Homerunpet Automatic Feeder: Is it Worth It? (My Experience & Review)

If you’ve ever had to leave your dog or cat home alone, you know the guilt that comes along with it. Will they be okay? Are they getting enough food? Homerunpet Automatic Feeder claims to take care of those worries by feeding your pet on a schedule while you’re away – but is it worth it? I decided to try it out for myself and here’s my experience and review.

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Introducing the Homerunpet Automatic Feeder and its features

With its programmable settings and several-pound food capacity, it is designed to ensure your pets are never left hungry. Its adjustable meal portion size ensures that your pet receives the proper portion of food every time (within 9-10 grams – perfect accuracy for growing puppies!).

Ella and the homerunpet dispenser

The Homerunpet Automatic Feeder is an ideal choice if you are searching for a reliable way to make sure your pets’ feeding schedule is always kept in check – no more stressing about last-minute trips away from home!

It comes with an app that allows you to set your desired feeding schedule, see when it’s getting empty, and adjust portion sizes as needed. It works primarily using the app and a timer system whereas other models use sensor-based feeding systems. (1)

You can even set an instant feed at any time if you want to feed your pet right away.

Personal Experience Using the Feeder

We had our product testers, Scott, Ella, and Moose (new Chiweenie puppy) test out the system.

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At first, it scared them a bit, but after getting used to it they were able to enjoy their meals without any issues.

Moose absolutely fell in love with the feeder and would always rush to it when it was time for his meal – it was a complete success!

Moose licking from Homerunpet automatic dispenser

Ella, for better or worse, would always let Moose go first and he’d finish every bite. We had to get in the habit of feeding Ella separately right when the device went off for each mealtime (8, 12 noon, and 4 PM).

Ella waiting for her turn from the homerunpet dispenser

The nice thing is that they never fought over it but that boils down to their personalities.

If I had a second one I would set it to go off 1 minute after the first one for each meal time. That way Moose would run over first and before he finished Ella could start on her portion.

For a single dog this thing couldn’t be beaten. It was so nice to have the peace of mind of knowing that we didn’t have to worry about whether our animals were being fed or not.

Pros and Cons

Pros of the Homerunpet Automatic Feeder

• Automatically feeds your pet on a schedule

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• Adjustable portion sizes for accurate meal portions

• Can be connected to an app to monitor and set schedules

• Comes with an instant feed button for emergencies


• Loud noise when it dispenses food, which could scare shy pets (Ella) but great for the brave (Moose)

• Could be too complicated for some pet owners to use

Videos of the Feeder in Action

Here are a few short videos showing some of the product tester pups using the Homerunpet Automatic Feeder.

Part 1 Testing the Homerunpet dispenser

Part 2 Testing the Homerunpet Dispenser

Part 1 Homerunpet Dispenser Review

Part 2 Homerunpet Dispenser Review

Final Verdict – Is it Worth It?

After our experience with the Homerunpet Automatic Feeder, we can confidently say that it is worth the money! It has been great for us to have the peace of mind of knowing that our pets are getting fed at regular intervals while we’re away. Plus, having an app to monitor and adjust schedules makes it much easier to manage meal times. The only con we can think of is that it might be too loud for some shy pets, but other than that it’s an excellent product. Highly recommended!


Q: Can I use this with wet food?

A: No, the Homerunpet Automatic Feeder is only designed to work with dry food pellets. Also, pellets must be less than 12 mm (0.47 inches) in diameter.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: Yes, there is an 18-month limited warranty for the Homerunpet Automatic Feeder.

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Q: How much food does it hold?

A: The feeder can hold up to 5 lbs of dry food.

Q: Can I adjust portion sizes?

A: Yes, you can adjust the portion sizes from 9-10 grams with great accuracy – perfect for growing puppies!

Q: Is it easy to clean?

A: The feeder is designed with a removable top for easy cleaning. All components should be washed with warm water and dried thoroughly before reassembling.

Q: Can multiple pets use this at once?

A: This particular model is ideal for single-pet households only. As described above, the Chiweenie, Moose, would go after it first and finish it before our other dog had any. We didn’t have a second model to test but if we did I would just set it to go off 1 minute after the first one. Of course, this won’t work for pets that tend to fight over food.