The Top 10 Wireless Dog Fences for Large Acreage and 3 Acre Yards

The 5 Best Wireless Dog Fences for Large Acreage and 3 Acre Yards

Have you been searching for a better way to keep your dog in your yard? Well, wireless dog fences are becoming more and more popular these days as a viable replacement for a wooden fence or some other materials like wrought iron, chain-link, block walls, etc.

In addition, when you have a larger piece of property, like three acres, for example, a wireless dog fence is much more economical than a physical enclosure. 

So, that being said, we’ve compiled a list of the best wireless dog fences for large acreage and 3 acre yards. It starts with our top pick and including both small or large dogs, as well as escape artists.

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1. Top Pick

Extreme Dog Fence 2019 (Second Generation) Professional Grade (Premium) Kit Packages

Our top pick is available in one to five dog systems with 500 to 2500 feet of pro-grade fence. It’s all of the available options, as well as the advanced technology, that makes it our favorite wireless dog fence.


  • New & Improved (2nd Generation) dog fence covers up to ten acres with updated electronics, three antennas, temp and wire check as well as 12x battery check.
  • Submersible and waterproof, not just water-resistant like most other dog fence systems.
  • Includes one waterproof collar receiver that your dog can even swim with.
  • Includes heavy-duty 14-gauge boundary wire, digital transmitter, 16-gauge twisted wire, training flags, splice kits, collar receiver(s) w/ batteries, and ten staples.
  • Includes one year warranty. (When registered, it’s extended to ten years.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Transmitter frequency display may not accurately reflect actual levels.
  • May not work quite as well for large dogs as for small dogs.


Since this dog fence system can cover up to ten acres, it’s perfect for dog owners with larger pieces of property.

2. Runner Up

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System

This wireless dog fence system is brought to you by the parent company of the well-known Invisible Fence brand. It’s an electric fence system with an underground wire.


  • Offers tone and vibration prior to shock
  • Amazing 100-Acre Capability
  • Remote trainer option
  • Easy installation
  • Unlimited # of dogs (w/ additional collars)


  • Boundary area may seem hard to set
  • Requires extra space for the warning/zap zone
  • Not as effective on smaller yards


All in all, this is a good quality wireless dog fence with the added bonus of a high acreage area. The remote trainer option puts it a cut above most other systems.

3. Best for Large Dogs

PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground Dog Fence

This is a wireless pet fence system that is quite solidly built as well as being geared toward larger dogs up to 150 lbs. It’s also compatible with the PetSafe pet barriers called “Pawz Away”.


  • Includes 3000 Feet of upgraded wire for 20 or more years of reliable performance
  • Covers ten Acres with upgraded extreme wire (included)
  • Accommodates infinite # of dogs with additional collars
  • Five correction levels


  • Must have all connections correct or it won’t work
  • Paws Away collars will not work with YardMax

Large Dog Large Acreage Summary

If you have both a large dog (or several of them) as well as a large piece of property, this is the wireless dog fence system for you. It can handle bigger dogs and acreage with ease.

4. Best for Small Dogs

PetSafe Elite In-Ground Fence with Waterproof Receiver Collar

This little dog wireless fence is appropriate for dogs five pounds and up. It allows your small dog to enjoy his freedom when he’s outside but within the boundaries that you set. With four static correction levels in addition to the tone-only mode, you have the ability to choose the best level for your little dog.


  • Adjustable
  • Waterproof
  • expandable to 25 acres


  • Possible collar clasp issues
  • Reflective strips may peel off of collar

Small Dog Large Acreage Summary

This is the perfect wireless fence system if you have a small dog. It helps keep him safe and you more stress-free knowing that he’ll be staying in the confines of your yard.

5. Best for Dogs-On-the-Go

PetSafe Wireless Instant Fence Extra Transmitter System

This transmitter system is perfect for camping and RVing or when you go to visit friends or family, take Fido with you, but they don’t have a fenced yard. Presto, instant wireless fence. It’s suitable for dogs who weigh a minimum of eight pounds.


