How Do I Choose a Yorkie Puppy? (Solved & Explained!)

When you are selecting your puppy at a breeder’s, you want to be very careful with your choice. It’s good to choose a pup that isn’t too timid, but you also want to avoid bullies! You should also make more than one visit to your breeder, so that you can take the puppy aside from it’s littermates and play with a bit.

This will give you a glimpse at your puppy’s budding personality and that second visit will help to confirm that you are seeing their usual behavior. Beyond this, check for clear eyes and nose, clean ears, and a clean rear with no signs of redness.

After that, you’ll know a little about your pup’s personality and that it is healthy, so all you have to do is find out what kind of health guarantee your breeder provides and you are ready to take your new best friend home.

In this article, we’ will address questions trending highly this week from Yorkie fans just like you! We’ll answer questions about gender traits in Yorkies, intelligence, and more – read on for important information that you need to know before purchasing a Yorkie pup of your very own!

What should I look for when buying a Yorkie puppy?

When you’ve found the puppy that you want, there are still things that you should check before finalizing the deal and taking your little one home. The first is a four-point check – inspect your dog’s eyes, ears, nose, and their rear.

You want to look for any redness or signs of sickness and if the little one is wiggly and resistant, that’s a great thing! You want your dog to be clean and energetic and those eyes need to be bright and curious. If their ears are clean, their coat is shiny, and their nose isn’t drippy, then ask how long the breeder will guarantee their health.

Most breeders are confident in their pups and once you have a health guarantee, then you’re ready to bring that little one home!

What do I need to know about Yorkie puppies?

If you want to bring home a Yorkie pup, you need to be sure that you are ready. Here are a few things that you need to know before making this commitment:

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  • Your pup will need lots of attention.
  • They’ll need frequent potty breaks – as they can wait 1 hour for every month of age.
  • They overcompensate for their size – so you’ll need to tame down that aggression or they’ll bark at everything!
  • They need to be around other animals and people when possible – otherwise they can easily become codependent.
  • Most Yorkies that die early are from accidental steps and stumbles from people who didn’t see them. You need to start organizing your life around the possibility that your little one is always potentially at your feet!

These are some basics but if they don’t frighten you, then you might well be ready to bring home your new best friend!

How much should a Yorkie puppy cost?

One average, a purebred Yorkie pup with the papers to back it up will cost between $1200 and $2500. If they have any special colorations or other rare traits, such as Teacup size, then this will also affect the price but this should give you a good baseline idea of what to expect when purchasing a purebred Yorkshire Terrier.

Are boy or girl Yorkies better?

Keep in mind that these dogs are all individual personalities, but there are certain gender-related tendencies with these dogs that are often quite true. Usually males do better with a family and your friends, as they tend to be more social and confident with guests and more than one family member.

Females tend to be more independent, bonding to one person but often wandering off to amuse themselves or get a little private time. Females are easier to train than the more social males, so this is worth considering as well.

Which one is better? That’s really up to you, just be sure to spend time with a pup you are considering in advance and do it twice in one week to make sure that the personality you are seeing is consistent.

Are Yorkies good house dogs?

Yorkies are GREAT house dogs. They don’t take up much space, for one thing, and for another they don’t have fur, but rather hair like we do! This means that they will shed less, have a lower amount of dander, and you won’t have to worry about your furniture.

Throw in their small size and even a small apartment is a palace for these dogs. They are definitely excellent house dogs and the best of companions.

What can I expect from a Yorkie puppy?

Your Yorkie pup is going to sleep a lot, in fact, it will be around 16 to 22 hours per day! They’ll need less sleep when they are older, but expect quite a lot of naps or even nodding off in the middle of playtime as the expected norm.

When they aren’t asleep, however, these little dogs bounce around like rubber balls and they’re going to follow you around a LOT in the beginning. Males will likely retain this behavior, but if you brough home a female you’ll see them becoming independent a bit as they get older.

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Your pup is also going to bark a lot at first, so practice the ‘sit’ command and use it to distract them. They’ll start barking less and this will make their adult years a lot more quiet!

Is a Yorkie a good beginner dog?

Yes, Yorkies are great beginner dogs. They sleep a lot and don’t eat very much, not to mention they don’t take up much space at all. They are also intelligent, so they’ll learn your routine very quickly, and since they have hair instead of fur, they don’t even shed much.

All in all, they’re pretty low maintenance, and aside from food and 30 minutes of daily exercise, all you need to give them is love and a little bit of your time!

Why you should not get a Yorkshire terrier?

A Yorkie is not the best choice if you have very young children that like to grab things, as these little dogs are fragile and biting is a normal frightened response.

You can still have a Yorkie, but you need to keep in mind that all handling of the dog will need to supervised until your children learn how to properly handle the dog. If you are willing to put in the time, your Yorkie will make an excellent family pet!

Do Yorkie puppies shed?

Nope, your Yorkie pup won’t shed much at all. These dogs don’t have an undercoat and they actually have hair instead of fur. This makes them a great choice for owners with mild allergies, though you want to spend time with a pup first before bringing it home to make sure they won’t trigger your allergies.

Are Yorkies puppies smart?

Yes, Yorkies are intelligent little dogs, and this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you treat them. Always train your dog with positive reinforcement.

They won’t understand if you punish them, but these clever little dogs can become quite resistant to training if they decide that you are being mean to them. That said, if you stick with the positive reinforcement, they’ll learn whatever you want to teach them in record time!