When and How Should I Cut My Yorkie’s Nails? (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

A Yorkie needs its nails trimmed every 4-6 weeks. However, when cutting your Yorkie’s nails, extra precautions must be taken to avoid cutting the ‘quick.’ Always choose the best equipment and keep your dog calm to clip your Yorkie nails successfully. 

Continue reading to discover all you need to know about trimming your Yorkie’s nails, including how to do it yourself safely at home.

When Do Yorkies Need their Nails Trimmed?

Your Yorkies’ nails should be trimmed every 2 to 3 months. Check your dog’s nails regularly to check how fast they’re developing. If you don’t cut your Yorkie’s nails frequently enough, the clickety-clack sound they make on hard floors will serve as a reminder.

However, if you overlook this grooming requirement, they may get ingrown, causing your dog a great deal of discomfort.

Should You Take Your Yorkie to the Vet for Their Pedicure?

Veterinarians can be extremely busy and out of the way to go for just a nail trim. However, vets will happily book in your pup to help with nail trims if you’re struggling to complete the task at home.

Many dogs, including Yorkies, fear getting their nails trimmed. As a result, your dog can show aggressive behaviours they otherwise might not. If you’re struggling to safely clip your Yorkies nails at home, consult your veterinarian for support to ensure your pup is still getting the trims they need.

What is the “Quick?” and Why Should I Avoid It?

A clump of blood vessels and nerves in the centre of your dog’s nails is known as the ‘quick.’ This section provides blood to the nails, allowing them to grow and thrive.

When cutting any dog’s nails, cutting must be done with caution. Without knowledge, many dog owners cut through the quick because it is attached to the nail. And if you do, you’ll end up with a lot of blood. A Yorkshire Terriers’ nails are black making it more difficult to find the quick.

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This makes Yorkies more prone than other dogs with white nails to suffer from a cut quick.

How To Trim Your Yorkies Nails at Home

Calming Your Yorkie Before You Cut

Before you clip your Yorkie’s nails, make sure it is calm and not panicked. You don’t want a dog biting your hand when you’re trying to cut its claws. This can not only be dangerous for your dog but you as well.

I recommend taking your Yorkie for a brief stroll to help it de-stress. Keeping a calm demeanour is always best since our dogs typically mimic our actions.

Once your dog is calm, you can proceed to look for the quick.

Looking For the Quick on Your Yorkie’s Nail

The next step is to find the quick. This group makes up the nerves and blood arteries that feed blood to your dog’s nails. Cutting through this can cause a lot of blood, which is quite uncomfortable for dogs.

You’ll check for the quick on the bottom of their nails because Yorkies’ nails are black. 

You’ll see a fleshy, greyish area on the bottom of your Yorkie’s nails that holds the quick. That section should not be cut through. Since Yorkies have small nails, identifying this section may be difficult. This is why clipping should be done in a well-lit setting.

Only Work with One Paw at a Time

Once you’ve located the quick, begin trimming one nail at a time. Always double-check that the blade is in the correct position. The good news is that nowadays, many nail clippers come with cutting guidance and LED lights, making it easy for pet owners to avoid the quick.

Give your Yorkie a break and let it relax if it becomes upset and refuses to be let go. After a few minutes, when your dog has calmed down, you can continue. Treats are always helpful in these circumstances.

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Ensure You Remove any Rough or Sharp Edges Left on Your Yorkies Nails

After you’ve finished trimming your dog’s nails, look for any rough edges or burrs. It would be best if you sanded back these sharp edges to save your dog from being hurt when scratched. It will also protect your valuable hardwood floor from scratches.

If you don’t have a sander, you can use a clipper to cut off the rough sections as quickly as possible.

How Can I Make Nail Trimming a Positive Experience for my Yorkie?

It’s critical to maintain your dog’s experience positive when completing any grooming duties. Treats and attention should be provided to make the experience seem not too frightening.

Start Desensitization of Nail Clippers when Your Yorkie is Young

Desensitization should begin as soon as possible. The only way to cut your Yorkie’s nails without disturbing him is to acclimate him to the stimulation. As young as possible, gently touch and softly press your dog’s paws. This way, when it’s time to cut your nails, it won’t freak out.

Pick the Right Nail Trimmer

Select the appropriate nail clipper. When it comes to nail clippers, each dog reacts differently. Some Yorkies despise the buzzing sound of nail grinders, while others dislike the feel of guillotine cutters. It all depends on what nail clippers work best for your Yorkie.

Be Gentle when Trimming

When nail trimming, always be gentle. When your Yorkie attempts to flee when grooming, it’s tempting to be overly assertive or abusive. Maintain a loose grasp on your dog at all times to avoid making him uncomfortable.

What Should I Do If I Accidentally Cut My Yorkie’s Quick?

If you cut your Yorkie’s quick by mistake, you must immediately stop the bleeding. Ensure always to have a styptic pencil handy to stop bleeding.

Styptic pencils are commonly used for shaving cuts, but they may also be used to treat a fast injury. Wet the end of the pencil with water first, then push it against the damaged nail. Hold it on the wound for a few minutes to allow the styptic powder to coat the cut.

Flour or cornstarch will also suffice if you don’t have a styptic pencil on hand. Apply these powders to the dog’s nail using your fingertips to stop the bleeding. You must keep it in place for a few minutes, much like the styptic pencil.

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A trip to the vet will be necessary if the bleeding persists or once the bleeding stops to ensure proper treatment.