How to Comfort a Dying Guinea Pig (Solved & Explained!)

There are a few steps you can take to comfort your dying guinea pig.

Step 1: Keep Them Warm

Guinea pigs will feel colder as they grow closer to death. Their body temperatures will also drop. To make them comfortable, you should turn the temperature in the house up. Or, at the very least, you should use a heat lamp to heat the cage up. Allowing the other guinea pigs near them may also help. They can cuddle the guinea pig to keep it warm.

Step 2: Feed it Soft Foods

A dying guinea pig will find it difficult to eat certain foods. You can make life a bit easier on them by feeding them soft cereals, puree food, and juicy fruits. Giving them food and water can help keep their strength up for a few more days.

Step 3: Spend Time with Them

Guinea pigs are very social creatures. You should allow them to be with their other guinea pigs. You should also spend time with them. Sit with your guinea pig, hold them, and keep them calm as you pet them.

How Do You Feed a Dying Guinea Pig?

You should check and see if your guinea pig can get to their feeder and water without your help. If so, then keep an eye on them to ensure they’re eating and drinking enough. You can make it easier for them to get to their feeder by removing any obstacles to it. You can also put their sleeping area closer to their food.

If your guinea pig is too weak to feed themselves, then you can help them using a feeding syringe. Using liquid food or pureed food, you can use the syringe to fill their tummy. The same can be done with water.

How Do I Give My Guinea Pig Peaceful Death?

Guinea pigs will experience the most peaceful deaths by being surrounded by their family. As long as they don’t have an infectious disease, you should keep it with the other guinea pigs. They’ll often cuddle around them and socialize with them. This can make your pig relaxed and feel more at peace.

If you don’t have other pigs or you’re unable to keep them with their fellow guinea pigs because it’s infectious, you should spend time with it yourself. You can place it on a blanket on your lap and hold it while it dies.

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If the guinea pig is in pain, then you should take it to the vet to euthanize it. This is the only way your guinea pig will die peacefully. You can make their trip there more comfortably by bringing along their favorite blanket and letting them rest on it. You can also hold it in your lap while the vet delivers the injection.

Speaking to it and petting it can give your guinea pig a peaceful death.

What Do Guinea Pigs Do When They Are About to Die?

Most guinea pigs lose energy when they’re close to death. They may stay in one area instead of running around or exploring. They may also socialize less with the other guinea pigs. They’ll even eat and drink less. Guinea pigs are renowned for loving to eat treats. If your pig refuses to eat a treat, then it may because they’re ill or dying.

They’ll also be less able to control their bowel movements. You may notice that they poop more often or poop in places that they generally never used to. They may also be slow to respond or react.

Is Death Painful for Guinea Pigs?

Death is not always painful for guinea pigs. Those that die of old age usually do so surrounded by their fellow guinea pigs. They feel safe, warm, and loved. If your guinea pig is alone, then it can still feel that way if you keep them close to you and comfort them.

Guinea pigs that are dying due to trauma or injury, however, maybe in a great deal of pain. Your vet can help reduce their pain.

How Do You Know When a Dying Guinea Pig Is Suffering?

Weight loss or sudden weight gain may indicate that the guinea pig is suffering. Weight loss may be due to the illness. They may be in so much discomfort or pain that they’re unable to eat. Weight gain may happen when they’re in too much pain or discomfort that they’re unable to move around. They have no way to burn off their calories.

Guinea pigs don’t outwardly show if they’re suffering or in pain. You need to look for changes in their normal behavior.

When to Take Your Dying Guinea Pig to the Vet

If your guinea pig suffered an injury, then you should take them to the vet immediately. They may be bleeding internally and will suffer until the vet helps them.

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You may also want to take your guinea pig to the vet if it seems as though their illness is making them suffer. You may find caring for them difficult. A vet can safely euthanize them and end their suffering.

It’s also worth taking your guinea pig to the vet when you first notice they’re ill. They may be able to help you save your pig.

Is it Ok to Let a Guinea Pig Die Naturally?

You can let your guinea pig die naturally if they’re not suffering. If they’re in pain, bleeding, or injured, then you should take them to the vet. You’re only prolonging their suffering otherwise.

For guinea pigs that are just old or mildly ill, then they can benefit from dying at home surrounded by those they love.

Do Guinea Pigs Want to Be Alone When They Die?

Guinea pigs are social creatures. They prefer to be around other guinea pigs and their owner. When they die, you should keep them around their partners. You should be there, too. If the other guinea pigs seem to be aggressive towards it, then you may want to remove it and just keep the pig with yourself.

Do Guinea Pigs Know They Are Dying?

Guinea pigs may know that they’re ill or hurt. They may not understand that they’re dying. Even the other guinea pigs may not exactly understand their partner is dying. Only that they are ill, then they’re gone.

Do Guinea Pigs Die in Their Sleep?

Guinea pigs can die in their sleep. They have a lot less energy towards the end of their life. They may just pass out one day, then never wake up. You may notice that the other guinea pigs will sit around them, offering their warmth, during this time.