How Do I Stop My Yorkie from Pooping in the House? (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

Developing consistency with a potty schedule along with the use of a training pad will be the best way to get your Yorkie to stop pooping in the house. This means you have to crate the dog when you are not home and cordon off an area for the dog when you are. It will take some time, but you will do it eventually.

Yorkies, however cute and adorable, are one of the more difficult dogs to housebreak. Many owners struggle to prevent pooping in the house. If you’re an owner of one of these precious little dogs, it’s first important to understand they’re not doing it to upset or annoy you.

How Do You Stop a Yorkie’s Pooping in the House?

Training a Yorkie to stop pooping in the house will take patient and persistent consistency on your part. Make sure you have a specific potty schedule for the dog every day. At the same time each day, allow the dog outside to use the bathroom. Use a solid harness and take them on regular walks.

Walks Every Two Hours

At first, you have to let the dog outside every two hours and for an extended period of time before it goes number two. But, once the dog does go, immediately return home. This will begin conditioning the dog to understand what’s going on with bathroom breaks. Once the dog catches on, you can make a more definitive schedule.

Devise a Solid Schedule

This means the dog has to go right when you wake up in the morning, again in the afternoon and then one more time in the evening before bedtime. When the dog begins going outside, be sure to give it a treat or reward as you return or upon returning home. This will help quicken the conditioning.

Catching the Yorkie

When you see your Yorkie defecating in the house, firmly say, “No” and immediately put the dog outside. Stay out with the dog for a time so it begins to understand that outside is the place to go, not inside.

Using a Crate or Special Area

You can also use the crate to help train your pooch to not poop in the house. You can get some training pads to put inside the crate when you are not home. But the key here is to make the crate the dog sleeps and eats in. Yorkies will not want to soil a place they frequent for other purposes.

When you are home, you can create a gated area to cordon off the dog’s space in the same way as you would use the crate. Making it a special area for the dog will get it to signal to you when it’s time to go.

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What If the Yorkie Still Poops in the House after a Prolonged Period of Training?

If your Yorkie is still pooping in the house after you’ve been potty training it for awhile, something could be amiss. But, remember, Yorkies are some of the most difficult to housebreak, so it could just be the dog.

Observe & Investigate the Circumstances

However, it’s important to observe and investigate the situation to see what’s wrong. First, if your dog continually returns to the exact same spot to poop in the house, there could be an odor. The smell could be so offensive to your Yorkie that it’s the dog’s attempt at covering it up.

Another reason could have to do with dominance or territoriality. If there’s a small child or another pet in the house, the Yorkie may feel the need to mark its territory. If this is the case, you are going to have to separate the dog from the object it feels threatened by.

Am I Doing Something Wrong If My Yorkie Still Poops in the House?

You might be doing something wrong if your Yorkie still poops in the house after all your efforts. But then again, it could be the dog. It’s going to take a certain amount of keen observation and an unbiased look at what you’re doing. Consider the following:

  • Schedule: You know you’re taking the dog out at the same time every day, but it still defecates in the house. Take a look at the feeding schedule and try to time how long it takes your dog to go number two after eating. This may help you tweak the schedule to be more accommodating to the dog’s digestion.
  • Catching: You take the dog outside right when you see it poop in the house. You may have even taken the mess outside to show the dog where it should be. Observe the texture of the areas in which the dog defecates. If your pup likes soft, plush surfaces, it may be ideal to use a training pad in the backyard.
  • Crating/Cordoning: You try the crate or cordoned off area, yet when the dog comes out, it still poops in the house. Try taking the dog outside the minute you open their special area.

What If a Yorkie Begins Pooping in the House after They Are Already Housebroken?

If your Yorkshire Terrier begins suddenly pooping in the house after they’re already potty trained not to, it’s likely there is something medical or psychological going on. When this happens, look at the appearance of the poo. If it’s runny, bloody or severely discolored, call your vet right away.

Also consider the likelihood that something is stressing out the Yorkie or making it anxious in some way. For instance, lots of loud, banging noises or yelling among family members can do this to your pooch.

Should I Rub My Yorkie’s Nose in Its Mess?

No, don’t rub your Yorkie’s nose in its mess when it poops in the house. This will not do anything toward training the dog to go outside. On the contrary, it may very well encourage more defecating in the house. Don’t use harsh, physical punishment of any kind.