Can Yorkies Eat Grapes? (Solved & Explained!)

With their high-water content, you’d think that grapes would be fairly safe to feed to your Yorkie, but you would be very, very wrong. Grapes and raisins are highly toxic to dogs, and even one grape can make your dog feel very ill.

While we didn’t know why until recently, it turns out that a chemical called Tartaric acid is the culprit.

This chemical is very poisonous for dogs and just 3 grapes or raisins are toxic enough to kill a 2.5-pound puppy – it’s that toxic for them – so keep grapes and raisins away from your Yorkie.

In today’s article, we’ve collected questions trending on the web this week about grapes, grape products, and various popular ways to serve this decadent fruit.

Unfortunately, this is not a fruit that we can recommend as safe and we’ll tell you the reasons why in the sections below!

Why are grapes so dangerous for Yorkies?

It’s been a mystery for the last 20 years, but ASPCA veterinarians have finally solved the puzzle of why grapes are so dangerous for dogs. It turns out that there is a component called Tartaric acid, which researchers found by accident when investigating a case of Play doh toxicity.

As it turns out, the recipe of that play doh produced  the same effects seen in grapes with dogs, and so they were able to isolate the component down to the cream of tartar and from this, the tartaric acid present in grapes.

Can my Yorkie have grape juice?

No. As grape juice is made from grapes, the tartaric acid content is still going to be present in some degree or another. As it is also concentrated, some grape juices will be even more dangerous than the grapes alone.

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 As such, your Yorkie is definitely not allowed to have any grape juice as it could make them very sick or worse!

Can my Yorkie have raisins?

No, your Yorkie cannot have raisins, and even 2 to 3 could make them very sick. The lowest recorded amount, in fact, was .3 ounces per pound of a dog’s body weight being sufficient to cause kidney failure!

Thus, your Yorkie definitely cannot have raisins, and if you have children in the house, then you need to let them know that your family dog CANNOT have any raisins because it could make the dog seriously ill or worse!

Can Yorkies eat frozen grapes?

No. The cold will not reduce the tartaric acid content in grapes, so freezing them is not going to make them safe for ingestion. If your dog would like a cold treat that they CAN enjoy, a great alternative is to get a Kong toy.

This is a toy made of a hard rubber and it is designed so that you can fill it with peanut butter or cream cheese, freeze it, and give your dog a cold and delicious treat. Just stay away from those poisonous grapes!

Can Yorkies have grape soda?

Provided that the grape is just ‘artificial grape flavoring’, a few sips of grape soda should be okay, but it’s not really very good for your dog.

 The carbonation, for one thing, and also the high sugar content are definitely not good for your dog and they are liable to end up with a gassy, sore tummy if you let them have grape or other sodas!

Can Yorkies eat grape seeds?

Grape seeds and grape seed oils are not toxic, with the oils actually having been tested and found not to produce liver or renal damage in dogs. That said, it’s still best to keep away from anything grape related.

If your dog gobbles up some seeds that you’ve put in a bowl by accident, they should be fine, but watch out for this as those seeds could still cause internal blockages and at the very least, an upset stomach.

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Are cooked grapes safe for Yorkies?

No, grapes that have been cooked into pastries or in other ways are still unsuitable for consumption by dogs. While it’s possible that the tartaric acid amounts might be lessened from the cooking, they will still be present, and large amounts of grapes might even make for concentrated amounts of the toxin.

It is best to play it safe by keeping grapes as far away from your Yorkie as possible!

Are red and white grapes both bad for Yorkies?

Yes, any type of grape is going to be poisonous for your Yorkie. That means red and white grapes, seedless or seeded, cooked, frozen, or even simply juiced. The toxins that are present in grapes make them completely unsuitable for consumption and even potentially deadly.

If you are eating grapes, make sure to put your bowl well out of reach so that your dog can’t sneak into them – if you suspect that they have, get your dog to the vet right away – grape poisoning is not something to trifle with and could actually kill your dog.

What happens if my Yorkie drinks some red or white wine?

While the fermentation process might well take care of the tartaric acid in wine produced by red or white grapes, there is no guarantee, so this alone is a good enough reason to keep away from wines. Aside from the toxins, it’s also still alcohol, and dogs don’t have a very high tolerance to this.

Your dog could get drunk and very ill from this, so keep alcohol and ESPECIALLY alcohol made from grapes far away from your furry friend.

What can I feed my Yorkie instead of grapes?

There are a number of fruits that your Yorkie can safely have, such as half a handful of raspberries, 2 to 3 slices of apple or peach, or even a few chunks of pineapple. These fruits are all safe in moderation and not toxic to your dog – but they can be a little hard to digest.

