Fastest Way to Make a Dog Harness Out of Rope (+Video)

Are you having difficulties finding a harness that meets your and your dog’s needs? Whether you’re looking into creating a rope harness for an excitable pet, or need to make one for a dog you’re having a hard time fitting otherwise, it is possible to make one that is safe and comfortable.

How to Make or Tie A Dog Harness Out of Rope

If you’re looking for a guide on how to quickly make a safe and secure rope harness, this video is ideal. The harness can be made to fit practically any dog, and the only supply required is a sturdy length of appropriate rope.

1. Get rope that is at least 4 times the length of your dog

2. Make sure the rope is soft. A thicker rope is softer.

3. Fold the rope in half.

4. Tie an overhand knot at the folded end. Pull enough loop through the knot to make a hole so you can pull 2 ropes through it easily.

5. Place the knot over the top of the front shoulders.

6. Loop one end of the rope around your dog’s neck and through the knothole.

7. Loop the other end of the rope under your dog’s chest right behind the front legs.

8. Hold the two rope ends together to act as a leash.

how to make dog harness out of rope

Using a Harness in Addition to a Collar

Even when using a harness alongside, it is important to fit your pet with a good collar. Collars are useful for holding ID and information tags, as well as allowing a pet to be identified as a pet rather than a stray at a distance, helping to reunite lost pets with their people sooner.

dog rope

How Tight Should a Rope Harness Be?

A rope harness should be tight enough to keep control of your dog and keep your pet from escaping it. The general rule is that you should fit a harness tightly enough that you can place two fingers between the harness material and your dog’s body at any one point.

Keep in mind that no accessory, including harnesses and collars, should ever hurt your dog at any time. Any accessory that hurts your pets or makes them uncomfortable should either be adjusted if possible or discarded to avoid causing harm.

What Other Dog Accessories Can Be Made from Rope?

There are tutorials out there for a variety of harnesses, leashes, and collars that can be made from rope. While it is important to be discerning when taking tutorial advice, you can easily create accessories for your pet without a great deal of fuss or money.

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What Harnesses Are Good For

Harnesses keep dogs safe that pull against collars or tend to have Houdini talents when it comes to slipping out. They’re also safer and more comfortable for pets and owners both when walking your dog.

Why Make a Custom Dog Harness?

Some dogs, particularly those on both of the extreme ends of the size spectrum, can be hard to fit with mass-produced harnesses. When making your own harness from a rope, you have the ability to choose materials that fit your pet’s size – for example, this means thinner rope for teacup dogs and sturdier rope for the massive breeds.

What Situations Can a Rope Harness Be Used In?

You can keep a rope harness around for purposes of simply walking your own pet, as well as keeping one at hand in the event you happen across a stray or lost dog in need of help. There are some considerations to make when using a homemade harness, however.

  • Be sure that any supplies used in making a harness yourself are safe for your dog.
  • Pay particular attention to weight limits on rope, carabiners, and clips.
  • Never use a homemade harness for tying your pet up anywhere, especially outdoors.
  • Don’t ever leave your pet unsupervised while wearing a rope harness.
  • If your pet seems uncomfortable in any harness or pulls at it so hard that it might hurt your dog, stop immediately.


How do you put on a dog harness?

This depends on which variety of harness you plan to use for your dog. Begin by loosening any adjustable parts of the harness a bit.

A vest-type harness should be placed on the floor, if possible, and you can help your dog into it by guiding them over it to keep from bending their legs awkwardly. A strap harness should be slid over the dog’s head first, then bring their legs into the openings.

What type of harness is best for a dog?

This depends on the dog’s size, behavior, and personality. Some dogs perform better with a traditional nylon harness, while others require a vest harness or rope harness to fit their activity and comfort levels.

Can you keep a dog harness on all the time?

An adult dog can wear their harness all time, while puppies should have their harnesses removed after each walk. Collars, however, should stay on your pet 24/7 with any necessary tags attached and should be adjusted as needed for growth.

how to make dog harness out of rope