How Do I Wash My Yorkies Face? (Explained!)

You can clean your Yorkie’s face with a dog-friendly wet wipe or damp cloth with plain water. How often you clean your Yorkie’s face is entirely up to you. Some dog owners do this after every meal, while others do it daily or several times a week. 

In addition, you should wipe your Yorkie’s eye area with a tissue dipped in cooled boiled water several times a week. In this way, you prevent the accumulation of rheum (the yellowish discharge that gathers in the corner of the eyes).

How To Clean A Yorkie’s Ears

Ears are one of the most sensitive areas that are the most important to keep clean. When cleaning your Yorkie’s ears, you must make sure that no water gets into their ears while cleaning well enough to remove dirt build-up.

You can plug your Yorkie’s ear with a dog-friendly stopper while cleaning. When cleaning your Yorkie’s ears, you should first carefully clean the ear flaps and then the inner part of the ear.

You can clean the inside of the ear with an earbud without pressing too much or pushing too far. You should repeat the ear cleaning process 3-4 times a month, or once a week.

You can wipe the ear flaps with a clean damp cloth. The most important thing to remember in general ear cleaning is not to leave the ear wet. After the cleaning process is finished, the ear should be dried well.

How To Clean A Yorkie’s Teeth

Teeth cleaning is very important in Yorkies. If your dog has yellowed teeth and bad breath, it means that you are not cleaning your dog’s teeth enough.

Yellowing teeth can cause decay over time. This decay causes painful dental infections and periodontal diseases.

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Yorkies are genetically very prone to dental problems. Problems such as rotten plaque or tartar are common in Yorkies, and if the problem is severe it needs to be treated by your veterinarian.

If there is an infected decaying tooth, it should be extracted. In addition, if your Yorkie’s teeth have not been taken care of for a long time, they may need to undergo a general dental examination and any emergency treatments should be done immediately.

You should brush your Yorkie’s teeth regularly. Dogs should have good dental health, just like humans.

Teeth that are not brushed regularly can become infected and rot in the future. Many Yorkie owners brush their dog’s teeth daily, although if you can’t brush them daily, you should brush your Yorkie’s teeth at least twice a week. Otherwise, your Yorkie may encounter major dental diseases at an advanced age.

How to Care Your Yorkie’s Paws

Many external substances can get on your Yorkie’s paws. While mud, grass,s and stone will not harm your Yorkie’s paws, they can make walking uncomfortable, and some chemicals are quite dangerous for your Yorkies skin.

After taking your Yorkie out, you should wipe its paws with a wet cloth before entering the house. Especially in winter and when the weather is wet, your Yorkie’s paws will get dirty very quickly.

during walks in rainfall, many unwanted substances can get on your Yorkie’s paws. This is why you should regularly wipe your Yorkie’s paws to remove any potentially hazardous material and keep their paws clean and comfy.

Yorkies have very small paws which are easy to wash. If you wish, you can take your Yorkie to the bathroom and wash their paws thoroughly.

But avoid damaging your Yorkie’s paws during the washing process because Yorkies are very fragile and have very sensitive joints.

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How To Clean Yorkie’s Eyes

Yorkies’s eyes are large and sensitive so their cleanliness is important. If Yorkies’ eyes are not cleaned for a long time is can result in visual problems or discomfort.

Neglecting to clean your Yorkies’ eyes also carries the risk of various infections. You can use a tissue soaked in clean boiled water to clean your Yorkie’s eyes.

After cleaning with pure water, you should wipe the eye and its surroundings again with eye cleaning solutions recommended by your veterinarian.

It is beneficial to clean their eyes a few times a month. As a result of neglected eye cleaning, darkening may appear around your Yorkies’ eyes, and their fur will become discolored.

Should I Clean My Yorkie’s Eye Boogers?

Eye discharge is a common condition in Yorkies. You should clean them daily, or whenever they appear.

With a wet tissue dipped in boiling water, you should clean the eye area well. You can also use eye cleaning solutions recommended by your veterinarian to clean eye discharge.

Eye discharge can develop for many reasons. While these may occur spontaneously, some discharge may develop from an allergenic reaction.

You should consult your veterinarian to get detailed information about your Yorkie’s eye health if you are at all concerned.

How Often Should I Brush My Yorkie?

Although Yorkies do not shed much, you should regularly brush your Yorkie to prevent hair in the house.

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Many Yorkie owners brush their dogs daily. But if you don’t have time for that, be sure to brush your Yorkie at least twice a week.

Also this way you will get rid of dead hair and skin that may be irritating your Yorkie. Yorkies love to be brushed as it helps them to relax. This is why you should brush your Yorkie regularly.

Do Yorkies Like to Have a Bath?

Every dog is different, Yorkies will tolerate a bath but they do not like water in general. With correct training, they will let you bathe them, and in time may even enjoy it! But being in the water does not come naturally to them.

If you get your Yorkie used to bathing from a young age, they will happily do it later in life.

That’s just how Yorkies are. If you are going to get your Yorkie used to bathing, you should do it slowly, without force. Yorkies can be quite stubborn and will resist, but with positive reinforcement, they will eventually take well to bathing.