Is Dog Poop Acidic?

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Dog poop is definitely different than other types of poop. This very much includes our own. For one thing, dog poop has never been considered to be a very useful or effective type of fertilizer. The high protein diet that a dog takes in on a day to day basis makes it very acidic. This alone prevents it from being good fertilizer.

Because dogs are, by nature, carnivores, they do eat lots of protein. This leads to a high acid content in their poop that makes it very different from a cow’s. As a result, while cow poop is grain-based and much more organic, dog poop is full of acid that soil doesn’t like. This will lead to a negative effect on your lawn.

Your best bet in such a scenario is to make sure that the poop in your yard is scooped up on a regular basis. Ideally, it should be done as soon as it occurs. This will help prevent the acid in the poop causing brown or bare patches in your lawn. A fast pick up will stave off all kinds of problems that may otherwise develop with no hindrance.

Is Dog Poop Good For Acid Loving Plants Like Blueberries?

Dog poop is full of acid caused by the breakdown of the high protein content in their diet. However, this does not necessarily mean that dog poop is the right kind of fertilizer to use in your yard. This goes all the more truly when it comes to you thinking about using dog poop as a fertilizer for the blueberries in your yard.

The fact of the matter is that this is most likely not a very good idea. Think about the fact that blueberries are usually considered a high risk item to feed to your dog. This is because of the high acid content that blueberries naturally contain. Since dogs already have plenty of acid due to protein, they really don’t need any more.

Blueberries tend to make dogs sick. As a result, it’s easy to see that they already have more than enough acid that they get from other sources. Adding dog poop as a fertilizer to your blueberry patch may seem like a cheap and effective way to get some use out of this unpleasant substance. But it’s akin to gilding the lily or overkill.

Your best bet is to make use of other types of fertilizers that contain acids that are much more conducive to the quick and healthy growth of blueberries. These acids will be far more biodegradable in a short span of time than dog poop. They will also be much less likely to lead to unpleasant side effects, such as harming your lawn.

How Much Dog Poop Would You Need To Add To Soil To Make The Soil More Acidic?

Many people still seem to think that using dog poop as a means of fertilizing their lawn is a good idea. Some people even tend to believe that using dog poop as a method to fertilize their blueberry patch is okay. But it’s time for you to learn that this is most certainly not the case. Dog poop never, ever makes for good quality manure.

The difference lies in the fact that dog poop, unlike cow poop, is rich in protein. This naturally makes a dog’s poop a great deal more acidic than that of any other type of non-carnivorous animal. The high acid content of a dog’s poop ensures that it will do much more to hurt, rather than help, your front lawn or blueberry garden plot.

The answer, therefore, is that you really don’t need to add much dog poop to your lawn to make it more acidic. One lump of this nasty stuff will do the trick. It has a very long rate of biodegradability, meaning that it will lie there a long time before it finally decomposes. The acid damage it could do in the meantime is quite immense.

What’s The Ideal Acidity For Grass?

The ideal level of pH for most types of grass will tend to range between 6.5 and 7.0. In most cases, this is the optimum level for pH. However, you will also need to keep in mind the fact that different types of grass will require a different pH as well as a different level of acidity. Blueberries are most certainly on the more acidic side.

There are a number of species of grass, such as centipede grass, that will respond better to a higher level of acid in the soil. The level of pH in such a case should be about 5.0 to 5.5 for best results.

Will The Acid In Dog Poop Hurt My Grass?

The high protein content of a dog’s day to day diet is very different than other types of animals. For example, cows eat a diet that is vegetarian. Their poop is very useful as fertilizer precisely because it contains no acid of any type. But because a dog’s poop does have this acid, it is never a good idea to let it stay on top of your lawn.

The acid in the poop of your dog will cause your lawn to develop nasty brown patches. These are due to discolorations in the blades of grass that are touched by the poop. You may also start to see unpleasant bare and dead patches forming in the area where the poop has lain. These are the natural effects of acid leaching out of the poop.

One thing that you should be aware of is that dog poop takes up to a year to fully decompose. This means that, while it is still on the lawn, it can lead to all kinds of bad side effects. Not only can it hurt your lawn, it can also breed bacteria, maggots, parasitic worms, and other nasty byproducts. It’s best to scoop up the poop right now.

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