  • Completely portable and wireless
  • Also can add another 1/2 acre to any existing PetSafe Wireless System for an increase in coverage
  • Can be used indoors or out at two to four feet above ground-level
  • Great for camping
  • AC adapter included


  • Collar(s) not included
  • Operating range could be affected by several factors like metal, terrain, and/or topography

Petsafe Summary

This wireless fence transmitter is excellent for replacing your damaged system or expanding the limits of your existing containment area. The circumference created by multiple wireless transmitters can be combined, allowing your dog more area for roaming and enjoying himself.

wireless dog fence for large acreage

6. Best for Sensitive Dogs

JustPet Wireless Rechargeable Dog Fence

If you have a dog that you want to dial down the correction with, then JustPet’s offering might be for you. It offers a total of 90 different levels of control and even supports a simple vibration mode. The collar offers a 3.7 volt static shock function, which is quite a bit weaker than many other devices. That being said, it can be dialed up to full strength if necessary, though most owners seem to report that they never need to do so.


• Stable 433MHz transmitter

• Lower voltage shock

• Suitable for dogs of 10-110 lbs.

• Receiver processes signals quickly


• Complex controller

• Inconsistent distance

• Takes a little bit of time to set up

JustPet Summary

While it only offers around 900 feet of space, the JustPet fence is a good option if you’re concerned about how your dog might react to a wireless fence.

7. Best for Water Dogs

WIEZ Adjustable Wireless & Training Dog Fence

Though quite a few allegedly waterproof collars are anything but, the WIEZ adjustable system is a rare example of one that truly is. You won’t want to use it to let your dog swim around in a river or anything, but it’s great for those who have muddy homesteads.


• Genuine waterproof collar

• Handles mud

• Wipes clean

• Works as a trainer


• Adjustable collar might be too small for smallest dogs

• Remote is huge

• Too many buttons

Waterproof WIEZ Summary

Even though you won’t want to use it to deal with standing water, the WIEZ wireless fence system should help with those who have dogs that like to roll around.

8. Best for Adventurous Dogs

Hokita Wireless Pet Containment System

Do you have a dog that likes to really wander and explore? Hokita pet containment fences feature a strong 2.4GHz signal coupled with a waterproof IPX7 collar to help deal with the situation.


• Harmless working mode

• Multiple ranges

• Alarm sound modes

• Provides silicone covers for smaller dogs


• Not a traditional wireless system

• May need to drill transmitter into post

• Fragile remote

Hokita Summary

By providing a system that offers 100, 200, 300, 500 and 990 radial zones, the Hokita system can keep adventurous pets under wraps.

9. Best for Shaggy & Long-haired Dogs

RichDog Wireless Fence

With an adjustable range up to 1,000 feet and a collar that should work with shaggy dogs, the RichDog fence has a funny name but it still works well for owners of these animals.


• Long range

• Quickly recharges

• Automatic pairing

• Easy-to-read distance display


• Antenna is fragile

• Only five correction levels

• Reflective tape could be brighter

Long-haired Dog Summary

Dogs who are rich in terms of their fur coat will probably get along best with the RichDog containment system.

10. Best for Budget-minded Pet Owners

Electric Wireless Dog Fence System

Due to the fact that UTOPB’s systems are somewhat unbranded, they can save you a bit of money. That being said, these fences still have an impressive range.


• Inexpensive

• Easy-to-use

• Reasonably well-built

• Fast charging


• Lacks some features

• No reflective tape

• Not waterproof

Budget Wireless Fence Summary

When it comes to your dog’s well-being, you normally don’t want to take too many shortcuts. That being said, these unbranded fences have actually attracted a fairly large following that’s become a testament to their versatility in spite of their lack of branding and relatively low price.

Installing a Wireless Dog Fence

In spite of how hard it might seem, it’s relatively easy to install a wireless dog fence. Mark off the area and lay out the wires.

You’ll want to then set the transmitter somewhere that’s not near metal objects. That’s very important, since this stuff can interfere with even the largest acreage plots of land.

Best Correction Setting for Wireless Dog Fences

Normally, the best correction setting is the lowest that does its job. Some pet owners can get away with just using the alarm sound or another harmless correction.

