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The Top 5 Dog Harnesses for Carting | 10 Quick Tips to Fit Your Dog Harnesses For Carting

Dog Harnesses for Carting PLUS 10 Quick Tips Regarding Dog Harness For Carting

Do you want to get your dog involved with carting? To make sure your dog can cart safely, you should check out these top five dog harnesses for carting as well as these 10 quick tips.

The Top 5 Dog Harnesses for Carting

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Top Pick

Canine Equipment Ultimate Pulling Dog Harness, Large, Black
  • Fleece lining for added traction so shifting is minimized with extra heavy padding in the neck and shoulders
  • Distributes weight evenly across chest and shoulders avoiding unnecessary pressure on throat and back
  • Adjustable for the perfect fit and anti-slip sliders to prevent unwanted adjustments during use
  • Includes a safety shackle snap for quick release form your joring system
  • Size large fits a girth size between 29-39 Inch and weights between 40-75 pounds

Things We Like About It

* Durable

* Adjustable Straps

* Heavy-Duty Materials

* Emergency Release

* Anti-Slip Sliders

The Canine Equipment Ultimate Pulling Dog Harness is our choice for the top pick. It has adjustable straps that make it easier to fit snugly to your dog without choking them.

It also comes with a fleece interior to help keep the harness from sliding along your dog’s skin and causing chafing. This harness is also designed in such a way that it helps distribute the weight of the cart evenly across their bodies.

This will help prevent exhaustion and injuries. Finally, it also comes with an emergency quick-release option from your joring system in the event that you need to release the dogs quickly.

Runner Up

FrontPet Explorer Dog Pulling Harness with Included Dog Pulling Leash, Dog Harness
  • STURDY- Durable nylon and backed with reinforced stitching creates a harness that will be able to withstand any adventure!
  • COMFORTABLE- Fleece lining paired with extra thick padding and chest guard makes this a great dog support harness during use. The added weight and density also prevents shifting while in use
  • ADJUSTABLE- Two fully adjustable side straps allows you to fit the harness to your dog’s unique size in- this ensures our dog will remain safe while pulling!
  • PERFECT DOG HARNESS FOR PULLING- Included pulling harness along with three different pulling D-rings to choose from paired with the ultra tough pulling handle makes this the ideal dog pulling harness!
  • SAFE- Included emergency pull tab to release harness in event of emergency will ensure that you are you dog will remain safe while using this dog harness

Things We Like About It

* Emergency Release

* Durable

* Leash-Included

* Adjustable

The FrontPet Explorer Dog Pulling Harness with Included Dog Pulling Leash is our runner up. It also comes with a leash which contains the appropriate safety measures to ensure that your dog is at its safest when pulling.

This harness is also durable. It’s made up of nylon and reinforced stitching throughout the harness, so it lasts through your carting competitions or profession.

It also provides comfort for the dog. It has a fleece-lined interior as well as padding on the chest to help keep the harness comfortable on your dog while it’s pulling.

Finally, it has three different D-rings for you to attach the cart to, so you can ensure that the weight is distributed evenly.

Best For Extreme Heavy Pulling

FrontPet Heavy Duty Dog Lifting and Pulling Harness Equipment, Fits 23-29 Inch Body, for Walking, Running, Hiking, Lifting, Carrying and Transporting Canines and Other Pets, Medium, Black
  • DOUBLEBACK HARNESS. Designed to safely lift and lower dogs in exposed areas.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR DOGS. The adjustable frame, leg loops and padded belly support is designed to provide extra stability and proper weight dispersion, keeping your pet secure and comfortable.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIT. Fits 23 - 29 Inch Body. Several strap adjustment points to secure the right fit. Ensure to check the fit of the harness before each use.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE. Made from premium, durable materials and have undergone strict quality control measures to ensure the lace-back buckles and rope tie-in points function well for your dog’s safety
  • MADE FOR ADVENTURE: You can now enjoy and share your climbing adventures with your dog as this is a strength-rated belay harness

Thinks We Like About It

* Heavy-Duty

* Reinforced

* Comfortable

* High-Quality

The FrontPet Heavy Duty Dog Lifting and Pulling Harness is a great choice for pet owners who have dogs that pull heavy loads. Its design features a double-back harness.

This design allows dogs to be lifted or lowered in exposed areas. It also provides further tensile strength during pulling.

It also comes with numerous straps that allow you to fit the harness to your dog’s specific size. The padding on the stomach and chest area also provides increased comfort for your dog.

It best fits medium-sized and large dogs.

