Can Yorkies Eat Oranges? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies can eat oranges but only in moderation. However, your Yorkie may not be partial to oranges, since they have a strong, zesty taste. Oranges are not essential to your Yorkies’ diet but can be given as a treat.

Oranges are full of vitamins that support your Yorkies’ health. One slice of orange per day is sufficient to ensure your Yorkie experience all the health benefits that oranges have to offer.

Can Yorkies Eat Orange Peels?

No, Yorkies can’t eat orange peels, it would be harmful to their health. The peel, pith, and seeds of an orange contain toxins that are harmful to dogs. They should be removed before serving.

They can also be a choking hazard, as they are difficult for your Yorkie to chew and can become lodged in the throat.

Can Yorkies Eat Manderins?

Yorkies can eat mandarins, but they must be peeled and given in moderation.

Yorkies benefit from mandarins the same way they do from oranges. They can also eat clementines and tangerines in moderation.

Can My Yorkie Get Sick from Eating Oranges?

If you feed your Yorkie too many oranges, then yes they can get sick from overconsumption. Oranges are high in sugar and too many of them can offset your Yorkies GI balance.

This could lead to stomach discomfort and behavioral issues. So it is best to limit your Yorkies intake of oranges to one slice per day at most.

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Can My Yorkie Have Orange Food Flavouring?

Natural and organic food flavoring is fine for your Yorkie, so long as only a few drops are added to their meals. Food flavorings that are highly processed and over manufactured are bad for dogs if given every day.

If you are feeding your Yorkie a one-off treat that has some food flavoring be added, it should be fine. Food flavoring is small in quantity and the occasional treat won’t do any harm.

However, if you are regularly adding any food flavoring to your Yorkies’ meals, for whatever reason, then it can be harmful over the long term.

If you are adding food flavoring in hopes of stimulating your Yorkies’ appetite, they will be far more responsive to meat flavored broths, and broths are more beneficial to their health.

Do Yorkies Like Oranges?

It depends on the Yorkie. Generally speaking, Yorkies and other dogs do not like oranges. Oranges are very strong in taste and smell and have an overly citrusy scent. The smell alone may put your Yorkie off.

However, there are outliers in every breed and species. There are Yorkies out there that love oranges, it’s a personal preference.

Oranges are nutritious but your Yorkie does not need them to sustain a healthy diet. Dogs are better supported on meat and vegetable-based foods, and fruits are a great addition as a healthy treat.

Why Doesn’t My Yorkie Like Oranges?

It is quite normal for a Yorkie (or any other breed of dog) to turn their nose up at the offer of orange.

Most dogs really dislike the smell and taste of citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and grapefruit.

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These fruits are high in natural sugars and are not part of a dogs natural diet. That being said, they are nutritious, and if your Yorkie does happen to like oranges you can give them a slice a day in addition to their regular food.

Will Oranges Make My Yorkie Poop?

No, oranges will not make your Yorkie poop anymore frequently than normal or cure their constipation.

Unless your Yorkie eats a whole orange (which would likely make him sick) there should be no difference in their pooping consistency or frequency.

However, all dogs are different. If you give your dog a slice of orange and they have diarrhea shortly after then they could have an intolerance to citrus, which is not unusual.

Oranges and other fruit should never be given to your Yorkie as a cure for constipation. Too much citrus can make them sick in other ways. If your Yorkie is struggling to poop, speak to your vet.

What Are The Benefits of Giving A Yorkie Oranges?

Oranges have lots of health benefits that your Yorkie can enjoy if they are partial to a slice of orange here and there.

Oranges are packed full of vitamin C which maintains healthy bones and cartilage (great for senior Yorkies) and stimulates collagen that supports healthy skin and fur.

Vitamin C also helps to regulate the blood vessels and protect cells from premature deterioration.

Other health benefits of oranges include:

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  • Better iron absorption
  • Immune system boost
  • Better healing of wounds
  • Guards against cholesterol

Are Oranges or Apples Better for Yorkies?

Both oranges and apples are good for Yorkies in small amounts, however, oranges are slightly better for your Yorkie overall.

Apple is higher in natural sugars and has more calories. But despite this, both apples and oranges are low in calories compared to other human foods.

Yorkies may be more inclined to eat apples than oranges, as apples are not so strong in taste and smell. If your Yorkie prefers apples to oranges that’s fine, a slice a day is a good healthy treat.

Can Miniature Yorkies Eat Oranges?

Mini and Toy Yorkies can eat oranges the same way the standard breed can. However Toy Yorkies tend to eat less and require smaller portions than average-sized Yorkies, so you may want to half the recommended amount.

A Toy Yorkie will receive all the health benefits of oranges, so long as you feed them oranges in moderation.

1 or half a slice of orange per day is the maximum amount you should give your Toy Yorkie. Any more than this they can gain weight as oranges are high in natural sugar and calories.

Is The Citrus in Oranges Toxic For Yorkies?

Citrus isn’t toxic for Yorkies or any other dog, but giving them lots of citrus can have negative health consequences.

It is best to limit how much citrus intake your Yorkie has, and only give them half or one slice of a citrus fruit per day so they can experience the health benefits.


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