Start off small and slowly increase the rate as time goes on.

Playing with Dogs Inside of Wireless Fences

Keep in mind that you’re going to want to play with your pets just like you would anywhere else. They still need you even if they’re free to run.

They might actually be even more playful than if they were on a dog run or something else. A 2016 study on electronic containment systems found that cats were much less neophobic when they used a wireless fence than a traditional restraint device.

It’s easy to assume that dogs are much the same way.


How Do You Train Dogs to Use a Wireless Fence?

First you’ll want to leave the collar on them for a while so your dog will get used to it without associating it purely with correction. Get your dog used to the idea that they’re outside to do their business and have a good time.

Eventually, you’ll then want to get them used to the concept of correction by slowly increasing the level over time as your dog learns the boundary lines that are laid out in front of them.

This is generally true regardless of how big or small your property might be.

How Do You Adjust a Wireless Fence Collar?

Think of the collar the same way you’d think of any other collar. You don’t want your dog to have something that’s too tight, so make sure that they’re comfortable wearing it.

At the same time, you don’t want to pull up on the straps so much that your dog will just be empowered to pull the collar off whenever he or she wants to. Set it the same way you would when walking your dog and then adjust as needed over time.

How does a wireless dog fence work?

For most invisible dog fencing devices, a wire will be buried a few inches deep surrounding the perimeter of your yard. They can also be set up around those areas of your yard (like vegetable gardens) where you’d like your dog to stay away.

A transmitter that you can mount in your basement or garage will send a signal to your dog’s receiver collar and it will start beeping when he is approaching the perimeter. When he gets a little too close, he will receive a minor shock (which may cause some pain).

According to manufacturers of invisible fencing, the mild shock will not harm your dog. Invisible fencing, however, should be used in combination with voice training, so that you reinforce the idea of staying far away from that shocking barrier.

Dogs should be at least four to six months old with an ability to obey some very simple commands. In fact, wireless dog fences work their best for dogs who have been properly trained.

Here are five reasons why wireless dog fences are better than traditional fences:

  1. Many neighborhoods these days restrict the construction of traditional fences.
  2. Many traditional fences are inadequate since many dogs are capable of either digging under or jumping over them.
  3. People can be careless, leaving your gate open, which allows your dog to escape. 
  4. Some dogs are capable of figuring out a way to open a gate by themselves.
  5. Most electric dog fences and collars are storm proof.

What’s the difference between a wireless dog fence and a hybrid dog fence?

A hybrid dog fence requires burying a wire for creating a boundary that can be as far-reaching as 100 acres. Then, all you have to do is put the waterproof receiver- collar on your dog.

Once those two parts of your hybrid dog fencing are in place, the collar will start beeping and vibrating when your dog is approaching the perimeter of the limited area.

A wireless dog fence system operates by using a transmitter for defining the general area where your dog can roam freely. So, all in all, hybrid systems use buried wires, whereas wireless systems don’t.

Is a wireless dog fence safe?

Electric dog fences can be a safe and effective way of keeping your dog inside your yard. According to wireless dog fence proponents, they won’t harm your dog and are an effective method for you to control your dog’s behavior. However, like any decision regarding your beloved pet, your fencing choice is one that requires some careful consideration and research. With your best friend’s safety and wellbeing are at stake, any time you spend on this decision is definitely justified. And, remember that a good fence doesn’t just make great neighbors, they also make happy pups, too. [1.] Buzhart

How much do wireless dog fences cost on average?

There are a number of DIY wireless dog fence systems available at a cost of from $100 to $350. If you’re not much of a DIYer, professionally installed systems can run from around $850 to $1500.

Do wireless dog fences work for big dogs?

Yes, they will absolutely work with big dogs, although you may have to set them at a higher level to compensate for their larger size. All in all, if you train your dog, large or small, well-behaved or stubborn, and train him well, any one of the wireless dog fence systems that we have reviewed should work for you. Just be sure to carefully follow the instructions for your dog’s ultimate safety and the correct functioning of the product.   

Wireless Dog Fence For 3 Acres


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