Can Yorkie Eat Liver? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, Yorkies can eat liver and it is a very nutritious addition to their meals. You should always make sure that the liver is properly cooked before serving it to your Yorkie to avoid health problems.

In this article we will be discussing if Yorkies can eat liver, how much liver they should be eating, how to cook liver for your Yorkie as well as the health benefits of organ meat for dogs.

Can my Yorkie eat liver?

Yes, Yorkies can eat liver and it is a fantastic addition to their diet as livers are very rich in important nutrients. If your dog is having problems with getting enough protein in their diet then this is a simple solution.

Additionally, most dogs are happy to be given liver and actually love the taste, making it a win-win situation.

How much liver should my Yorkie eat?

Although liver is very healthy, like with all things you should only give it to your Yorkie in moderation. 

Because Yorkies are relatively small you should only feed them what is appropriate for their size. You should also always start by giving them a sample size of a new food to make sure that their stomach can tolerate it first.

Once you are comfortable that your dog’s stomach has no problems with liver you should start increasing their portions until you are giving them about 10% of their total calories (daily) in liver.

If you are giving your Yorkie organ meat alongside other forms of protein, altogether this should make up no more than 25% of their total diet.

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Can my Yorkie eat liver every day? 

Yes, your Yorkie can eat liver every day. However, because there are so many other amazing options out there for protein and other nutrients you should always aim to mix up your dog’s meals.

By giving them liver maybe a few times a week as opposed to every day will help them to have balanced meals and ensure that they do not develop an intolerance to any one type of food.

Can Yorkies eat raw liver?

Whether or not your dog can eat raw liver will depend on your dog. For most adult dogs a small amount of raw liver should not pose any problems. However, this is only if their stomach is accustomed to raw meat.

If your dog is not used to raw meat, is not fully grown, or has stomach issues then you should not be feeding them any raw liver as this can cause health issues.

How should I cook liver for dogs?

There are many different ways that you can cook liver for dogs, but the most important thing to remember is that you should leave no part of the organ meat uncooked.

In addition, you should always aim to use no additional oil, salt or seasoning as this can have adverse health effects on your Yorkie. 

The easiest method of preparing liver for your dog is to boil it. You should firstly chop the liver up into small chunks (so that they won’t pose a choking hazard for your dog) and then submerge them in boiling water.

Leave the water unsalted and let the liver boil for around 15 minutes. Once 15 minutes have passed remove the liver from the water and check that it is fully cooked. If cooked, leave to cool. If not cooked, place back into the water.

Can Yorkies eat other organs?

Yes, Yorkies can eat other organs and organ meat in general is very healthy for your dog. In fact, organs are one of the most nutrient-dense foods that you can give to your dog. 

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However, because each organ contains different amounts of each nutrient you should always do your research before giving it to your dog to ensure that you are giving them a healthy amount. 

Like liver, unless your dog is used to eating small portions of raw organ meat, you should thoroughly cook the organ meat.

Can liver be dangerous for dogs?

Although liver is a healthy food for dogs it does pose some risks. For example, liver is very high in vitamin A, which is healthy in small doses.

However, consuming too much vitamin A can lead to health problems. For example, an overdose of vitamin A is called Hypervitaminosis A and can lead to serious health problems. 

Additionally, liver is very high in phosphorous, meaning that you should avoid feeding your Yorkie liver if they have kidney disease or low blood pressure (as phosphorous lowers their blood pressure even more).

If your Yorkie has any health conditions then it is always best to talk to your vet first to make sure that the food will not cause them any further issues and that you are aware of the correct serving size.

Is liver healthy for dogs to eat?

If your dog is perfectly healthy then liver is a very healthy choice. In fact, organ meats are much better from a nutritional standpoint than muscle meat. 

Liver is rich in the vitamins B2, B9 and B12 as well as vitamin A and even other important nutrients such as copper, phosphorous and iron.

However, make sure that you feed your dog an appropriate amount to ensure that they get all of the health benefits without any of the health risks.

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Can dogs eat chicken liver?

Yes, dogs can eat chicken liver and this is a very widely-available liver to buy. Just like liver in general, chicken livers offer fantastic health benefits to your dog and should be eaten as part of a balanced meal.

Can my Yorkie eat liver pate?

You should first check whether the liver pate is plain or seasoned. If the pate is plain then your dog can eat a little bit, as when made for human consumption there are typically additives.

If the pate is seasoned then it may be harmful to your dog’s health.

Can puppies eat liver?

Yes, puppies can also eat liver. It will help them to grow big and strong. However, you should always make sure that you properly cook the liver for puppies and only serve it in small bite-sized pieces to avoid choking.