’t want to take on the project of installing a dog door yourself.

What factors determine what kind of dog door that I need?

Each dog door installation project is different depending on several factors including:

  • Size of the dog
  • Location of the dog door
  • Type of material being installed into
  • The need for insulation or not
  • Weatherproofing requirements
  • The style of dog door (flap, electronic)

How hard is it to install a dog door in a door?

Installing a dog door kit into a typical exterior door is a very feasible project for the average handyman to accomplish. The Home Depot’s installation team rates the project’s difficulty as intermediate with a duration of 2 to 4 hours.

How much does it typically cost to install a dog door?

The price of the project will be dictated by the size of your dog, the brand, and the location of the install. According to installation experts, the average price to install a medium sized dog door in an exterior door is around $290.

What do electronic dog doors do?

Electronic dog doors make the push flaps obsolete. Some open with ultrasonic technology, sensing the dog as it approaches, and some use a special device that you place on your pet. All these electronic advancements in dog doors can make it more secure from intruders, unwanted pests, and make using the door more appealing to your dog.

How can I insulate my dog door when I install it?

Many dog door kits come with pre-insulated units, but it can be a good idea, especially in areas with cooler climates, to further insulate the opening. To weatherproof the dog door, place a bead of silicone sealer around the outside of the opening in the door. If your door is wood, then you might want to add an additional sealer or rubber strips to protect the newly exposed wood from rotting.

How do I get my dog to use the dog door for the first time?

Place your dog in front of the dog door and show them the opening. Encourage them to go through the door, but don’t scare them by immediately forcing them through the door. Instead, have someone stand on the other side of the dog door and offer them a treat. They will soon learn that they can use this door whenever they please.