What’s the Oldest Yorkie-Poo? (+How Yours Can Live Longer)

There are no records of the longest living Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle mix (otherwise known as a Yorkie-Poo). The average lifespan of a Yorkie-Poo is around 10-15 years, though they are known to live for 18 years or more.

The life span of any dog is determined by their lifestyle as well as their genetics, and Yorkie-Poos inherit longevity from both their Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier ancestry.

The longest living Yorkshire Terrier is believed to be a dog called Bonny, who may have been as old as 28 – 196 in dog years – which would have made her one of the oldest dogs on record. Another record-holding old dog was Lucy, a Yorkie from the Netherlands, who was 22 years of age.

The rest of this article will go into detail about the expected life span of a Yorkie-Poo, how and why they live as long as they do, and what you might be able to do to give your Yorkie-Poo the most years possible.

What Genetics Do Yorkie-Poos Have?

Yorkie-Poos are a mixed breed with genetics from Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles, and as such their life span is a result of a combination of both breeds’ genes. Depending on the specific makeup of your Yorkie-Poo, it might have a life expectancy closer to that of a Yorkshire Terrier, or of a Miniature Poodle.

How Long Do Yorkshire Terriers Live?

Yorkshire Terriers are known to live longer than the average dog, from 12.6 to 14.5 years as opposed to the average of 12 to 13.7, according to two UK and Japanese studies. They are generally known as a healthy breed, and most of the complications that they might experience as they age are not life-threatening.

How Long Do Poodles Live?

The average life span of a Poodle is around 12 years, or between 11-15, so this longevity is part of the reason that Yorkie-Poos can also be expected to live up to, and even over, 15 years of age. A survey carried out in the UK in 2010 found that some Poodles had lived to be as old as 18, and one Toy Poodle nearly 19.

Is 15 Years Old the Limit for Yorkie-Poos?

While Yorkie-Poos are expected to reach an average age of around 10-15, that definitely doesn’t mean that 15 years old is the limit of what you can expect. There are many things that you can do to increase the life span of your Yorkie-Poo and help them to be happy and healthy for as long as possible.

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Do a Yorkie-poo’s Parents Affect How Long They Will Live?

Genetics is always one of the most significant factors when considering the health and wellbeing of an animal, particularly with a mixed breed. Whether they are susceptible to certain genetic conditions, or likely to experience complications as they age, will depend upon the history of both of their parents.

How Do I Know That my Yorkie-Poo has Good Genetics?

The main way to determine how healthy your dog’s genetics are is to get as much information as possible from the breeder. It is highly recommended that you get your Yorkie-Poo from a reputable breeder, not only to support ethical breeding practices but also to be able to gain as much trustworthy information about your dog as possible.

Is a Rescue Yorkie-Poo Less Likely to Live Long?

While you may have less information about possible genetic diseases or illnesses that your dog might face, a rescue Yorkie-Poo can be as healthy and long-lived as any you might get from a breeder. To stay prepared, pay close attention to your dog’s health and make regular visits to the vet, especially as they age.

Does Exercise Affect How Long a Yorkie-Poo Will Live?

Regular exercise is highly important for any animal to make sure that their bodies are in the best condition possible as they get older, humans included! A Yorkie-Poo should be out for a walk for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, alongside additional rigorous exercise, like chasing a ball, traversing an obstacle course, or playing tug-of-war.

What Sort of Diet Will Help a Yorkie-Poo to Live Longer?

As with any other dog, Yorkie-Poos need a well-balanced, nutritional diet to keep them healthy, which means high-quality dog food designed for their size/breed, appropriate treats, and avoiding the significant health risks of overfeeding. Every dog is different, and Yorkie-Poos can be picky eaters, so check with your vet to know exactly what is best for your dog.

How Often Should I Take My Yorkie-Poo to the Vet?

Once you are registered with a veterinarian, you should schedule check-ups once per year for your dog, and most Yorkie-Poos are unlikely to need to make extra visits, but always pay attention to their wellbeing. It is highly important that your Yorkie-Poo has all its vaccinations, as some easily preventable bacterial infections can be very dangerous.

Does Grooming Affect How Long My Yorkie-Poo Will Live?

Keeping their coat clean and healthy is really important for any dog, and while Yorkie-Poos tend to look quite tidy, unhygienic coats can be detrimental to their health. You should aim to get your Yorkie-Poo trimmed, or do it yourself, every 2-3 months and brush their coat at least 2-3 times per week to keep it from getting tangled.

How Do I Look After My Yorkie-Poos Nails and Teeth?

Nails and teeth are often places where dogs will receive an injury, or a build-up of bacteria, that could lead to an infection. Trim your dog’s nails about twice per month and brush their teeth 2-3 times a week if you can, although there are chewable options that can help to keep your dog’s teeth clean as well.

How Do Most Yorkie-Poos Die?

Yorkie-Poos get their resilience from their Yorkshire Terrier ancestry, and they are unlikely to suffer many serious health issues as they get older. Unfortunately, though, they are a smaller breed which means that they are at greater risk of injury so they should be watched over carefully and trained well to avoid danger.

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Will Love Make my Yorkie-Poo Live Longer?

Giving your Yorkie-Poo plenty of love and attention will have a really big impact on their health and wellbeing. Yorkie-Poos are social animals that need to feel loved and emotionally stimulated so loving, cuddling, and playing with your dog is one of the best medicines that you can give them!