How To Program Surefeed Microchip Feeder

How To Program Surefeed Microchip Feeder In 8 Easy Steps

A feeder that responds to the proximity of your pet’s microchip may seem complex, but it isn’t. Setting it up is easy when you follow these 8 steps.

Step 1: Turn Feeder Upside Down and Locate Battery Inserts

In order for the feeder to work, it needs batteries. Carefully remove the bowl and mat from the inside of the feeder and turn the feeder upside down. You should notice two inserts on the sides of the feeder. Flip them open to gain access to the battery storage area.

Step 2: Insert Correct Batteries

In order to power the feeder correctly, you need the right batteries. The Surefeed Microchip Feeder requires 4 C-type batteries. Any brand will work.

TO insert them, you just place them inside of the battery compartment you just located. They should follow the printed orientation on the inserts. Match the plus sign on the battery with the plus sign on the feeder to ensure they’re installed with the correct orientation.

Replace the covers for the batteries by lining up the grooves and snapping them into place.

Step 3: Insert Bowl and Mat

Turn the feeder back over to its correct position. At this point, you can put the mat and bowl back inside of the feeder. Each product should include a grey mat and bowl. The color of the bowl may vary if you chose to buy an option other than grey.

To place the bowl inside of the feeder, you need to press the open and close button on the back of the feeder. This button looks like an arrow pointing up and down. It’s quite large. Pressing it will open the lid, allowing you access to the interior of the feeder.

You can place the bowl down on the mat. This mode is also ideal for cleaning the feeder. Press the button again to close the lid.

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Step 4: Register Your Pet

The feeder is now ready to register your pet. There are two ways to do this. First, you need to know if your pet has a microchip. If it does, then you’re able to use the chip to register. If it doesn’t, then you can use the collar that the product gives you.

Registering your pet is easy. All you need to do is press the Cat and Plus Symbol button on the back. You should see a flashing green light. When your pet approaches the feeder, the device will register its microchip or collar number.

When the light stops flashing, it has successfully registered your pet. To keep your pet in the area, you can open the lid and allow them to eat from it.

Step 5: Training Mode: Activation

If your pet already eats from the feeder without being scared, then you may not need this step. However, cautious pets may need training. To do this, you can click the FN button on the back of the feeder. You should an orange light flashing. You just activated training mode. This will keep the feeder from opening and closing. It will allow your pet to become used to eating from the feeder.

Step 6: Training Mode: Next Level of Difficulty

Click the FN button again when your pet is comfortable eating from the feeder. Now when they feed from it, the lid will open and close a small amount. This allows them to get used to the motion of the feeder without startling them too much.

Training your pet with the feeder may take a few days, if not weeks.

Step 7: Training Mode: Last Level of Difficulty

Once your pet is used to the minimal motion from the feeder, you’re ready for the final training step. Click the FN button again. Now the feeder’s lid will open and close slowly whenever your pet approaches. After a few attempts, the orange light will transform into a green one.

Your pet is able to use the feeder without any problems.

Step 8: Cleaning the Feeder

When the feeder eventually becomes dirty, you can easily clean its interior by pressing the open and close button. This keeps the lid open or closed manually. You can reach inside and scrub the feeder down with ease.

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How Do I Reset My Surefeed Microchip Feeder?

Resetting your Microchip Feeder is easy. It just takes a few steps.

Step 1: Locate Cat and Plus Sign Button

In order to reset the feeder, you need to press the right button. On the back of the feeder, you’ll notice three main buttons. To reset it, you’ll want the button with a cat face and plus sign on it.

Step 2: Press the Button

Press the cat face and plus sign button for 10 seconds. You should notice a flashing light.

Step 3: Re-Register Your Pets

This button clears the memory and restores the feeder back to its factory settings. You’ll need to re-register any pets that you want the feeder to recognize.

How Do Microchip Feeders Work?

The Surefeed Microchip Feeder works by recognizing the frequency that the microchip gives off. The microchip needs to be at a certain proximity to the feeder in order for the chip to be read. When it is read, the feeder is programmed to open the lid. When the chip isn’t there to be read, then the feeder is programmed to close the lid.

The same goes for those who use the collar from Surefeed. The collar also has a frequency that the feeder can sense. When the collar is close enough to the feeder, the lid opens. Once the collar leaves the detection zone, the lid closes.

Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Problems

One of the main problems owners have with the feeder is a flashing red light. This indicates that the batteries are low. Replacing them should fix the problem.

If the lid still refuses to open, then the memory may be corrupted. You’ll want to restore the feeder to its factory settings, then re-register your pet.