How to Keep Birds Off Your Fence (Solved & Explained!)

A fence is a great way to increase privacy and keep your yard safe and free of unwanted guests, but what happens when the birds start perching on it and pooping everywhere? You’ll need something to deter them from coming around. This blog post will give you some tips on how to keep birds off your fence!

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How to Keep Birds Off Your Fence

Here a few methods you can use to keep birds off of your fence.

1. Bird Spikes

One of the most effective ways to keep birds off of your fence is by using bird spikes. These aren’t sharp spikes that will harm birds. Rather, they’re designed in such a way to make it impossible for birds to perch on them. Most bird spikes are used for larger birds like pigeons and crows. However, you can likely find bird spikes for smaller birds, too.

They’re easy to install on your fence. They can be applied using adhesive, nailed, screwed on, or even just tied.

Another great aspect of bird spikes is that they don’t detract from the beauty of your fence. They look like fence toppers.

bird spikes on fence

2. Bird Gel

You can also use bird gel to make the environment unpleasant for them to land on. Bird gel is a transparent substance that’s sticky. When you coat in along the tops and sides of the fence, it makes those areas extremely sticky. Birds don’t like to stand on that kind of substance.

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They’ll choose somewhere else to perch.

A standard tube of bird gel can cover up to 10 feet in length and 3 inches in width. That makes it relatively cheap for smaller fences. It’s also easy to apply. You just place the tube in a standard caulking gun and use that to squirt the gel along the fence.

The substance, itself, is non-toxic to birds. You don’t have to worry about harming them if they land on it. They just won’t enjoy the sticky sensation.

3. Sonic Bird Deterrents

Deterrents have come a long way. Bird deterrents, especially, have been innovated to scare off several types of birds with a single device. Sonar bird deterrents work by emitting a sound of predator species. When birds hear the sound of a predator species, they’re more likely to stay away from that area. Otherwise, they might risk their own lives.

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Depending on the deterrent that you buy, you can often find commercial-grade deterrents that are able to mimic the call of several different predators. As the deterrent is played, it cycles through the various calls based on a timed interval.

This helps deter a wide range of birds from a single area.

Sonic bird deterrents are ideal for large spaces. If you have a large backyard, then this solution may be ideal for you. It can likely cover your entire fenced area and your home, too.

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4. Decoys

One of the best bird decoys that you can use is the Red-Tailed Hawk decoy. The Red-Tailed Hawk hunts during the day, unlike many other hawks. If birds see this decoy lurking around, then they’re more likely to believe it’s real.

owl decoy for birds on roof fence

When choosing your decoy, you’ll want to ensure it’s weather-resistant and looks realistic. If birds suspect that the decoy isn’t real, then they won’t be frightened away by it.

Decoys work by mimicking the appearance of a known predator. When birds spot the decoy, they believe that it’s a real predator and will avoid the area. The more realistic that the decoy is, the more effective it is at keeping birds from your fence.

Installation is easy. You just need to nail or glue the decoy onto a fence post or close to the fence.

How Do You Stop Birds from Perching?

Here are a few methods you can use to keep birds from perching on anything.

1. Cover the Tops with Rough Object

Birds won’t perch on surfaces that are rough or unpleasant. You can install something like chicken wire or an uneven block of wood to the top of your fence. A bird will prefer to perch on something smoother and even.

2. Place Noisy Wind Chimes By Fence

Some birds can also become annoyed at noisy wind chimes. Certain tones or pitches may irritate them. Try placing a wind chime close to the fence to see if it can deter birds from perching on top of it.

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3. Buy a Cat

Cats are notorious for eating birds. If you want to keep birds from perching on your fence, then buying a cat and allowing it outside may be a great option. Cats can easily climb fences. They’ll guard the fence and ensure birds don’t land on it.

Is There a Scent That Will Keep Birds Away?

There are a few scents that birds find unpleasant. Luckily, many of them come as essential oils. Scents like cayenne pepper and garlic are the most effective. You may be able to find professional scents that can deter birds, too.

An essential oils diffuser placed outside may be effective at keeping birds away. You may need to spray the scent frequently, especially after it rains.

What Home Remedy Keeps Birds Away?

There are a few things you can do at home to keep birds away from the fence. You can combine apple cider vinegar, chili peppers, and water to create a spray that repels birds. You can also cut zig-zag patterns into a piece of wood and line it along the top of your fence.

How Do I Stop Birds from Pooping on My Patio?

One of the best ways you can keep birds from pooping on your patio is to install an awning or roof over the patio. You’ll never have to worry about birds again.

If you don’t want an awning, then you’ll want to make the environment inhospitable for them. Remove bird feeders and water sources to make them move on to another home. Play predatory bird sounds from a radio. Install decoys to scare them off.

Even using shiny metallic objects can confuse their eyes and make them move on from your home.

Can I Put Bird Spikes on My Fence?

In most states, it’s legal to install bird spikes on a fence. Your HOA may have certain regulations about the types of spikes that can be used. You should also be aware that spikes may injure other animals.

Bird spikes are sharper than other spikes. You may be better suited to using spikes designed for cats if you’re worried about harming other animals.

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Do Windchimes Scare Birds?

Yes, noisy wind chimes do scare birds. The loud noise and high or low pitches can startle and confuse them.

cds on string in garden to deter birds

Will Aluminum Foil Keep Birds Away?

Aluminum foil is an effective way to keep birds away. They don’t like how it feels under their feet. They also don’t to peck it. You can wrap foil along the top of your fence or place it under the dirt in areas where birds are trying to eat your flowers or vegetables.

What Noise Will Scare Birds Away?

The best noise to scare birds away is a predator’s cry. You’ll want to research the bird’s most common predator to make sure your sonar deterrent is effective.

Will Bleach Keep Birds Away?

Bleach doesn’t do much to keep birds away. The strong smell might deter them for a little bit, but they’ll likely return shortly after.