Yorkie Puppies for Sale (Top 4 Breeders in the US)

Yorkie puppies are one of the best breeds in the US to purchase. They are small, and they don’t need a lot of exercise. Their coats are easy to groom and their personalities make them great pets for families with children or elderly people. If you’re looking for a puppy that is low maintenance then this breed might be perfect for you!

In this article, we’ll cover the top 4 breeders in the US.

Yorkie Breeders List in the US

1. Priceless Yorkie Puppy

At Priceless Yorkie Puppy, the breeder strives to offer healthy Yorkies at teacup sizes. The breeder, Tanisha Breton, focuses on teacup sizes and does so by breeding small parents together. Too often, breeders will sell a runt and pass them off as teacups.

The problem with runts is that they often aren’t as healthy as the larger puppies.

Breton refuses to pass off runts as teacup Yorkies. Instead, she uses genetics to produce the phenotype she’s looking for.

She does require that any Yorkie sold from her is neutered or spayed. You cannot breed them on your own.

You can also expect to receive health documents that cover worms, a health certificate, shot records, and vet records. You’ll know exactly the kind of health of the puppy before you purchase one.

Breton also only breeds her parents once a year. This allows the dame plenty of time to rest and focus on herself. With plenty of care given to the dame, you can expect her puppies to be just as healthy.

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Breton is located in Jacksonville, MI.

2. Suzabel’s Yorkies

At Suzabel’s Yorkies, the breeder, Suzabel takes great pride in the careful pairing and breeding of her Yorkies. She knows just what people want to see out of their Yorkies. Adorable faces, silky coats, and great colors.

She’s purchased Yorkies from around the country, and the world, to help diversify the kind of puppies that she can provide. One even comes from Brazil.

With a few different colorations and patterns, you’re sure to find the kind of puppy that you’re looking for.

A lot of thought is put into the health of her dogs as well. Suzabel feeds each parent and puppy high-quality dog food to help support their growth and immune system.

In addition, you can expect to have a puppy with some AKC champion blood in them. Many of her studs and dames come from champion lineages.

She’s also part of the HEART program of AKC, so you can be sure that the puppies and parents are kept in healthy conditions.

Suzabel is based in Yucaipa, CA.

3. Princess Puppies

At Princess Puppies, you can expect healthy and happy Yorkies. Brittany Smith owns Princess Puppies and has 16 years of experience in handling toy breeds like Yorkies. During that time, she’s learned how to keep both her parents and puppies safe and healthy.

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Smith loves helping families find the Yorkie of their dreams. Nothing makes her happier than seeing a person’s face light up when they see their puppy for the first time.

You can expect several different colorations of Yorkies through her dames and sires. Each one is checked out by a vet and their diets are carefully observed. Smith feeds her dogs Royal Canin since it’s vet-recommended.

Besides supplying homes with precious puppies, she also takes time to help families learn how to care for their dogs. She always has her phone on and is ready to help if you have questions or concerns.

Smith is based in Lena, LA.

4. Deborah’s Yorkies

At Deborah’s Yorkies, you can expect even more experience. Owned by Deborah, this breeder has been breeding Yorkies and Maltese puppies for over 39 years. She knows what to look for in healthy parents and puppies.

You can also expect to receive plenty of services as part of the price. For example, Deborah will have their dew claws removed before the puppy goes home with you. They’ll also receive a wellness exam, their initial dose of de-wormer, and have their vaccinations taken care of.

You can also expect their tails to be docked at the correct age.

You’re going to receive high-quality services at Deborah’s Yorkies.

If you’re also interested in mixes, you may want to check out her Parti-Yorkies.

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She spoils all of her pets and keeps them in her own home. That helps create friendly and socialized puppies, too.

Deborah is based in McConnellsburg, PA.

5. Nicola’s Pets

At Nicola’s Pet, you’ll find experienced and quality breeding. They’ve been breeding Yorkies and other teacup breeds for over 34 years.

They can even show you a pedigree of your dog’s lineage to help you trace back their genetics and health. This can also be shown to demonstrate that Nicola, the breeder, doesn’t inter-breed their lineages.

Without genetic mutations in the mix, you can expect healthy and happy puppies.

Any puppy you buy from them will come with a certification from the AKC.

They’re also willing to work with you if the puppy doesn’t quite fit your home. Although their puppies have great temperaments, sometimes personalities don’t blend well.

You can always expect excellent service with Nicola’s Pets.

Nicola is based in Boise, Idaho.

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What Is the Average Price for a Yorkie Puppy?

The average price for a Yorkie puppy is between $1,200 and $2,500. Certain championship puppies can go as high as $5,000. Rare coat colors and other benefits from the breeder can also increase the price.

How Much Are Yorkie Puppies to Adopt?

Adopting a Yorkie puppy is much cheaper. You can expect to pay around $300.

What Are the 5 Types of Yorkies?

Yorkies come in different coat colors and patterns which indicates that they’re a different “type.” Some are a result of mixing or cross-breeding. There are a few different types of Yorkies in this regard. Here are five of them.

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Mismarked Yorkie
  • Designer Yorkies (Morkie, Chorkie)
  • Teacup Yorkie
  • Biewer Yorkie

Which Type of Yorkie Is Best?

All Yorkie types are wonderful, fun, and affectionate. Apartment owners may enjoy teacup Yorkies the most since they’re smaller and easier to handle in a small living situation.

Designer Yorkies, like a Morkie, are better for those who want to add features from another beloved dog breed into their Yorkie.

If you want the gold standard, however, then the purebred Yorkshire Terrier is the pick for you. It’s recognized by the AKC and has a known history of cuddly behavior and rambunctious personality.