Are Smart Feeders Good for Dogs? (Solved & Explained!)

Smart feeders can be very good for dogs because they’re always sure to feed your dog on time, which helps them get on a schedule. That keeps them from snacking between meals while also ensuring that they never miss out on food.

They’re good for those who have multiple dogs, since they help to provide separate meals to each. This discourages competition.

In households that also have a cat, they help to discourage dogs from eating cat food. Since cat food can cause obesity in dogs, it’s good to completely lock them out of a cat’s bowl.

Are Self Gravity Feeders Good for Dogs?

Gravity-fed smart food bowls are great because they don’t get jammed as easily as other types of smart feeders. If you’ve ever run into a situation where your dog can’t figure out how to get any more food out of a feeding system, then these should be able to solve the problem.

While it is true that you have to clean out a gravity-fed smart bowl periodically and they eventually do need to be refilled, the same could be said of a traditional bowl as well. Dogs will appreciate the fact that they can simply head over to the feeder at meal time and always expect their food to be there.

Why Are Automatic Feeders Bad for Dogs?

Automatic pet feeders aren’t bad for dogs, and they actually offer quite a few benefits for hungry pooches. They can, however, be bad for owners who use them as a replacement for old fashioned tender loving care.

Smart feeders let pet owners set a schedule, which is an excellent way to prevent different animals living under the same roof from competing. However, it’s important not to replace the act of giving your animal attention with making a few adjustments on a piece of equipment.

How Does a Smart Pet Feeder Work?

Pet owners fill a latched compartment full of food and then set a schedule for their animals to feed on it. When the onboard clock reaches the right time, it opens up and gives their dog a meal.

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More sophisticated models come with additional features. For instance, you could get one that integrates with a smart home device or your phone so you can control when it opens up remotely.

Others might even report to the pet owner when food was given and when the machine needs to be refilled.

Will Smart Feeders Feed My Dog While on Vacation?

A smart feeder, along with a watering system, will supply your dog’s needs whenever you’re not home. Ensure that the schedule is configured correctly before you leave your dog to a feeder’s care.

If you plan on being gone for more than a short period of time, then bring your dog with you because

How Long Can I Leave My Dog With a Smart Feeder and Waterer While on Vacation?

Assuming that your dog has some access to the outside so that he or she can go to the bathroom freely, a large enough smart feeder can support your animal for maybe three days. Few feeders can hold enough food and water to support a dog much longer than this.

At four days or longer, separation anxiety becomes a much bigger issue than food supply anyway. Some jurisdictions have banned leaving animals apart for too long for precisely this reason.

Should I Get My Dog a Gravity Feeder or Smart Feeder?

Your best bet would be to get a gravity feeder that’s automatic. This would give your dog the benefit of eating in a healthy upright position while also ensuring that he or she gets all of their meals on time.

How Do I Train My Dog to Use an Automatic Feeder?

Show your dog that there is food in the feeder and then close the lid. Tell your dog to sit and then pop the lid open.

If your dog doesn’t like the sound, then you might want to try it a few times until they get used to it. Once they do, tell them to come forward and eat.

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Do this for two or three days at mealtime to get your dog used to the idea of eating on that specific schedule. When he or she is no longer afraid of the feeder, you can let the machine take care of it for you.

Small dogs may not like the idea of a popping lid, so you might want to encourage them to eat first so they know the feeder isn’t dangerous.

How Do You Make a Dog Self Feeder?

Get a clean and unscratched five-gallon bucket and try the following:

  1. Cut out a disk of ⅜-inch thick plywood
  2. Cut a hole about ¾-inch from the edge of the plywood
  3. Slide a length of PVC pipe into the hole
  4. Slice a matching hole into the bottom of the bucket
  5. Attach the pipe with some aluminum strips to connect the bucket and the bowl
  6. Pour dry food into the bucket
  7. Shake it slightly to get it started
  8. Position the bucket above the bowl
  9. Encourage your dog to eat from the bowl
  10. Make sure that the food flows freely through the pipe into the bowl below

Can Alexa Feed My Dog?

Yes, you can use the Alexa voice control system in Amazon Echo-branded devices to feed your dog. First, you need to tell Alexa to install the dog feeding skill so your device can tell you if the dog has been fed.

Sync your smart feeder with Alexa so that your Echo device can open or shut it when told. You may have to configure a temporary ad hoc network with a mobile device to activate it.

Compatible models include the Wagz smart dog feeder as well as some members of the PetSafe line of products.