The Top Cat Fence Rollers and Cat Fence Containment Kits

Looking for new ways to keep your cat in the yard? We’ve looked high and low to bring you some of the best cat fence rollers and cat containment kits. In this article we’ll cover both DIY setups using PVC pipe as well as systems you can buy and get delivered fast.

Rollers sit on top of a fence and roll or slide deterring your cat from walking along the top of the fence or trying to get over. They also go by the name “coyote roller”. Coyote rollers were devised to prevent coyotes from coming inside your fence and grabbing your small dog or cat.

They also do a great job of the reverse – preventing your cat from escaping.

Containment kits used curved fences and other means to keep your cat on your side of the fence.

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DIY Cat Fence Rollers and Coyote Rollers

First let’s cover how to do it yourself. This system uses PVC pipe. The pipe fits over a fixed tube that is bolted with angle iron or L-brackets to the top of your fence.

When a cat tries to grab the top of the roller and jump over the roller well rolls. This prevents them from getting the footing they need to jump over the fence.

Here’s a video describing what to do.

Materials Needed

Four foot lengths of 1″ PVC pipe

PVC Pipe Sch. 40 1 Inch (1.0) White/PVC / 2 FT

A pair of 4″ L-brackets for every 4 feet

YUMORE L Bracket, 5" x 3" Max Load: 35lb/15KG Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Solid Shelf Support Corner Brace Joint Right Angle Bracket, Pack of 4

50 feet of Vinyl Coated Cable

Litcher Globe String Light Suspension Kit, Outdoor Light Guide Wire, Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Steel Cable,Include 150fts Transparent PVC and 304 Stainless Steel Wire Cable, Turnbuckle and Hooks

Cable Clips

Wire Rope Clamp 1/8 inch 36 Pack Zinc Plated - Wire Rope Clip - Wire Cable Clamps - Yardware etcetera

Wood Screws – #10 x 1 Inch

Hard-to-Find Fastener 014973291525 Phillips Flat TwinFast Wood Screws, 8 x 1-Inch, 100-Piece



If possible try and build these in four feet sections. You want them light enough that they roll easily due to the weight of a cat.

If you build them too long with 10′ sections of PVC they might be too heavy allowing your cat to hop the fence.

Still, slick PVC is a great deterrent to prevent your cat from jumping the fence (or to prevent coyotes from getting in).