Can I Give My Yorkie Milk? (Solved & Explained!)

You can give your Yorkie milk but only in small quantities. Milk is a great source of protein and calcium which is great for your Yorkie, but milk has a high-fat content, so only a small amount is sufficient.

How Much Milk Can I Give My Yorkie?

Keeping milk as an occasional treat is best for your Yorkie. You can safely give your Yorkie one tablespoon of milk a day as a treat following their usual meals.

Any more than this will be overindulgence. One tablespoon of milk a day of cow or goat’s milk is sufficient for your Yorkie to experience the full benefits of milk.

Is Cows Milk or Goats Milk Better for Yorkies?

Generally speaking, goat’s milk is better for Yorkies than cow’s milk. Goats milk is highly nutritious and contains less fat than cow’s milk, but still has a high enough fat content that giving them more than a tablespoon may be too much.

Goats’ milk rests easier on your Yorkies’ stomach and is easier for them to digest. Goats milk does not contain the lactose levels that cow’s milk does. Although Yorkies are not considered lactose intolerant, they can still have trouble digesting large amounts of dairy.

Can Yorkies Have Unpasteurized Milk?

Unpasteurized milk is full of vitamins and nutrients that will benefit your Yorkie if given in small amounts. Just be sure to get the milk from a healthy cow and from a trusted source.

Unpasteurized milk is beneficial to dog and human health, however unsafe procurement methods can put your Yorkies’ health at risk if the milk has come from an unhealthy cow or an unsanitary farm.

Unpasteurized milk is more susceptible to mold, yeast, enzymes, and harmful bacteria as it has not undergone the pasteurization process that kills all of these substances.

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Unpasteurized milk that is fresh and healthy has a very low chance of containing anything harmful to your Yorkies’ health.

Can I Give My Yorkie Lactose-Free Milk?

Lactose-free milk is still a dairy product and should be given in the same moderation as lactose milk. 

Yorkies are not lactose intolerant, it is not the lactose that is the issue with Yorkies drinking milk, but the fat content it contains.

Therefore only give your Yorkie lactose-free milk in small quantities occasionally. It will make a delicious treat as it is full of calcium and protein that will support their bones and make their fur shiny and healthy.

Can I Give My Yorkie Alternative Milks?

Alternative kinds of milk such as oat, almond, and soy milk are a better option for your Yorkie than goat or cow’s milk.

This is because alternative milk has lots of vital nutrients in them without the additional fat and sugar, making them a much healthier option for your Yorkie overall.

You can give your Yorkie double the amount of alternative milk than regular cow or goat milk without any adverse effects.

Alternative milk is not dairy-based, so your Yorkie will have a much easier time digesting them.

Will Rice Milk Sooth My Yorkies Stomach?

Rice milk is known for its healthy properties and gentle effect on acidy stomachs.

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Rice milk is perfectly safe for Yorkies. You can give them rice milk in small amounts if they are suffering from diarrhea or bloating.

Natural, unsweetened organic rice milk is the best option. Some store-bought processed rice milk may contain additives that make your Yorkies’ stomach worse rather than better.

Organic rice milk is free from preservatives and has enhanced nutritional value.

What Are The Best Milks For Yorkies?

In reality, no milk is the best for your Yorkie but small amounts of any milk type can give them a nutritional boost and is a delicious treat.

Below are some of the milks you can offer your Yorkie without harming their health. It is recommended that you do not give more than one tablespoon of each of the types of milk listed below.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is great for Yorkies. It can freshen their breath, help keep a shine to their coat, and boost their immune system.

Coconut milk is 68% water, so it is quite safe for your Yorkie. However it does contain 24% fat, so only small amounts should be given.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is found in many dog foods as it is an excellent source of protein. Soy helps guard against cardiovascular disease and supports heart and bone health.

Soy is not at the top of this list simply because many dogs are allergic to soy. Therefore be sure to only give your Yorkie a lick of soy milk at first and monitor their health over the next 24 hours before giving them a spoonful.

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Almond Milk

Almond milk is a great source of Vitamin D that helps to regulate your Yorkies’ phosphate levels and keep their muscles, bones, and teeth healthy.

Although almond milk is considered a low-calorie option for humans, it is a high-calorie treat for Yorkies, so only give them almond milk occasionally for a Vitamin D boost.

Goats Milk

If you prefer a real dairy option for your Yorkie, then opt for goat’s milk over cow’s milk. Also goats milk does contain some lactose, the levels aren’t as high as in cow’s milk and it is easier for Yorkies to digest.

Goats milk contains both short and long-chain fatty acids that reduce the risk of your Yorkie developing diabetes, heart disease, or any other inflammatory disease.

What Do I Do If My Yorkie Gets Sick From Milk?

If your Yorkie is sick after drinking milk is it likely that they are lactose intolerant and you should not give them any dairy products.

Although Yorkies are not considered lactose intolerant in general, as in all dog breeds, some individual dogs have a sensitivity to lactose.

If your Yorkie does not take to the milk well, then you should not give them any further milk. If you wish, you could try them with lactose-free options such as almond and soy milk, but do not force them.

Your Yorkies’ sickness should not last longer than 24 hours. If your Yorkies’ sickness persists or gets much worse during this time, take them to a vet for a full diagnosis.