How Old Is a 13-Year-Old Yorkie in Human Years? (Solved!)

A 13-year-old Yorkie is equivalent to 63 human years. Yorkies show signs of aging faster than humans because their metabolisms run faster. In some studies, it is argued that one human year is equal to 7 dog years, this number is lower for Yorkies.

Of course, this equation cannot be expected to be consistent. The rapid progress in metabolism can vary from dog to dog and depends on the breed and genetic makeup.

Why Do Yorkies Age Rapidly?

The aging of dogs varies according to their breed and size. Some dogs age faster while others live longer and age slowly. 

One of these factors is genetic transmission. Dogs with long-lived and healthy parents tend to live longer.

In the past, dogs had a shorter lifespan than today. Thanks to developments in the medical field and technological advances, many sick dogs are now provided with the necessary treatments and medication support to live longer. 

The average lifespan of Yorkie breed dogs is 12-15 years. But there are also Yorkies that live longer than this.

How Do Yorkies Age Compared to Other Breeds?

Yorkies have an average life expectancy compared to other dog breeds.  When considering their size and standard genetics, the average 5-year-old Yorkie is equivalent to 36 human years of age.

A Yorkie over the age of 10 is equivalent to a human age of around 60. The average age of a 13-year-old Yorkie is 63 human years. 

The fact that Yorkies age in such a short time compared to humans and some other breeds is due to their metabolism working faster. 

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At the same time, aging dogs become wiser about life. They will calm down and become more confident.

What Are Some Important Yorkie Growth Milestones?

3 weeks

In the first 3 weeks, your Yorkie will have just said hello to the world. An incredible experience will begin for him. Yorkie puppies, whose eyes have just opened, live completely dependent on their mothers during this period.

8 to 12 weeks

This is usually the period when a Yorkie puppy will leave its mother. During this period, the Yorkie puppy will meet its new family and will find a new home for itself. Yorkie puppies can start to be fed dry food from now.

3 to 6 months

During this period, Yorkies’ ears start to become prominent and they start running around more energetically, become more sure-footed, and eager to explore the great outdoors.

5 to 9 months

During this period, female Yorkies will tend to enter their first heat. If you don’t want your Yorkie to breed, you can have her spayed. Sterilization also prevents diseases such as ovarian and uterine cancer.

1 to 2 year

This is when your Yorkie first steps into adulthood. During this period, your dog’s character will develop. Yorkies are quite energetic at this age. These energy needs must be met regularly and obedience training should remain consistent.

8+ years

Your Yorkie is now qualified as a senior dog. During this period, Yorkies can be more sluggish compared to their younger years. They will have a more mature and obedient personality in their actions and behaviors.

When is a Yorkie Considered to Be a Senior?

Yorkies are considered seniors between the ages of 8-10. Yorkies between these ages are considered mature dogs. 

During this period, Yorkies may need more grooming. For this reason, you should take your Yorkie to the vet at regular intervals for checkups.

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In addition, during this period, Yorkies’ diets should be regulated more carefully and processed human foods should be avoided. 

A healthy diet is one of the most important factors in the longevity of Yorkies. Also, Yorkies are still athletic and agile at this age. They will ant to stay so for as long as possible.

You should meet your Yorkie’s need for regular exercise and socialize your Yorkie whenever possible – no matter their age.

How Long Do Yorkies Usually Live?

Yorkies live an average of 12-15 years, but they can live longer if you take good care of them. A healthy diet and daily exercise are the most important factors in prolonging the lifespan of Yorkies. 

High-fat foods should be avoided and veterinary-approved professional dog foods should be given whenever possible. 

Some Yorkie owners feed their dogs’ homemade meals. This is fine so long as your senior Yorkies’ needs are being met. Senior dogs need a different balance of nutrients compared to younger Yorkies.

For this reason, some opt for professional dog foods that contain the necessary vitamins and proteins especially for senior dogs, that play an important role in prolonging your Yorkie’s lifespan.

How to Care for Senior Yorkies

When aged, Yorkies tend to be calmer and more reserved than younger dogs. During this period, they usually want to lie down and rest more often.

No matter how old your Yorkie is, you should walk and socialize it daily. Some Yorkies may develop some psychological disorders in old age, and regular exercise and healthy eating reduce the risk. 

It is up to you to make your Yorkie feel happy and peaceful during this period. Make sure you take good care of them because they need you. 

Older Yorkies can also occasionally experience involuntary situations such as incontinence or hair loss. In such situations, you should never get angry with your Yorkie and always support them.

Do Older Yorkies Sleep A Lot?

Older Yorkies spend most of their lives sleeping compared to younger dogs. Yorkies are less energetic as their bodies become tired over time, may want to sleep during the day. 

What you need to do during this period is to create a calm environment for them and make them comfortable as much as you can.

Do Yorkies Get Aggressive As They Get Older?

The answer to this question varies from dog to dog. But in general, Yorkies are good-natured dogs and do not show much aggression regardless of their age. 

Yorkies may want to be alone more than usual during this period. This is one of the effects of the aging process on psychology. 

Try to give your Yorkie as much personal space as possible during this period and make them comfortable.