Are Parti Yorkies Smart? (Solved & Explained!)

Parti Yorkies are one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. They are very compatible within the family thanks to their easy trainability. 

Parti Yorkie dogs have enough intelligence to take to basic obedience training and advanced obedience training quickly. 

You only need to show anything to a Parti Yorkie a few times and they will learn it well. This breed can easily understand what you want to teach and is chosen by many families because of its high intellectual capacity.

Where Do Parti Yorkies Come From?

The Parti Yorkie breed is pretty much the same as traditional Yorkies. The biggest difference between the Parti Yorkie and the traditional Yorkies is the color of their fur. 

Parti Yorkies usually come in three colors. These colors are black, white and tan. Parti Yorkies were referred to as non-pure Yorkies in the early 1800s because of the color of their fur. 

That’s why many Parti Yorkie breeders were giving out their dogs for free or at a lower price. At that time, the common view was that Party Yorkies were faulty Yorkies. For this reason, the breed was ignored by official breeders and institutions.

During the mid-1800s, a breeder named Gloria Lipman, instead of getting rid of her Parti Yorkies, took care of them and continued to breed them to ensure the continuity of the Parti. Eventually, popularity for the breed grew and it become one of the most adopted dogs in America.

Are Parti Yorkies Hard to Train?

Parti Yorkies are very easy to train. From toilet training and basic obedience to advanced obedience training – Parti Yorkies are a pleasure to work with.

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Inheriting the best genes of their ancestors, the Parti will easily understand what you want. 

If you don’t know much about basic training, you can also send your Parti Yorkie to a training center so that it can be trained on your behalf. They are above average when it comes to training and understand and remember most commands within 20 repetitions.

What Are The Characteristics Of a Parti Yorkie?

Parti Yorkies are very affectionate and playful dogs in character. Loyalty to family members and harmony within the family is one of their main characteristics.

Parti Yorkies are extremely loyal to their owners and are deeply devoted to them. This devotion can sometimes make them jealous if they are not correctly socialized.

Parti Yorkies love attention. If you own a Party Yorkie, you’ve probably noticed that your dog always wants to spend time with you. 

If you don’t show any interest in your Parti Yorkie when a guest comes to the house, she’ll probably try to somehow get your attention and hold it.

Parti Yorkies are lap dogs. They were bred for companionship and will want to be physically close to you. This breed you will want to stay in your lap and will stay there for hours if you allow.

Parti Yorkies are very protective of their family members. They will directly take the position of protecting youif they sense that danger is close. Parti Yorkies move as if there is a big and wild dog inside their little bodies. They become lions when it comes to protecting you. 

This breed is unexpectedly brave and confident. They adopt their owners and much as their owners adopt them.

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Parti Yorkies are high-energy dogs and their energy needs to be expelled with lots of play and walks. With daily exercise, you can help your Parti Yorkie process their energy and keep them happy.

Are Parti Yorkies Aggressive?

Parti Yorkies are not generally considered to be an aggressive dog breed, but their character can change in the event of danger. 

Especially since Parti Yorkies are very protective of their owners, they can show aggression if they feel threatened or anxious for themselves or their families.

In addition to this, Parti Yorkies have a great distaste for those who enter their territory abruptly. If another dog attempts to enter a Parti Yorkie’s territory, they will likely move into an attack position. Especially male Partis, this situation comes from the instinct to protect their own territory.

Therefore socializing your Parti Yorkie from a young age is crucial to help them to distinguish friend from foe.

Are Parti Yorkies Loyal?

Parti Yorkies are one of the most loyal dog breeds. They a known for their loyalty to their owners, which is a characteristic that makes them great for senior citizens and those living alone.

They do not like to be passed around by strangers frequently, so if you have a visitor in the home who wishes to meet and greet your Parti, make sure they approach slowly and only hold them if your Parti shows signs of wanting to be held.

Do Parti Yorkies Like to Be Held?

Parti Yorkies are true lap dogs. While some Parti Yorkie owners say this is very natural, others feel that such attachment is not good for their health or the routine of the wider family, so if you want an independent Pari Yorkie you will need to train them.

Parti Yorkies love being held, but if they get used to it too much, it can turn into torture for you if you require personal space.

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Parti Yorkies that have been trained to receive affection regularly, but know when it is time for independent play – are a treat to have in the family.

What Is Bad About Parti Yorkies?

One of the downsides of Parti Yorkies is that they are a very fragile breed. You should be very gentle with these dogs, which are very delicate due to their small size. 

Also, some bone and joint diseases can develop in Parti Yorkies as they get older. In addition, some eye diseases such as cataracts can be passed on from parents to offspring genetically.

Are Parti Yorkies Biters?

Parti Yorkies, like other dogs, may have a tendency to bite during teething periods. Apart from this, they may also exhibit some biting behaviors playing games during their infancy. 

In order to prevent such undesirable actions, you should train your Parti Yorkie properly to avoid this problemwhen they become an adult.