Can A Cat Climb A Chain Link Fence?

Your cat is a born explorer. They are natural climbers. Their paws and claws are specially adapted to climb all sorts of objects. Think back to when your cat was a kitten and they used to spend lots of time climbing up your leg. As an adult, your cat can easily climb a chain link fence. They can mount it and escape in seconds.

This means that you need to be on your guard to prevent this Houdini act. Cats that spend way too much time in the outdoors have a much shorter lifespan. They can be attacked by dogs, other cats, wild animals, or even humans. They can be run over by a car. To extend your time with them, you need to keep them safely in your yard.

The best way to do this will be to either buy a taller fence or add some extensions to it. You can also choose to buy an electronic fencing system. These are all excellent measures that will keep your cat safely within the boundaries of your yard. If you can’t always keep your cat in the house, this will be the next best solution.

Can Cats Fit Through Chain Link Fence?

One of the ways in which cats astound us is their ability to enter a liquid state from time to time. This allows your cat to fit into seemingly impossible objects, such as a tiny cardboard box. However, you should also be aware that a cat can do other things, such as squeeze through the links in a chain link fence.

You can put cardboard across the lower links in your fence to discourage them getting a good claw hold on the links. You can also set up an electronic fence as a barrier. This may be the best way to keep your little fur ball from squeezing through the gaps.

How To Cat Proof Your Chain Link Fence

Cats are excellent climbers. Their inquisitive nature drives them to want to explore the world around them. You need to also keep in mind at all times that cats are predators by nature. This means that they will very naturally want to get outside where they can have a fair chance at squirrels, birds, and the like.

There are several ways by which you can cat proof your chain link fence. Here are some of the most efficient and cost effective:

Remove Trees and Other Nearby Objects

One of the very best things that you can do to make your chain link fence stronger against cats is to remove the nearby objects that they climb on. This may include nearby trees and other objects. If you can’t cut the tree down, consider placing tree guards on them. This will keep the cats safely off of them.

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Install a Fence Extension System

You can purchase a fence extension system at a nearby hardware store or off of the world wide web. Once in your possession, simply install it onto your chain link fence. A Fence extension system works by supplementing your existing chain link fence. It attaches at a horizontal angle to keep cats from climbing over the structure.

You will need several U-shaped bolts to secure the included extensions to your chain link fence. These handy fence extension kits can be bought at a local pet store or over the world wide web. They are quite cost effective to purchase and very easy to install. They make for an excellent deterrent to discourage an overly curious cat.

Install an Invisible Fence System

In addition to your chain link fence, you can also add an invisible barrier. You can do this by installing an invisible fence and placing it a few strategic feet from where your chain link fence begins. This will keep your cat from maneuvering through the gaps in your fence.

An invisible fence system works by transmitting radio waves to a network of wires that have been placed beneath the ground in your yard. These waves are sent to the special collar that your cat is wearing. When your cat gets too close to the barrier, the collar gives your cat a warning beep, a bit of vibration, or a small electric shock.

Your best bet will be to choose a system that gives your cat these beeps or vibrations before proceeding to the actual shock. This way, your cat will have more of a chance to learn when they are getting too close to the barrier. It will be a much more humane and safe way to teach your cat what the boundaries of the yard actually are.

How High Should Your Chain Link Fence Be To Keep Cats In Or Out?

Cats can do amazing things. Depending on their size, age, and level of health, a cat can jump over a chain link fence that is up to six feet high. This means that you will need to keep your fence higher than you normally would. The average height for a cat fence may be about 9 to 12 feet. This cats your cat in and neighboring cats out.

Placing rollers at the top of your chain link fence may be the deterrent you need to keep your cat safely in your yard. You can also attach anti-cat spikes to the top of your fence. These spikes are blunt rather than sharp. They work as an excellent deterrent because cats really hate the feel of them underneath their paws.

There are a number of handy solutions that you can adopt in order to keep your cat in the yard and out of trouble. If you value your pet and want to spare as many of their nine lives as possible, this is the best solution. A high chain link fence with a few extras will be the deterrent that keeps your cat healthy and safe.