How Much Water Should a Yorkie Drink a Day? (Explained!)

To determine how much water your Yorkie needs as a minimum ‘per day’ requirement, the easiest thing to do is to assume one ounce of water for every pound of body weight. So, let’s say that you have a 7-pound Yorkie, that means they need a minimum amount of 7 ounces of water each day.

Easy, no? That said, puppies are going to need a little more. Despite the extra sleep that they get over adults, a Yorkie pup is still developing and when they are awake, they are little bundles of lightning.

This requires a bit more water, so be sure to put an extra bowl or two out and to carry water with you on walks along with a portable, collapsing plastic water bowl. That way you can ensure that your pup is properly hydrated so that they’ll grow up big and strong!

In today’s article, we’re going to focus on Yorkie hydration questions that have been trending the web this week. Let’s take a look at what Yorkie owners just like you have been asking the most on the subject of Yorkies and their specific hydration requirements!

How do I hydrate my Yorkie?

If you need to rehydrate your Yorkie then you’ve got a few different options to help make sure that they get some water in them.

The easiest and first that you should try, is simply giving it a little flavor. Bouillion cubes are inexpensive and turn that water into a nourishing chicken or beef broth that your Yorkie should lap right up! You can also try adding a few ice cubes to their water, and this might also help.

Finally, having more than one water bowl in the house encourages your Yorkie to drink more and also helps you to see if they don’t like a specific bowl – sometimes they can be picky about this and you’ll never even know until another option has been presented for them!

How do I know if my Yorkie is dehydrated?

Some telltale signs that your Yorkie is low on fluids include panting, a dry nose instead of a cute, wet one, sticky and dry gums, or even tightened skin. To help avoid dehydration, you want to make sure that you take a little water and a portable bowl with you on long walks.

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That way you can pop down on a park bench to relax while your Yorkie hydrates and gets a quick rest before you start back on your daily route.

How much water should a Yorkie drink in 24 hours?

You can actually calculate a pretty good approximation of what your Yorkie needs daily by assuming one ounce of water for every pound of their body weight. So, for an 8-pound Yorkie, one half of a 16 ounce water bottle is their average minimum intake.

Highly active Yorkies may require a little more, so just make sure that your dog always has plenty available in case they need it, but the ounce-to-pound formula will help you to know that they are at least meeting their daily basics.

Should I limit my Yorkie puppy’s water intake?

No. Puppies need more water than adults do and limiting your puppy’s intake is a bad idea. Aside from their hydration requirements, it can lead to behaviors such as guarding their food and water like obsessive little grouches and you certainly don’t want to encourage that.

That said, when they are in bed or in the crate at night, that is the one exception – they’ll be needing to go out in the ‘wee’ hours anyway and should be already hydrated from drinking during the day. Extra water at night will just mean more trips outside!

Why is my Yorkie drinking a lot of water?

A sudden change in your Yorkie’s drinking habits can be a red flag, as a number of medical conditions can cause this as a symptom.

Diabetes, for example, or certain types of cancers will drive this behavior. On a lesser scale, fevers or recent diarrhea can make your dog feel a bit on the dry side and cause them to consume more liquids.

Consider the context while they hydrate and then watch them for a little while or simply take them to the vet right away, so that if it IS a health issue then you can get on top of it right away.

What do young Yorkie puppies drink?

If you got your puppy young and they are not eating as much solid food as you might like, consider giving them some puppy formula along with some wet food.

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Mixing the two together can help to encourage your pup to ‘take the plunge’ and switch to solids and this also helps you to ensure that they are getting enough nutrition during this important transition.

Does chicken broth hydrate Yorkies?

Yes, but it’s a little on the salty side, so look for unsalted bouillon and if you can’t find that, then add some extra water to it to help balance things out. When you do this, those broth cubes are a great way to hydrate your dog, as they simply can’t resist that aroma and delicious taste!

Should I leave water out for my Yorkie all day?

Yes, you want to make sure that your Yorkie has access to water all day. This helps to ensure that your little one stays hydrated and you won’t have to worry – they will regulate their own intake.

If your Yorkie is drinking large amounts of water, this is actually a huge red flag, and a good reason for a quick vet check up to rule out any health issues that’ you’ll want to identify as soon as possible for optimal management.

Should a Yorkie have access to water overnight?

Unless you are a night owl and your Yorkie sleeps during the day to match your schedule, then there is no need to make water accessible at night. Your Yorkie should already be hydrating from drinking during the day and extra water at night will just encourage a late-night potty trip outside.

Unless they are ill, your Yorkie can wait until morning for more water.

Should dogs drink water after a walk?

Actually, it’s better to take water with you so that your Yorkie can drink water DURING a walk. Bring along a Gatorade or another hydrating drink for yourself and whenever you take a long walk with your dog, the two of you can share a nice hydration break.

Yorkies have little legs and they can get tired and thirsty quite easily, so carrying water for your little buddy and a portable bowl allows you to take a break together and make sure that everyone if getting plenty of liquids on those walks outside!