Yorkie Collie Mix (Must Read Before You Choose)

Yorkie Collie mixed breed dogs make wonderful pets that are adorably cute and easy to train. 

This article is about all things YorkieCollie! So if you are thinking of adopting one of these precious breeds, here are some frequently asked questions you may want to consider before you bring them home.

What is a Yorkie Collie Mix? (YorkieCollie)

A YorkieCollie is a mixed breed dog that is crossed between and Yorkshire Terrier and a Border Collie. 

Both of these breeds are great dogs, but they do have their differences! So the offspring produced between the two will have a variety of personalities and physical traits that will vary from pup to pup.

Adopting a YorkieCollie is truly adopting an individual! However, the two breeds do have some things in common, so expect your YorkieCollie to be intelligent and happy-go-lucky!

Are YorkieCollies The Best Yorkie Mix?

Well, we think that all the mixes make wonderful dogs, it completely depends on what kind of lifestyle you have and what kind of dog you are looking for.

Lots of people prefer adopting mixed breeds because they are usually less expensive than their pedigree parents, but they are still considered Designer Dogs that inherit most of their parent’s traits.

However, what is great about mixed breeds, especially the YorkieCollie, is that you can opt for a mix that best suits you if you look at the traits of their ancestor breeds.

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For example, Collies make wonderful family dogs. They are great around children of all ages, whereas Yorkies have a strong hunt instinct that makes them no so great around very small children and infants. 

Border Collies are medium to large dogs, which some households do not have the space to accommodate. Yorkies are much smaller, they are great for apartments or small house living, or if you already have a lot of people in your home.

A YorkieCollie is the best of both of these breeds. It is much calmer around children than a Yorkie perhaps is, and is also smaller than a Border Collie, which is much more manageable for people living in small spaces.

But in truth, the ‘best’ breed doesn’t exist. What is best for one person may not be so great for another. 

Therefore, it is always a good idea to get information about the parents before you adopt your YorkieCollie, to give you an idea of your pup’s likely temperament and needs.

How Big is a YorkieCollie?

The size of a YorkieCollie is difficult to estimate due to the physical differences of their parents.

Some YorkieCollies are closer in appearance and size to their Collie or Yorkie parents, so the size of a YorkieCollie at adulthood can vary greatly.

However, an average can be deduced if we were to assume that the YorkeCollie inherited 50% of each parent’s genes in equal measure. In that situation, the following applies:


Their height can be anywhere between 13 – 19 inches. They will be taller than a Yorkie, but shorter than a Border Collie.

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YorkieCollies can weigh anywhere between 15 – 35 lbs! Yes, this is quite some variation, but weight is about their height and bone and muscle density, each breed of which has varying degrees of both.

Lifestyle is also a factor when it comes to weight. Some YorkieCollies inherit their Collie parent’s high energy and enjoy long walks, others inherit the Yorkies’ laid-back attitude and are happy with a walk around the block.

The bottom line, when it comes to the weight and height of YorkieCollies. is to look at the parents. 

Also, ask your breeder if they have the size estimates of previous litters that they may have had together. This is the best way to determine the likely size and weight of your pup.

How Will I Know When My YorkieCollie is Full Grown?

As previously mentioned, YorkieCollies come in a variety of sizes, so knowing when yours has reached its full growth can be difficult.

Small dogs, like Yorkies, tend to reach maturity at around 1 year old. However, larger breeds like Border Collies won’t reach adulthood until around the age of 2.

Therefore animal breeders estimate that a YorkieCollie will reach its full size at around 18 months, and stop growing after that.

However, it is accepted and acknowledged that there is a variation with this date. It is not uncommon for YorkieCollies to stop growing a little earlier or later than 18 months.

Check your YorkieCollies family history, if you are unsure. If you do not have access to the parental records then it is always good to ask your vet during your pet’s next check-up.

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By looking at a dog’s bone structure, vets can usually tell if your pup has finished its growth cycle, or if they still have a little way to go.

How Much Do YorkieCollies Cost?

If you are looking to adopt a Yorkie Collie from a reputable breeder, expect to pay between $200 and $600.

The price you will pay depends on where you live, how old the YorkieCollie is, and if any vaccinations or microchipping is included in the price.

Therefore even if you adopt a YorkieCollie around the $200 mark, expect to have to organize and pay for its first check-up and vaccinations yourself, often before you even collect the pup. This is because some vaccinations and check-ups may need to be given shortly after birth.

Puppies that cost between $500 – $600 may have some vaccinations and vets fees included in the price, but it depends on market demand where you live.

Overall, puppies are often the most expensive. Adult YorkieCollies may only be around $200 or $300 and usually, they have had their vaccinations and have been neutered already.

Additionally, if you are wanting to get your pup neutered, this will not be included in the price if you are buying a brand new puppy. It is not recommended that puppies younger than 6 months be neutered. So this is a cost you will have to cover later on down the line.