Are Yorkie Poos Loyal? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkie Poos are very loyal dogs, their bond with their owners is very strong. The emotional Yorkie Poo is loved for its affectionate characteristics that help them to develop great relationships with their owners. 

When a Yorkie Poos owner is in danger, she protects them, owners, with all her might.

Known to be very fond of their owners, Yorkie Poos almost fall in love with those they live with and hold their bond close. However, this bond of love can sometimes even turn into jealousy. To balance the relationship it is advised to socialıze your Yorkie Poo as much as possible.

Do Yorkie Poos Have a Favorite Person?

Yorkie Poos love all the family but may love someone in the house more than the other family members. This is due to herd mentality and depends on who is the house cares most for their needs.

Yorkie Poos follow the herd leaders and do what they do. That’s why they might have a special spot for you in their hearts more than the other family members in the house.

Some Yorkie Poos may also see only one person as alpha in the house and adapt to their lifestyle.

This is the result of their gene from their ancestors who lived in the wild. Yorkie Poos want to spend most of their time with their favorite person.

They love being with them. They see them as a playmate, best friend, and someone who will protect them whatever happens. Having a special someone makes them more comfortable and confident.

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Do Yorkies Like Only One Person?

Yorkies like everybody in the house but they may have one favorite person among them. Yorkie Poos are always good with all family members.

They are especially great with kids. When they play with them you can easily see how gentle and patient they are.

When it comes to babies, Yorkie Poos can be very soft. They know they are babies and are very cautious and gentle. But no dog should be left alone with small children, no matter their breed.

Are Yorkie Poos intelligent?

Yorkie Poos are pretty smart dogs that have high intelligence. They are very easy to train.

Their high intelligence makes them great pets. Living with Yorkie Poos is easy because they quickly understand and follow the rules of the house with a little training and guidance.

If you don’t want them to do something, they will understand and do their best to make you happy. They know very well when you are upset.

Basic obedience training can be given to Yorkie Poos without any difficulty. The commands like ‘’sit, wait, stop’’ are the easiest commands for them to learn.

Yorkie Poos can learn faster than you think. This learning ability comes from their smart ancestors. They come from a line of hunting dogs, that required quick wit and agility to do their job well.

When it comes to potty training, your Yorkie Poo will learn quickly. With any puppy, there will be accidents, but just a few short weeks of perseverance will pay off.

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Should My Yorkie Poo Sleep With Me?

Your Yorkie Poo can sleep with you. There is nothing wrong with co-sleeping with your Yorkie Poo so long as they are clean, and your sheets are changed regularly. Additionally, Yorkie Poos do not shed too much, so you can happily share a bed.

Some dog owners prefer their dogs to sleep in pet beds, this is fine too. This can give more freedom and confidence to Yorkie Poos and help prevent separation anxiety, but this is not the case with all Yorkie Poos.

Dogs are like humans in some cases. They want to belong somewhere and where they sleep is a place of comfort and belonging.

In some Yorkie Poos, co-sleeping can lead to clingy behaviors but that is not always the case. On the other hand, co-sleeping also promotes confidence and closeness and helps them to feel more secure and happy.

Are Yorkie Poos Clingy?

Yorkie Poos can be very clingy sometimes. Especially if they haven’t seen you for a long time. Whereas some might spend their whole time with you, that doesn’t mean that they are needy.

Clingyness is a side effect of great affection. It can also be a habit. Yorkie poos that only spend all their time with one person and are not socialized in infancy are more likely to become clingy as adults.

Yorkie Poos sometimes can be a little jealous, therefore you should set boundaries early on. Draw the limits using positıve reinforcement, so they can understand when you need quiet alone time.

How Do You Know if Your Yorkie Poo Loves You?

Yorkie Poos can show their love anytime anywhere. They are very emotional dogs that live their love very intensely.

When a Yorkie Poo loves you, they will show it with their body language. They usually wag their tails when they see you or run around you and jump on you.

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This is an indicator of how much they love you. Sometimes they may just sit and stare at you for minutes on end.

Yorkie Poos in love will wants to sit on your lap all day long. Yorkie Poos are a perfect sofa buddies, who will enjoy lazy days in front of the TV with you.

Are Yorkie Poos Hard to Train?

Yorkie Poos are very easy to train. They are one of the most smartest dog breeds. It only takes between 15 and 20 repetitions for your Yorkie Poos to learn something new.

They respect all family members in the house especially babies and kids, and adapt to family life well. You can spend quality time with them teaching them commands and new tricks.

Well trained Yorkie Poos know their limits. They don’t want to upset you and try to obey the rules that are put in place.

Yorkie Poos can take potty trained easily aswell. This might only takes a few days to weeks. They are very open to learning and enjoy practice. That’s why they are coonsidered great family dogs.