Best For Minimal Contact

Non-stop dogwear Freemotion Harness, Pulling, Size 8, Black, for Dogs, 1 Pack
  • Keeping the airway free
  • Optimal distribution of the pulling force
  • Size adjustment

Things We Like About It

* Adjustable

* Doesn’t Restrict Respiratory Tract

* Minimal Contact With Skin

The Non-Stop Dogwear Freemotion Harness is our choice for a harness that provides as little contact against the dog’s skin as possible. Because pulling can sometimes make the harness chafe against the dog’s skin, having a harness that provides minimal contact to their skin is an excellent choice.

This harness minimizes its use of straps. It offers just enough to keep your dog safe while it pulls and ensures that the weight is distributed evenly.

However, it minimizes its straps, so your dog can breathe easier and refrain from being restrained by the straps. Easier movement means you’ll see an improved performance from your dog.

Best For Large Working Dogs

PET ARTIST Dog Weight Pulling Training Harnesses for Large Work Dogs Behaviors Training, Dog Pulling Sledding Harnesses for Weight Pulling,Canicross,Sled,Ski-Joring
  • DURABLE & STRONG:Made of extremely durable 50 mm wide nylon webbing material with reinforced stitching,the material resistance up to 1200 lbs,perfect for training large dogs,pet dogs or work dogs,such as Alaskan Malamute,Siberian Huskies,American Bully,American Pit Bull Terrier,Rottweiler,Boxers;
  • COMFORTABLE & SAFE:This training harness is padded with wider padding strips that are very soft, breathable, tear resistant in the neck and chest areas for safety and comfort all the time;
  • FUNCTIONAL HARNESS:This dog weight pulling harness is an amazing training tool to improve your dog’s behavior and develop your dog’s muscle and strength in a right way without hurting your dogs.It also can be used as a sledding dog harness for pulling sports, Canicross,Sled,Ski-Joring.
  • FIT LARGE DOGS:This Harness size is designed for 31.5"(80cm) dog neck circumference. X-back style for racing or training in any season, made to last.
  • 100% Quality Guarantee:We guarantee to replace new items or refund total money for free if you are unsatisfied with our products or quality. Just enjoy your shopping experience

Things We Like About It

* Durable

* Great For Working Dogs

* Multi-Functional

* Padded Straps For Comfort

The PET ARTIST Dog Weight Pulling Training Harnesses for Large Work Dogs is an excellent choice for those who have working dogs that they want to use in carting. It utilizes a traditional sled dog design that reinforces the dog’s strength and makes it just a bit easier for the dog to pull the cart.

The material of this harness is made up of nylon and reinforced stitching. In testing, it was able to resist up to 1200 lbs before becoming degraded.

That makes this harness a great choice for those who are looking to get started with carting heavy loads. It also has padded straps to keep your dog comfortable while wearing it.

It is designed for larger dogs, so make sure that you size your dog correctly before buying this harness.

10 Quick Tips to Fit Your Dog Harnesses For Carting

1. Make Sure It Fits

The most important aspect of a dog harness is that it fits your dog. A harness that doesn’t fit your dog can cause a serious injury to occur.

2. Measure Rib Cage

How do you measure your dog for a harness? You measure around the rib cage.

This helps ensure that the harness can wrap snugly around the dog without cutting off its airflow. You can also benefit from measuring their chest and the length of their back.

3. Padded Goes A Long Way

If you want your dog to be comfortable, then you might want to consider harnesses that have padded interiors. These sit more comfortably on your dog and can prevent chafing.

4. Adjustable Straps

No harness will ever fit your dog perfectly. Because of this, it’s a good idea to look for harness that has adjustable straps.

5. Connection Clip

For those who have a team of dogs carting something, then you’ll want to consider a harness that has a connection clip. This allows you to easily connect one dog to another to create your pulling team.

6. Have Chafing Cream On Hand

Despite your best efforts, chafing may still occur. Having a cream that can help reduce the friction and ease your dog’s skin is a boon.

7. Clean Harness

It’s also a good idea to clean your harness after use. This prevents it from degrading early and helps it maintain its strength.

8. Start Slow

When training your dog with the harness, you’ll want to start with lighter weights. Your dog needs to get used to the harness.

9. More Clips, The Better

To help you find the perfect distribution, it’s a good idea to have a harness that offers numerous clips. You can find the right distribution through trial and error.

10. Storage

When not in use, the harness should be placed somewhere cool and dry to increase longevity.

10 Quick Tips to Fit Your Dog Harnesses For Carting


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