Can You Buy a Door With a Doggie Door Already Installed? (Solved!)

Doors with doggie doors already installed are widely available and a popular choice for dog owners. They are an easier option than installing a doggie door yourself and if you have no need for the doggie door, the door itself is easier to replace.

Interior, exterior and storm doors are all available with doggie doors pre-installed. You can even find sliding and glass doors with doggie doors.

In a nutshell, the options are almost endless if you’re looking to buy a door with a doggie door already installed.

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How Much Is A Door with a Doggie Door?

Depending on the type of door and your needs, a door with a doggie door already installed can range from $100 to $800 for basic doggie doors and up to $2000 for large electronic doors.

When estimating the cost, factors such as the size of the door itself, the doggie door installation, the material, and any additional features such as storm flaps and extra security should be considered.

The price also fluctuates according to the market and the manufacturer.

National Door Company ZZ00762R Steel Primed, Right Hand in-Swing, Prehung Front Door, 9 Lite with Pet Door, Clear Glass, 32" x 80"
  • Door is not for commercial use. Comes primed and ready for paint
  • 4-9/16" Primed Finger-Jointed Frame - Right Hand In-Swing - 3 Satin Nickel Hinges - 2-1/8" Entry/Deadbolt Bore Prep and 2-3/4" Backset - (Locks Sold Seperately)
  • Door Size: 32"x80"- Unit Dimension: 33.5"x81.75" - Suggested Rough Opening: 34"x82.25"
  • Glass Description: Classic clear glass is double paned, tempered and insulated. Privacy rating = 0 out of 10
  • Right Hand In-Swing Door Handing - Standing on the inside of your home, if your hinge pins are on your left, you have a Right Hand In-Swing

Should I Install My Own Dog Door?

Installing your won dog door has many benefits. Store-bough dog doors come in a range of pre-determined sizes so you are restricted when it comes to size. If you make your down you can fit a doggie door to the extract measurements of your dog.

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Other benefits include:

  • Better customization options for multi-dog households
  • Opportunities to refuse recycled materials
  • Install your own security features

The downside of installing your own doggie door is that it takes a little DIY know-how and physical effort. The quality of the construction will vary, so there is a chance your DIY doggie door does not wear as well as an industrial door.

Should I Put My Doggie Door On The Door Or The Wall?

Door-installed doggie doors are much more popular than wall-installed doggie doors, however, they are not necessarily more convenient.

However, it is easier to fix a hole in your wall than it is in your door, should you ever wish to remove the doggie door. Also installing a flap pet doof in your existing doors can damage the frames and if the installation goes wrong, it is harder to rectify on a door than on a wall.

Door-installed doggie doors, on the other hand, are much easier to install and faster too. Installing a doggie door on your door is often cheaper too, but you may have to replace the entire door if you ever wish to remove it.

Are Doors with Doggie Doors Already Installed Worth it?

In terms of installation convenience, yes. Doors with doggie doors already installed are totally worth it, especially if you’re in the market for a glass door or sliding door.

Glass doors can have doggie doors installed into them, but it is tricky and you would need to hire a specialized installer, and quite possibly buy a new pane of glass that is reinforced enough to withstand the installation.

Instead, you are better off buying a new glass door with a doggie door already installed. It is much less hassle and doors of this type are often better quality and more robust.

How Much Does it Cost To Get A Doggie Door Installed?

If you are planning on installing a doggie door yourself, expect to pay anywhere between $100 to $400 for the door plus any materials like screw, glue, and a saw if you don’t already own one.

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If you want to pay someone to fit a doggie door for you, there is the cost of the door ($100-$400) plus the price of labor, which can range anywhere from $200 – $300.

This brings the average price of a doggie door installation somewhere around $700 if you are hiring help.

Do They Make Sliding Glass Doors with Doggie Doors?

Yes, you can install a doggie door on a glass sliding door. They are a little more difficult to install and you would need to hire a professional to do it rather than to do it yourself.

Glass doggie doors are more secure than regular doggie doors, they offer better installation and weather persistence than traditional doors too.

Then doggie door can be built to match your existing door, or you can buy a sliding glass door with a doggie door already built-in.

How Does a Doggie Door Work?

At a basic level, doggie doors are incredibly simple. They are small opening that is installed within a door or wall that is covered with a thick heavy flat that your dog is able to push open to get outside.

That is the most basic form of the doggie door. More advanced doors come with additional weatherproofing, and electric doggie doors only open once your dog approaches the door.

Doggie doors are a great and convenient feature for your home. They allow your dog to have more freedom, and they can come and go as they please without you having to get up and let them in or out.

Can You Lock A Doggie Door?

It is advised that you lock your doggie door at night, and there are many ways to do this.

Electronic doggie doors have a switch or code that you must enter to lock them, and they will not unlock until you flip the switch or enter the code a second time – even if your dog approaches.

More basic doggie doors have a combination lock or a key. Whichever kind of lock you opt for it is important to use the lock every time you go out or when you go to sleep to keep your home safe and secure from intruders and wildlife.

How Do You Lock a Sliding Glass Doggie Door?

Not all glass doggie door locks will fit the locks in your existing doggie door so you will need to choose your glass doggie door wisely, and possibly will need to reinstall your locks to be able to lock your sliding doors and the doggie door.

The self-installing pet doors for glass sliding doors are a much easier option or self-installation, but the doggie door is usually a flap and you will need to secure the door manually.