Can Dogs Eat Oreos?

Ever start enjoying Oreo cookies and milk and feel bad for your dog’s pleading look? Sometimes, you can’t help but give in, sharing a bit of the joy. While your pup might enjoy every bite, eating too many Oreos is not recommended for dogs.

Dogs should not eat Oreos, especially in large quantities. Oreos have chocolate in them, which is toxic for dogs. While a small amount may be okay (1 at most), it’s not recommended to give pooches Oreos.

Below, we’ve got a look at what can happen if your dog eats Oreos. We’ll also provide some tips on what to do if your dog accidentally eats Oreos and share some alternatives to sweet treats that are dog friendly.

Are Oreos Bad for Dogs?

Oreos are not good for dogs. While they may seem to enjoy them, they can cause symptoms ranging from uncomfortable to grave. While a bite won’t hurt, eating large quantities of Oreos can lead to:

  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased heart rate
  • Seizures

Two key ingredients in Oreos are chocolate and sugar, both of which are not healthy for our pups. If you want to treat them, feed them healthy dog-friendly snacks instead.

Why Can’t Dogs Have Chocolate?

Chocolate is highly toxic for dogs, which is why Oreos are not recommended. Chocolate has a compound called theobromine, which dogs cannot metabolize. When ingested, it can start to react in the body and cause a number of symptoms, much like those listed above.

If a large amount is ingested, it can lead to chocolate toxicity, which could be fatal. Several owners lose their pets to a lack of knowledge about chocolate. Perhaps they don’t know it’s not good for their pet or they are feeding their pet something with traces of chocolate in high quantities.

What About Golden Oreos?

Unlike traditional Oreos, Golden Oreos do not contain any chocolate. These tasty vanilla-flavored cookies are just as good as the traditional version and will surely be a favorite of your dog. Still, even Golden Oreos shouldn’t serve as a treat.

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Golden Oreos also contain high amounts of sugar, something that can upset your dog’s stomach. Instead of going for processed sweets, choose something naturally sweet instead, like sweet potatoes.

My Dog Ate Oreos, Now What?

Learning about the effects that eating Oreos can have on dogs, you may start to panic if your pup eats one. If it’s just a small amount, it’s not likely that you’ll see any change. You may want to keep an eye on them just in case, checking for signs of discomfort.

However, if they ingested a large quantity, there are 3 important steps you should follow.

Step #1. Take Oreos Away

Sometimes, dogs get ahold of things and gobble them up quickly, which is what they’re likely to do with Oreos. The key is keeping them from eating more, taking them away as fast as you can. That includes cleaning up any crumbs that may have fallen out in the process.

Each crumb counts and can start inducing symptoms if too much is ingested.

Step #2. Don’t Purposely Make Them Sick

Many dog owners will think quickly and try to force their dogs to get sick. While that might seem like a quick solution, it can actually be more harmful than good. Trying to make dogs vomit could make them nervous and put them at risk of inhaling excrements, which could cause a severe lung infection.

If they start to vomit, let them get it out, as it’s just a natural reaction to eating things that don’t agree with them.

Step #3. Call your Vet

Anytime that you suspect your pet has ingested something that could be toxic, you should give your vet a call. They will have the best advice as to whether you should bring your pup in or just allow them to rest. Before you call, be sure to have a detailed account of what happened along with the number of Oreos they ingested.

If you’re unsure about the number of Oreos they’ve eaten but you suspect it’s a lot, you should take your dog to the vet. Don’t wait and instead take them to the emergency vet, explaining the situation as best as you can.

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Sweet Alternative Snacks for Pets

If you feel like your dog can’t get enough of the sweet stuff, you can tame their cravings in a more dog-friendly way.  Instead of Oreos, reach for these alternative sweet snacks.

Peanut Butter

Dogs love anything peanut butter. However, it can be fatty so don’t overdo it. Give them a spoonful as a treat and they’re sure to be wagging their tails and forget Oreos ever existed.

Sweet Potato

It might sound strange but, dogs love sweet potatoes. They have just enough sweetness and a fun texture that they’ll love to chew. Pop one in the oven, let it cool and slice it up for a sweet treat.


Don’t just pick any popsicle out of the frozen aisle. Instead, you’ll need to go for a popsicle that’s made with fresh, real ingredients. That includes those that are made from water and blended fruits, the perfect pair for your pet on a hot, summer day.


Pumpkin has a bit of sweetness and is now in every product imaginable. Find some fun treats or just cook up some pumpkin on your own for an alternative to Oreos.


Apples are sweet, juicy, and crisp All of these pair up to make the perfect treat, especially when it’s warm outside. Not only is this one super healthy, but also sweet, making it something both you and your dog can enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are uncontrollable, especially when there is food around. The sweet smell of Oreos is enough to make them beg, though you shouldn’t give in. Eating just one won’t cause much harm but, ingesting too many can lead to discomfort and even chocolate toxicity.

Keep your pup feeling good and living longer with tasty, sweet alternatives, all of which won’t cause them to feel any discomfort.