Is It Illegal To Put Spikes On A Fence To Stop Cats?

Both bird and cat spikes are legal to use in most states. Bird spikes are sharper and may injure cats so when deterring cats it’s best to use blunt cat spikes instead. In the UK cat spikes become illegal after they actually injure a cat. The same can be true in the US. If cat spikes are installed with the intention to harm cats then they can become illegal and you can be prosecuted.

If a cat is attempting to sneak into your card, then you may want to put spikes on your fence to ward them off. Cat spikes, themselves, are humane to use. They’re not sharp like actual spikes. Instead, they have a slightly sharpened tip that makes walking on them difficult for cats. It acts as a deterrent.

Yet there are some spikes that can cause injuries to cats. In this case, your spikes may become illegal. That’s because it can be considered animal abuse which is severely punishable. This typically only occurs when you have made the spikes yourself, however.

Buying store-bought cat spikes from a trusted source utilizes the safe version. The cats will stay away from your yard, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally harming them.

Will Bird Spikes Deter Cats?

Another possible way to keep cats from entering your yard is with bird spikes. Although designed to keep birds from perching on your fence or home, they work just as effectively as cats. This is because they also feature a sharpened tip that makes it difficult for the cat to walk on.

When installed on your fence or roof, the spikes lightly poke the cat’s paws without causing injury. Instead, the cat feels very uncomfortable. This prompts them to return back where they came from.

Types Of Spikes That Are Legal To Use

You can use practically any spike that is sold at outdoor stores. These are spikes that are geared towards deterring animals rather than injuring them. They’ve been tested and proven safe for animals.

The spikes are typically advertised for birds, cats, rodents, and other pest-like creatures. You do not want to use spikes that are designed to keep humans from climbing the fence. These spikes are harsher and more dangerous. Some may have barbs or feature other painful deterrents that can seriously injure an animal.

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Otherwise, you can use any kind of spike that is safe to use for animals.

How To Put Spikes On A Fence To Stop Cats

Installing cat spikes is a straight-forward process. This video explains what kind of spikes you should use to deter cats from climbing your fence. Otherwise, follow these steps to install your cat spikes.

1. Determine Length Needed

In order to properly install the spikes, you need to make sure you know how much you’re going to need. Measure the top of your fence and all other areas that you want to deter cats from climbing. Then cut the strips according to those lengths.

2. Place Spikes on Temporarily

Before you seal the spikes in place, you should first make sure that they were all cut at the right length. You can do this by placing the spikes in their designated areas and holding them down with some duct tape.

Once you’re sure that the spikes will fit on your fence perfectly, then you can start to seal them into place.

3. Seal The Spikes

Depending on what kind of spikes you buy, you may have different ways to seal them. Some may need to be screwed into the fence while others may just need to be clasped. Check the instructions on your specific spike product to determine which method you need to utilize.

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4. Test Durability

Once your spikes are firmly in place, you’ll want to make sure that they won’t fall off your fence. Press down on the spikes with your hand to see if they remain sturdy. You’ll also want to try to pull the edge down as this is where the cats are going to reach first.

If the set stays in place, then your cat spikes have been successfully installed.

What Else Can I Put On Top Of My Fence To Keep Cats Out?

If you’re not a fan of spikes, then there are a few other methods that you may want to use. The first is chicken wire. Cats typically don’t enjoy climbing or stepping on chicken wire. You can attach this along the top of your fence as well as on the ground where they’d normally jump. After a few jumps down, the cats will likely stay away due to the unpleasant experience of walking on the chicken fence.

Another option is to create a wire ceiling that runs over your yard. Better suited for small yards, you can also opt for a wire roof that runs from one fence to the other. The holes of the wire should be small enough that the cat can’t slip through them. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a cat trapped in your yard.

The wire roof should keep cats from being able to access your roof. They’ll instead walk right over it and into your neighbor’s yard instead. This is also an effective method for keeping your cat inside your yard.

One final innovation is to place a roller on top of the fence. When a cat attempts to climb up the fence, they’ll grab onto the roller only for it to roll under their touch. Cats will be unable to grip onto it to haul themselves up.

Can I Put Barbed Wire On My Fence To Stop Cats?

Depending on where you live, you may not be able to put barbed wire at the top of your fence to keep cats from climbing into your yard. In most urban areas, for example, barbed wire is illegal. This is because it can cause serious injury to both animals and humans.

In more rural communities, however, it may not be illegal to use barbed wire. In particular, laws legalize the use of barbed wire for matters of containing livestock. You’ll need to refer to your local laws to determine if barbed wire is acceptable to use in your yard.

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Using barbed wire without first determining its legality may result in a hefty fine if an animal, or person, is injured.