What Is the IQ of a Yorkie? (Solved & Explained!)

What is the IQ of a Yorkie? Yorkies rank above average in terms of intelligence. When measured amongst 138 dog breeds based on their ability to learn commands, Yorkies ranked 34th. This means that on average, they will learn new commands after 15-20 repetitions which is fewer than the number of times it takes most other breeds. 

What Is The IQ Of A Yorkie?

Yorkies rank above average on various types of canine IQ tests. On one of the most famous tests, Yorkies came in at 34 out of 138. 

Canine IQs cannot be measured on a numerical scale as human IQs are. Thus, dogs must be ranked amongst each other to indicate how their intelligence stacks up compared to their fellow breeds.

How Is Dog IQ Measured?

Unfortunately, dog IQs cannot be measured with questions as human IQs are. The canine IQ test has not been perfected as the many factors that must be considered make it rather complex. 

Thus, various tests exist. Perhaps, the most famous is that of dog psychologist, Stanley Coren who has created an at-home test to evaluate canine intelligence. Here’s how it works:

Test 1: Towel Test

Place a towel over your dog’s head. If your pup frees themself in under 15 seconds, they get 3 points, if they do so in 15-30 seconds, they get 2 and if it takes them over 30 seconds then give them only 1 point. 

Test 2: Finding the Treat Test

Cover a treat in a towel on your floor. Start timing until your dog has uncovered the treat. Again, 3 points if it takes less than 15 seconds, 2 points if it takes 15-60, and just 1 point if it takes your dog over 60 seconds. 

Test 3: Shell Test

Place 3 cups upside down and put a treat under one (while your dog is watching) then distract your dog briefly. Now, let your dog find the treat. 3 points if they go directly to the correct cup, 2 points if they find the treat on their second try, and 3 if the last cup they check is the one with the treat. 

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Test 4: Problem-solving Test

Put a treat underneath a piece of furniture that only your pup’s paw will reach. Make sure it is within reach of your dog. Start your timer. If your dog grabs the treat with just their paw, give them 3 points, if they try to put their head under the furniture or attempt to use both their paws and head before their paw alone, give them 2 points. Finally, if they try and give up or just give up right away, give them 1 point. 

Test 5: Dealing with Barriers Test

Dangle a treat beyond a barricade of some sort that is too tall for the dog to go above and too thin for them to squeeze through. 

For 60 seconds, call them to come for the treat then stop. If your pup takes under 30 seconds to realize they just need to go around the barricade then give them 3 points, 2 for more than 30 seconds, and 1 if they don’t go around at all. 


  • 13-15 points: Highest score – your dog is bright.
  • 9-12 points: Your dog is smart but not the very smartest.
  • 5-8 points: Your dog is average.
  • 1-4 points: Your pup may not be the brightest but we’re sure they have other great qualities! 

How Does Dog IQ Compare to Human IQ?

First, dog IQs work differently from human IQs in that the tests won’t produce an exact number because the test criteria are not as well-established and as reliable. 

Human IQs also vary much more than animal IQs do. A person with a very low IQ will have a very different mental capacity than someone with a very high one. While with canines, the difference will be much less obvious. 

Can You Improve The IQ Of Your Yorkie?

In this sense, dogs are like humans in that their lifestyle can impact their intelligence. For instance, if your dog gets plenty of fresh air, exercise, and eats well, they will likely have a greater mental capacity than otherwise. 

Further, if you practice tricks and building habits with your pup, they will be sharper than if not. 

How To Make Your Yorkie Smarter

The most important aspect to remember when trying to improve your pup’s IQ is to begin early. 

Start training them young so their brains develop properly. Socialize them with other dogs early as relationships will help build their cognitive function further. Finally, never stop the lessons. If they know all their commands, teach them new ones. 

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How Smart Is A Yorkie?

To accurately evaluate a canine’s intelligence, you will need to compare them to their counterparts. 

Yorkies rank amongst the upper section of dogs when it comes to intelligence. This means they are amongst the best breeds when it comes to training, problem-solving, and overall sociability. 

What Is The Highest IQ Yorkie Mix Or Subbreed?

Most Yorkie mixes will be intelligent because of the Yorkie genes. As is to be expected, if a Yorkie is mixed with another smart dog, the offspring will be very smart.

For example, a Corgi Yorkie mix is a popular designer mix as both parent breeds are highly intelligent and so is the mix. 

What Are The Stupidest Yorkie Mix Or Subbreed?

As discussed, any breed with some Yorkie in them won’t be of low intelligence. However, if one parent is ranked amongst the less bright breeds, it will bring down the offspring’s IQ.

For example, the Beagle Yorkie mix will likely be less intelligent than other Yorkie combinations.

What Skills Are Yorkies The Best At?

Yorkies were originally bred to chase down unwanted rodents such as rats and mice. They are instinctive and determined when completing tasks.

Yorkies are also fun to train because they love learning new skills.  

What Were Yorkies Bred For?

Yorkies were bred to kill vermin in the 1800s. They were sometimes called, “ratters”. 

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Though they may still chase down the odd house mouse, they are more commonly bred as family companions these days.