Why Are Yorkie Poos So Expensive? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkie Poos, like other ‘designer dogs’, are carefully bred for specific temperaments, colors, and traits. They are also hypoallergenic, which adds to their value, as people who are normally allergic to dogs may well be able to own one. This puts these dogs in high demand and so the price naturally reflects this.

Today we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions on the subject of Yorkie Poos, such as whether or not they like swimming, if they can get along with cats, and more. Read on to find out more about what people are asking when it comes to this amazing breed!

How much should you pay for a Yorkie Poo?

If you are looking to purchase a Yorkie Poo puppy, a lot will depend on the breeder and other factors such as colors and bloodline of the dog. That said, you can expect on average to pay between $1000 and $3500 for a Yorkie Poo puppy.

While they aren’t considered to be ‘purebred’, their temperament, colors, and the fact that they are hypoallergenic make these dogs highly in demand and this is reflected in the cost of the dog.

Is a Yorkie Poo high maintenance?

Actually, no. These little dogs find ways to keep themselves amused and they only need about 30 minutes a day of exercise. As small dogs, your home is like a palace to them, even if it’s a small apartment.

This means it’s easy for them to run around or chase the cat and keeps themselves quite amused on their own. The only requirement with this breed aside from food and shelter if that you give them lots of love and attention.

Why you shouldn’t get a Yorkie Poo?

If you are considering a Yorkie Poo and you have very young children, then you should know that you will need to supervise all handling. Yorkie Poos are sweet dogs but they are also small and fragile, and a well-meaning child could easily harm the dog and get a bite for their troubles if you aren’t careful.

As such, a Yorkie Poo may not be a good fit for you and your family unless you have time to supervise visits and to educate your kids on how to handle the dog.

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Is Yorkie Poo a good dog?

Yorkie Poos are very sweet and affectionate, with a much more laid-back attitude than a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. They only need about 30 minutes of exercise a day, making them fairly low maintenance, and they have hair instead of fur so they are also a good dog for someone with allergies.

All in all, if you want a low-maintenance dog that loves spending time in your lap while you work or watch the news, then the Yorkie Poo might well be a perfect fit.

Are Yorkie Poos easy to potty train?

Yorkie Poos have a strong desire to please their owners, which makes them more attentive than other breeds when it comes to potty training. As long as you take your dog out on a consistent schedule and give them treats as a reward for going potty outside, your Yorkie Poo is likely to learn very quickly.

Watch them closely while they are inside and if you see your dog squatting or sniffing at the floor, then get them out quickly and don’t forget the treat and the praise when they potty outside. Your Yorkie Poo will be potty trained before you know it!

Do Yorkie Poos get along with cats?

Yorkie Poos can get along quite well with cats and even become the best of friends. The trick is making sure that your puppy is introduced to the cat very early, in a supervised meeting, and with a little patience and luck the two will get along well.

Be patient with the process but know that it generally goes well. Cats seem to be amused by these pint-sized pups and the puppies seem to love chasing and being chased by the cat, so the odds are in your favor!

Do Yorkie Poos smell?

No, Yorkie Poos don’t have a smell to them any more than other dogs do, so an odor may be a warning sign of a health issue. Infections, such as in the ears or on the skin, can cause your dog to smell bad. If it’s their breath, then it could be a broken tooth or another dental issue.

Bring your dog into the vet to rule these out and if your dog gets a clean bill of health, try changing up their shampoo or conditions or switch to bathing once a week and this should help.

What’s the lifespan of a Yorkie Poo?

Yorkie Poos are small, but mighty, with a hardy lifespan averaging between 10 and 15 years, with the potential to live a little longer if they’ve got a good lineage, healthy diet, and have been getting regular vet checkups. With a little luck, you and your furry best friend have many happy years ahead together ahead of you!

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How long can a Yorkie Poo be left alone?

Yorkie Poo puppies shouldn’t be left alone for more than an hour or two. They have small bladders when they are pups and need to go outside quite often. Estimate 1 hour for every month of age and you should have a fairly accurate schedule.

Adult Yorkie Poos may be left alone for 4 to 6 hours at a time, but if you are going to be away longer than that you may want to drop your dog off with a friend, family member, or a dog sitter to make sure that they don’t feel lonely or depressed.

Do Yorkie Poos like to swim?

Yorkie Poos are excellent little swimmers and if you introduce them to water early, then you’ve got a fun summer activity that is not only adorable to watch but that you can take part in as well.

Yorkie Poos that have been introduced to water at a young age almost always take to it, just be sure that you hold your dog and make them feel safe while they are learning and your Yorkie Poo will be swimming before you know it!