How to Make Chicken Cake for Dogs (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

To make chicken cake for dogs combine flour, minced chicken, carrot, baking powder, oats and oil and bake in a tin at 350 degrees for one hour. Remove from the oven and cover in yoghurt before serving.

In this article we will teach you how to make a chicken cake to give to your dog as a treat and will tell you about the health benefits of chicken as a treat as well as what ingredients you cannot include in cake mix for your dog.

How do I make a chicken cake for my dog?

To make a chicken cake for your dog you can use almost any ingredients that your dog likes as long as they are safe for dogs, for example, avoid using spices and seasonings such as onion powder as this is toxic to dogs.

The first thing you will need to do is to gather your ingredients and measure them out to ensure that your cake comes out perfectly. 

You will need to measure out one cup of all-purpose flour, one cup of oats, one cup of corn oil, one teaspoon of baking powder, 350 grams of minced chicken, four eggs and one cup of grated carrot.

The next step is to preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and make sure that it reaches this temperature before you put the cake in your oven.

Take a baking tin and make sure to either line the tin using greaseproof paper or grease it well using baking spray or oil. If needed you can coat the tin in a little bit of flour to help stop it from sticking to the sides.

You will need a blender and place the minced chicken, corn oil and eggs into the cup. Blend by gently pulsing the mixture until it comes together to form a paste.

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Next, add the cup of carrots into the blender and continue to pulse until this is completely integrated into the mixture.

Take a clean dry mixing bowl and combine the all-purpose flour, baking powder and oats. Mix with a spoon until well mixed to ensure that there are no lumps.

Add the mixture from the blender into the mixing bowl and mix well. Once everything is combined transfer the mixture into the baking tin and place it in the oven.

Leave the cake to cook for about one hour, use a thermometer or skewer to check if the cake is completely cooked inside before removing it from the oven. 

Leave your cake to cool down, this will take around half an hour. 

Once your cake is cool you can choose to ice it if you want. You can either use yogurt or peanut butter as a great delicious and dog-friendly topping.

Is chicken healthy for my dog?

Yes, chicken is very healthy for your dog due to its high level of protein and low levels of fat and calories. This is why making your dog treats using chicken is a great idea as they are both a treat and healthy.

However, you should not feed your dog too much chicken as this will restrict the amount of other nutrients that they are receiving. So, if you are using chicken treats try to use other meats for their main meals.

For example, fish and lean beef are good alternatives for meals.

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Can dogs eat cake?

Whether or not your dog can eat cake depends entirely on the exact ingredients used. If you are talking about cake for human consumption if the cake does not contain chocolate (in any form) then it is technically non-toxic for dogs.

However, just because it is not toxic does not mean that your dog should eat it. The amount of fat and sugar in cake is very unhealthy for your dog.

What ingredients can I not use in a cake for my dog?

If you are making a cake for your dog yourself try to avoid adding lots of sugar and fat. Opt for healthier fats instead. Avoid toxic ingredients such as spices, seasonings and chocolate.

Try to proportion the ingredients to make the cake as healthy as possible, for example, by including lots of vegetables and oats instead of meat.

Can I use other meat to make a cake instead of chicken?

Yes, you can use any meat that you like as long as that quantity is safe for your dog to consume. Remember that you should use smaller amounts of higher-fat meats such as beef when substituting it for chicken.

Salmon makes a great alternative to chicken for cake for dogs as it is very healthy, low in calories in fat and packed full of important nutrients. 

How much sugar should a dog eat?

Your dog needs sugar, but they are capable of getting this from carbohydrates. There is no need to give your dog granulated sugar, including caster sugar. This is only bad for their health.

So, if you are making a chicken cake for your dog there is no need for you to add sugar, simply add oats instead.

How much chicken should a dog eat?

Your dog should eat 1/3 cup of chicken for every 20 lbs of their weight. By knowing this rule you can correctly measure the ingredients for your dog’s chicken cake.

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Can dogs eat icing sugar?

You should avoid allowing your dog to eat icing sugar. If your dog does accidentally eat some they will be fine but too much can lead to health problems, much like it would with humans.

How much dog cake can my dog eat?

If you are giving your dog chicken cake as a treat them try to keep the portions small so that it does not interfere with their normal meals.

Alternatively, give them the cake as a meal as it contains fats, carbohydrates, vegetables and protein.

Can dogs eat raw cake batter?

You should not feed your dog raw cake batter as the raw eggs can possibly make them sick. If your dog eats it accidentally chances are that they will be fine, but keep an eye on them in case you notice any symptoms.

Can cake make my dog sick?

Yes, cake can make your dog sick. It can be for a number of reasons such as uncooked, or partially uncooked mix, too much sugar or fat, or an allergy to a particular ingredient. 

Toxic ingredients, such as chocolate, will also make them ill.