If you keep the serving amounts at a minimal, however, then your dog can enjoy them with you with no ill effects.

Can Yorkies eat avocados?

Let’s start off by saying that a lot of dogs do eat and happen to love avocados, with a medium-sized dog being able to consume one avocado in a day on their own with no apparent ill effects. That said, avocadoes are kind of a ‘maybe’ option.

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This is because the flesh of the avocado contains a chemical called persin, which is toxic to some animals, making it potentially dangerous for dogs – but we simply don’t know the toxic amount. You can play it safe and simply avoid it, but otherwise don’t let your Yorkie have more than half an avocado.

While that is a safe amount, consider the calories and fat as well in your decision – that half of a medium avocado is still 160 calories, as well as around 15 grams of fat!

Can Yorkies eat apple cores?

No, Yorkies cannot have the apple core to chew on, though apple slices are fine. Apple seeds contain amygdalin, which the body will convert to cyanide… making them potentially fatal in the right amounts.

Due to this, your dog definitely cannot chew on the apple core and will have to settle for 1 tablespoon of applesauce or a single slice if they want to have an apple because they see that you are eating one!

Can Yorkies eat nuts?

Peanuts are safe for Yorkies, though don’t let them have shelled peanuts. The shell isn’t toxic, but it’s hard to digest and it will give your Yorkie an itchy throat. Aside from peanuts, however, you need to be very careful.

Most nuts contain aftotoxins, which are indeed poisonous for dogs. Examples include Brazil nuts, pistachios, and almonds and you especially don’t want to give them pecans – these have aftotoxins and also juglone, which is toxic to dogs and even horses!

Can Yorkies eat mushrooms?

Mushrooms come in many varieties but for the most part, if your store has them, they will generally be safe. That said, only cooked mushrooms should be allowed, and even then ,only one or two pieces is recommended.

With so many mushrooms available at the market, this helps to ensure that you needn’t worry if your Yorkie wants a mushroom – as long as it’s cooked and came from the store!

Can Yorkies eat unripe tomatoes?

No, your Yorkie cannot have unripe tomatoes, nor tomato leaves and stems from your garden. All of these contain a chemical known as tomatine, which is highly toxic to dogs and can cause weakness, vomiting, or even damage their hearts!

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If your dog ingest these, take them in to the vet immediately to ensure that they’ve not consumed a dangerous amount!

Can Yorkies eat nutmeg?

While the trace amounts of nutmeg on a delicious pastry shouldn’t hurt your dog, nutmeg is something that you want to avoid otherwise. Nutmeg, in the right amounts, can cause hallucinations in dogs, as well as increase heart rate, disorientation, and even seizures.

As such, you can have nutmeg, but your little one is definitely not allowed to have any!

Can Yorkies eat rhubarb?

No, your dog cannot have rhubarb. While cooking removes the toxicity for humans, it is still toxic for your dog. Rhubard contain calcium oxalates that dan drastically lower a dog’s calcium levels is enough is ingested, to the point that renal failure becomes a possibility!

As such, don’t let your Yorkie near any rhubarb and if they ingest any, call your vet immediately for instructions or if they are close enough, simply bring your Yorkie in right away!

Can Yorkies eat potato plants?

While cooked potatoes are fine in small amounts (such as 2 to 3 French fries or two tablespoons of mashed potatoes), raw potatoes and potato plants are a different story. If ingested, signs of poisoning include increased salivation and oral irritation, and if you see these then you should bring your dog into the vet immediately.

Can Yorkies eat Persimmon seeds?

While dogs can eat persimmons and even their seeds in small amounts, this only applies to large and medium dogs. Those seeds, while they don’t contain cyanide like a lot of fruit seeds, they CAN still inflame your little dog’s intestine and consuming too many of them can lead to blockage.

With the fruit itself, provided that there no seeds, a teaspoon or two should be fine for your Yorkie. Beyond this, however, it’s best to simply feed them another fruit that’s much less risky for them!

Can Yorkies eat garlic?

No, your Yorkie cannot have garlic at all. While garlic is completely safe for us, that’s not the case with dogs. This is because garlic, like other members of the Allium family such as onions and leeks contain a chemical component called Thiosulfate.

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Thiosulfate is not a problem for humans, but in dogs it causes damage to red blood cells, which can lead to various forms of anemia. Even garlic bread should be off of the table for your Yorkie.

While the tiny amounts of garlic won’t be enough to seriously harm them, they’ll still be likely to get a very upset stomach and the butter, cheese, and oil won’t really be doing them any favors either.

As a compromise, put a piece of white or wheat bread on the table and give your dog ¼ of it. They will think it came from your plate and gobble it right up with no ill effects.