Do Yorkies Have Hair Loss Normally?

Are you struggling to keep your Yorkie’s hair looking full? There may be a few reasons for this such as their diet, medications, or anything else that could cause hair loss. The most common causes of hair loss in Yorkies are due to either the dog being allergic to its food or because they’ve been on too many different medications.

Is It Normal For Yorkies To Lose Hair?

Yorkies don’t shed as much as other dog breeds. If you notice that your Yorkie has lost a lot of hair, then it may be a sign of a medical condition.

Because Yorkies have hair, rather than fur, they lose some hair naturally. Just like in humans, hair releases itself once it reaches a certain age. Then new hair sprouts. Yorkies undergo the same process.

If the Yorkie starts to lose large amounts of hair, then it’s either because they’re in heat or because their health is compromised.

Why Is My Yorkie Bald?

There are a few reasons why your Yorkie may be bald or balding. The first is skin allergies. Yorkies often suffer from skin allergies. These allergies can be triggered by several different factors like fleas, dust mites, certain shampoos, types of grasses, or even certain perfumes.

These allergens cause a secondary skin infection to occur. It’s the secondary skin infection that causes hair loss.

It’s not uncommon for Yorkies to lose a lot of hair during the pollen season. If your dog is allergic to pollen, then the high amount of pollen in the air can cause a secondary skin infection to occur.

Certain food allergies may also cause a secondary skin infection.

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Another reason your Yorkie s bald or balding is because it’s suffering from Cushing’s Syndrome. This condition affects older dogs. It’s caused when there’s excess cortisone in the body. Sometimes a dog will naturally produce more cortisone than is necessary. Other times, it’s a result of a dog who had to receive steroids throughout its life.

One of the side effects of the condition is hair loss. Your dog will have a pot-bellied appearance and drink more water.

Hypothyroidism is another cause of hair loss in Yorkies. While Yorkies aren’t at risk of hypothyroidism, it can occur if their diet and exercise needs aren’t meant. Hypothyroidism can cause hair loss because of its interaction with metabolism. Since the metabolism is responsible for energy and the breakdown of food, it’s also responsible for growing hair, nail health, and other important processes.

Neurodermatitis is a situation in which your Yorkie constantly licks or chews a certain area of their body. It’s usually caused by stress, anxiety, or even just boredom. The problem with this condition is that it can damage the hair follicles in that area. Your Yorkie may be making itself lose its hair.

Why Do Yorkies Lose Their Black Hair?

As they age, Yorkies naturally convert from black hair to blue hair. It’s encoded genetically. It’s also the same gene that codes for the silky hair Terriers are renowned for.

The color blue isn’t the same shade as humans think of when it comes to animals. In the dog world, blue hair means it’s a lighter shade of black. Some may find that it’s better to call the color silver or grey rather than blue.

It’s a natural process and owners shouldn’t be surprised if the black starts to change. The tan on their Yorkies may also change.

Why Is My Yorkie Shedding So Bad?

If you have a female Yorkie, then she naturally sheds more hair when she’s in heat. Once her cycle is over, her hair will grow back as normal. You can track her cycles to ensure you’re prepared to clean up the excess hair she sheds.

If you don’t keep up with your grooming, then you may also notice that your Yorkie sheds a lot. Just like with a human, a Yorkie’s hair falls back on itself when it’s lost. To remove the hair entirely, you need to groom and brush it off of them.

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Leaving the hair in place means you may notice large clumps of hair on the floor when it eventually becomes matted enough to fall off.

Certain internal parasites may also cause your Yorkie to shed a lot. You should take your dog to the pet to determine what parasite is inhabiting your dog.

Will My Dogs Bald Spots Grow Back?

It depends on what caused the bald spots to determine if the hair will grow back. For a Yorkie going through heat, her hair will grow back per normal once her cycle is finished. For dogs that continue to lick or chew certain areas of their bodies, it’s unlikely that the hair will grow back so long as they keep chewing on it.

Hot spots on your dog, areas where inflammation occurs, may also lose hair and not grow back.

If your dog has something like ringworm, then the hair may grow back if the problem is treated quickly.

How Can I Treat My Dogs Hair Loss?

According to WebMD, it’s important to understand the cause of hair loss first. Once the cause has been determined, you can apply the right treatment. For allergies, for example, it’s vital that you determine what’s causing their allergic reaction. That might mean switching their food. It might mean that you need to bathe them when they come in from outside.

For dogs that lick and chew themselves, you may need to use the cone of shame or keep them occupied to avoid boredom.

Certain illnesses and diseases like Cushing’s Syndrome can be treated. This may help grow your dog’s hair back.

How Can I Get My Yorkies Hair To Grow?

There are a few ways you can help stimulate hair growth. The first is to bathe them and remove the hair that’s still clinging to them. This can stimulate new hair to grow.

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The second method is to keep them on a nutritional diet that stimulates hair growth and metabolism. Coconut oil may be a great supplement to give them.

Is Coconut Oil Good For Dogs Hair Loss?

Coconut oil can help with hair loss because it’s safe for dogs to consume and is in Omega 3 vitamins. These vitamins are necessary for healthy hair and other processes. You can mix coconut oil with their food or treats.

The recommended amount of coconut oil is 1/2 tablespoon for every 10 pounds of the dog’s weight.

Will Dogs Hair Grow Back After Fleas?

Yes. Yorkies will grow their hair back after fleas have been completely removed from their body. Feeding them Omega 3 vitamins can help speed up the process.