How to Prepare Raw Beef Liver for Dogs (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

Before giving raw beef liver to your dog, cut it into small pieces and put them in a bowl. You can cut the liver with a knife or pull it to pieces with your hands. The key is to make them easy to chew and digest.

The liver is very soft in terms of its structure. However, some dogs may not want to eat raw liver. Puppies are a little pickier in this regard. 

Chopping and pureeing the liver may encourage your dog to eat it and makes it easier to digest. Then, you can mix the chopped liver with canned food and serve it to your dog.

What Type Of Meat Is Liver?

the liver is an organ meat, beef liver refers to organ meat from cows. It is in the ‘offal’ group of meats that include the heart, tongue, and kidneys and all secrete some kind of chemical into the body.

Other organs with a secretory system are the pancreas, testis, ovaries, brain, and eyes. The liver is a great food source for humans and dogs.

It is a very satisfying and at the same time delicious meat. This organ is especially rich in vitamin A, supporting the digestive system and reproductive organs of dogs. 

According to a study conducted by Dog Natural Magazine, wolves first ate the entrails of the prey they caught. The reason for this is that the internal organs are rich in protein and other vitamins that are difficult to find in nature.

What Types Of Raw Liver Can Dogs Eat?

The following liver meats can be given to your dog raw but must be given sparingly as they have very high nutrition content.

The smaller your dog, the less you should offer them raw liver meat. However, your dog is safe to have raw liver front the following animals:

  • chicken
  • beef
  • calf
  • turkey
  • duck
  • rabbit
  • lamb
  • pork
  • goat
  • ostrich
  • deer

Can I Cook Raw Beef Liver For My Dog?

You can cook beef liver for your dogs. This can be a very tasty dish for them. Despite some dogs not liking liver very much, you can make them fall in love with it if you cook it well.

If your dog will not eat raw beef liver, you can give it with a favorite meal or stir in some canned food. While some dogs voluntarily eat any food, whether raw or cooked, some are quite picky. 

It’s about getting your dog used to certain from a young age. Many people think that a raw diet is undesirable for their dogs, so they take them away from raw food and give them their food cooked.

When you give raw meat to a dog who is used to a cooked meal, he may look at you and refuse to eat the food. 

Beef liver is a type of meat that tastes great when cooked, and many dogs love cooked liver. But make sure you don’t use any seasonings that may irritate your dog’s system, dogs are not tolerant to many spices used by humans.

Where Can I Source Raw Liver For My Dog?

You can easily obtain raw liver from supermarkets or from local farms or butchers. Most supermarkets include raw beef livers in their meat product aisles. 

Hunters may also have raw offal meats for sale, so it is worth checking in on any hunters lodges if there are any closeby.

If buying liver from a hunter or farm, make sure to freeze the liver for 3 weeks before eating it. In this way, the liver is cleaned of all kinds of parasites and you can feed your dog wild deer liver with peace of mind. 

What If My Dog Doesn’t Want To Eat Liver?

Liver is a very nutritious and important food source for dogs. The liver is very healthy especially for puppies and is extremely important in preventing nutrient deficiency.

Based on this, you can puree a little liver and feed it to your puppy. Generally, puppies are pickier about food than adult dogs and probably won’t want it the first time they see and smell liver, but you can persist.

If you give the liver in large pieces, your dog will have difficulty swallowing the liver and will experience a loss of appetite. 

For this reason, especially if you are giving liver to puppies, make sure to cut it into small pieces or puree it. 

If your dog refuses to eat liver, you can make the liver more edible. For example, you can mix it with your dog’s favorite food or give it canned food. 

Since most canned food is prepared according to the dogs’ appetite, many dogs eat canned food readily, along with any additional foods you have added in.

Over time, you can gradually reduce the amount of canned food in the mixture and switch to a liver-only meal but do this only once per week.

What Happens When My Dog Eats Too Much Liver?

When dogs consume more liver than necessary, their intestines will relax and their stools may become soft. If your dog consumes too much liver, it may experience vitamin A toxicity. 

Since the liver is very rich in vitamin A, an excess of this mineral demonstrates symptoms such as lethargy, weakness, vomiting, headache, tremors, and in advanced cases, paralysis and death. 

Therefore, you should avoid giving your dog too much liver.

Why Might Dogs Not Want to Eat Raw Liver?

Dogs’ reluctance to eat some organs, such as the liver, may be due to their taste and texture. Sometimes some outside help may be needed to get your dog used to the liver.

Therefore, you should mix the raw foods you give your dog with other foods to make them more attractive to eat.

Should Liver Be Raw or Cooked for Dogs?

This question is highly up for debate. Some dog specialists and veterinarians are in favor of feeding dogs with a raw diet due to their nature, whereas others advise against it.

The positive argument is dogs have evolved with raw foods for centuries, and are used to raw meat. 

The opposing view is that the meat should be cooked because animals are generally susceptible to diseases caused by raw foods, and domesticated dogs are no longer able to tolerate raw meat as their ancestors did.

When it comes to liver, its nutritional values will decrease when it is cooked, but cooking does neutralize any potentially harmful bacteria.