How Do I Set up Cat Mate Feeder? (Solved!)

Setup instructions will vary based on your model, but we’ll use the C500 Cat Mate Feeder setup as an example for setting up your feeder, as most models will be done in a similar fashion. Once your Cat Mate Feeder has been assembled, you’ll need to first put in your batteries.

The first display when it powers on will be your clock settings. Use the arrow keys on your C500 to highlight the hour and then you must hold down the ‘adjust/set’ button for 5 seconds. Use the up and down arrow to set the correct hour and then press ‘adjust/set’ again.

This will highlight the minutes portion and you can set this with the up and down arrow as well. Press ‘adjust/set’ once your minutes are correct and you are ready to set the food schedule.

You will see listings for the Meal Times and if you just want 1 mealtime a day, then highlight ‘Meal 1’ and press the ‘adjust/set’ button for 5 seconds. You will see the clock again, and you must set the meal time like we did the clock in the previous steps.

Define more meal times by selecting ‘Meal 2’ or ‘Meal 3’ as needed and congratulations, you’ve officially scheduled the mealtimes for your Cat Mate. Just be sure to keep the food trays full and your feeder will rotate new meals in place on the times that you have set.

For the remainder of this article, we’ll answer some popular questions trending on the web this week regarding Cat Mate Feeders. Read on for important information to help you set up your new feeder the RIGHT way!

How do I realign a Cat Mate Feeder?

Realigning a Cat Mate Feeder is a piece of cake. All that you will need to do is to press and hold the button that read ‘adj/set’. Hold this down for a minimum of 5 seconds and the unit should rotate back into the default position.

Your Cat Mate Feeder is now ready for filling and further adjusting settings, if needed.

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How do I turn off Cat Mate feeder?

To turn off your Cat Mate Feeder, while retaining your programmed preferences, then you will need to hold down the ‘+’ and the ‘-‘ keys together for a minimum of 5 seconds. You should see ‘Off’ appear on your display, after which the feeder will shut down.

To turn it back on, you will need to simply press and hold the same keys for 5 seconds again, and then your feeder should power on and display the time and the schedule options so that you can change them or simply leave the unit alone – it’s on and ready to go with the previous settings saved.

How do I reset Cat Mate feeder?

Resetting a Cat Mate Feeder is quite easy and you can even do it on accident, so you need to be careful. All it requires is that you remove the batteries for longer than 60 seconds.

60 seconds if the limit that the feeder will retain the required settings, so whenever you need to swap the batteries out you must be careful to do it quickly or your settings will be lost. So, simply remove the batteries and wait for a little over one minute before replacing them and you can reprogram your feeder as-needed.

How does the Cat Mate feeder work?

The Cat Mate Feeder is designed to work much the same way that an alarm clock does, only instead of an alarm, the platform will rotate so that the food stored inside is made available in the open.

Your Cat Mate feeder has a rotating platform inside, so that meals may be put into place and safely stored in the unit until it’s feeding time. Once the clock changes to your selected time, the tray just moves the food into place. It’s a simple, but effective design.

Can 2 cats use a Cat Mate automatic feeder?

If the cats aren’t competitive, then they might possibly be able to use the same feeder, but 2 feeders is really the better option. With 2 feeders, placed far apart, and an aligned feeding schedule then you have a better chance of both cats getting their allotted daily nutrition.

If both cats are using the same feeder, however, then one cat might well eat more than their share, so you might end up with one sad kitty and one overweight kitty! It’s better to simply provide 2 feeders and avoid this.

What direction does the Cat Mate C300 rotate?

The Cat Mate C300, as well as most other Cat Mate models, are designed to rotate counter clockwise. You can verify this and easily realign your feeder by pressing the ‘set/adj’ button down for a period of approximately 5 seconds.

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This should cause the platform to rotate and realign and you will see it turning counter clockwise.

Do cats like Cat Mate feeders?

Yes, Cats do love Cat Mate feeders, once they’ve experienced how they work. You might not know this, but cats are creatures of habit and they love it when things go according to schedule.

Once your cat knows that they will be fed automatically at certain times, they’ll simply go to their feeder instead of giving you an earful, making an investment in these feeders an excellent choice for both cat owners and their cats.

How do I get my cat used to their Cat Mate Feeder?

Some cats may be frightened from the noise of the bowl, at first, so you will want to set a schedule so that the feeder goes off every 2 minutes. Call your kitty over before it goes off for the first time and let them see it working, while you are petting them and speaking soothingly.

The important thing is for your cat to see that the noise from the feeder means that food is coming and that they needn’t be afraid. Once your cat is not longer afraid of the noise, then you simply have to let them get used to the food coming without your assistance.

Don’t worry – once your cat gets into the habit of checking their bowl FIRST, before coming to you, then you’ll only hear from them about food when it’s time to refill the Cat Mate.

Can I put wet food in my Cat Mate feeder?

You should only put wet food in your Cat Mate feeder if your product documentation states that it will be supported. Wet food requires refrigeration to stay fresh, so a unit designed for dry food will not store the wet food properly and it might go bad.

The models that do will have either an ice-pack type cooling method or built-in refrigeration. If your unit doesn’t state that you can use wet food, then DO not put any inside.

How long do the batteries last on my Cat Mate Feeder?

The batteries on your Cat Mate Feeder will typically last for up to 6 months before they will need to be replaced. That said, you don’t have to worry – the unit will tell you when the batteries need to be replaced, either on the display or by the means of a flashing red light, depending on your model.

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