What is a Chocolate Yorkie? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies come in many colors, and it can be hard to pick which one is your favorite! So what is a chocolate Yorkie? Well, as the name might suggest, a chocolate Yorkie is a Yorkie with a solid, one-color brown coat. This is one of, if not the rarest color of Yorkie. 

There’s a lot of information to know about the different types of Yorkies, what colors they can be, and how rare each color of Yorkie coat is, so read on to find out everything you need to know on the subject and find out: what is a chocolate Yorkie?

What is a Chocolate Yorkie?

As the name might suggest, a chocolate Yorkie is a Yorkie whose coat is brown. Not only is their coat brown, but the entire thing is one solid brown color. Among chocolate Yorkies, there are many different shades of brown coloring such as dark brown, bronze, and tan. Still, any Yorkie with a fully brown coat is considered to be a chocolate Yorkie. 

Brown Yorkies are sometimes called red Yorkies, red-legged Yorkies, or liver and tan Yorkies. If you hear any of these terms, know that the person is talking about a chocolate Yorkie or a Yorkie whose coat is a solid brown color. 

What colors can Yorkies be?

There are quite a few color combinations that your Yorkshire Terrier can end up being after it grows a bit and the original color it was born as begins to change. Many Yorkies end up being either blue and tan, black and tan, blue and gold, or black and gold. These are the most common color combinations you’ll see in Yorkies. 

They can also be solid brown or solid blonde/gold, although these color combinations are exceedingly rare in purebreds, as 99% of Yorkies will be a mix of two different colors. 

What is the most common color of Yorkies?

The most common color combination in Yorkies is blue and gold. After puppyhood ends, blue and gold are what the majority of Yorkies will end up being. This color variation has two copies of the graying gene, so they will become quite gray as they get older as well. 

That being said, any combination of silver, blue, tan, and gold are extremely common in Yorkies. Most Yorkies you’ll see will have mixed-color coats rather than solid color coats. 

What is the rarest color of Yorkie?

The rarest color of Yorkie that occurs naturally and without any genetic abnormalities is the chocolate Yorkie. Very few Yorkies actually end up with the coveted solid brown coat. Beyond this, there are many variations of chocolate Yorkies, so you can be fairly certain your chocolate Yorkie is going to look like very few other Yorkies in the world. 

How long do chocolate Yorkies live?

Chocolate Yorkies live the same amount of time as Yorkies with other colors of fur. This is to say that their average lifespan is around 12-15 years. This is considered moderately long as far as dog lifespans are concerned, so your furry friend will hopefully be with you for a long time!

Female Yorkies live around 1.5 years longer than male Yorkies on average. 

Do chocolate Yorkies have green eyes?

Most Yorkie’s eyes are dark or brown, and it is exceedingly rare to find a Yorkie with blue or green eyes. It should also be noted that the color of your Yorkie’s eyes will correlate with the color of its coat. Yorkies with blue or green eyes will have blue in their coats. 

This means that chocolate Yorkies will not have green eyes, they will almost certainly have brown or dark eyes. 

Are there black Yorkies?

There are no black Yorkies. Many times, Yorkies appear to have all black coats when they are born. This can stick around for a few weeks into puppyhood. However, once the dog starts to grow, it will naturally change colors, usually into a mix of colors such as blue and gold, blue and tan, or another combination. 

In rare cases, these black Yorkies can turn brown and become chocolate Yorkies. Normally, however, as mentioned above, they will simply turn into one of the few normal Yorkie color patterns. 

If you want an all-black Yorkie, however, do not lose hope! You can still get a Yorkie mix, some of which can have all-black coats. 

Are there white Yorkies?

There are purely white Yorkies, but this is not a normal part of Yorkie genetics. The only way that a purebred Yorkie could hypothetically be all white is if it has albinism. Albinism is an extremely rare genetic disorder that causes animals (and people) the lack of ability to pigment their skin, fur/hair, and eyes. 

That being said, there is yet to be a documented case of an albino Yorkie. This doensn’t mean it’s impossible, but it is unlikely that you’ll ever come across one. If you do want a white Yorkie, getting a Yorkie mix is probably your best bet. 

However,, a Parti Yorkie, which is a non-standard kind of purebred Yorkie, is one breed that is commonly known to have white fur, and some Parti Yorkies are even mostly white. This is due to white spots known as piebald that can form along the coat of this kind of Yorkie. However, since it’s spotting, they’ll never be fully white. 

Are there silver Yorkies?

Silver can be a common color among Yorkies, as the black fur they have as puppies will oftentimes become silver as they age. That being said, there are no Yorkies that have a solid silver color. Instead, silver is often paired with blue, tan, and gold to make up the beautiful Yorkie coats that you most commonly see on this breed. 

Are there blue Yorkies?

Similar to silver, blue is simply a color that is commonly on Yorkie coats. More specifically, Yorkie coats more often than not have some dark/navy blue in them. However, there are no Yorkies that have a solid blue coat.