My Dog Chewed Door Frame (Reasons Why *** Fix It Fast)

Why Is My Dog Chewing Door Frames?

Is your dog chewing up your door frame and everything else in sight? There could be several reasons for this action. They may be lonely or irritated at a perceived lack of attention from you. They may simply be acting out as a way to get your attention. If they are a puppy, it may be a byproduct of their normal teething experience.

A dog that has too much time and energy on their hands may turn to chewing on things as a way to discharge some of that excess energy. It could also be that they feel anxious or fearful. All of these are possible reasons for an action that you need to put a stop to. The sooner you do so, the safer your doorframe and furniture will be.

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How To Train Your Dog Not To Chew The Door Frame

These are the important steps that you need to take in order to teach your dog not to chew the door frame.

1. Use the Crate

If your dog won’t stop chewing, you will need to keep them in the crate for an agreed upon period of time. This is not a cruel or unusual punishment for your dog. It’s simply a way of giving them a time out. Your dog may be suffering from anxiety or anger at being left alone. Give them a chew toy and stay in the room with them.

2. Supervise Them

As noted above, stay in the room with them for a time. Your dog may need some time away from the rest of the family or other animals. They may also need a reminder that chewing on unauthorized things leads to crate time. Giving them a toy to chew on will let them satisfy their instincts while keeping them away from your door frame.

3. Use Deterrents

You can spray certain things, such as bitter apple or bitter melon, on the surfaces of your door frame, chairs, tables, and other furniture. This is a great way to keep your dog from chewing up all that they can get their jaws on. These are completely safe and organic substances that taste awful but won’t cause any health issues for your dog.

4. Teach Them to Heed Commands

Another good way to keep them from chewing on your door frame and every other surface is to teach them some voice commands. These include stop, stay, sit, and others. You can use these commands to teach your dog some much needed discipline. The treats they get as a reward for good behavior will be a great source of encouragement.

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5. Make Sure They Get Exercise

It’s also important to make sure that you give your dog plenty of love and attention. They may be chewing on things as a way of acting out because they feel neglected. They may also be doing so because of excess energy. Exercising your dog by walking, running, or playing is a way to wear them out while paying them lots of attention.

How Do You Fix A Chewed Door Trim?

The steps of fixing a door trim that has been chewed by your dog can be summarized in the following manner:

  • Sand down the door trim to get it as smooth as possible.
  • Wipe away all of the dust.
  • Prepare a dry wall joint compound. This can be made of cardboard, putty, and a hardening agent.
  • Fill up all of the holes and cracks.
  • After the compound dries, sand it down.
  • Cover the surrounding area so that you can then paint the trim.

How Do You Fix A Chewed Door Frame?

The steps for fixing a chewed door frame are fundamentally the same as fixing your door trim. The idea is to use the correct proportion of cardboard and putty to do the trick. Let the mixture take all of the time it needs to harden in the proper manner. Once it has done so, you can fill up the cracks and sand it down before painting it.

Make sure the area is sanded completely smooth so that there will be no remaining rough edges. This will help the paint job last much longer. It will also be more difficult for your dog to chew on.

After you have repaired your door frame, it’s an excellent idea to spray it with bitter apple or bitter melon. These are all natural sprays that dogs find to be too bitter for their liking.

Can You Replace Part Of A Door Frame?

If you only want to replace part of a door frame that has been chewed, you can do it by following these steps:

  • Measure the area that has been damaged.
  • Remove the weatherstripping before you cut into the frame.
  • Use a chisel, saw, or knife to cut out the chewed areas.
  • Fill up the space with an epoxy wood filler.
  • After the filler is applied, sand it down.
  • Prime it and paint it.
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What To Spray On Wood To Keep Dogs From Chewing?

There are a few handy concoctions that you can spray on wood to keep your dog from chewing on it. These include bitter apple and bitter melon sprays. As their names imply, these are sprays made of completely organic fruit juice. Dogs will hate the taste of these bitter sprays and will avoid anything that has been treated with them.

You can get these and other similar sprays from your local grocery store or order them straight off the world wide web. The key is to always buy sprays that are made from one hundred percent organic materials. There is no point in risking the health of your dog by using any kind of chemical treatment when a completely natural one will do.